Wealth of Being, the gift of Diamond Alignment, is a phenomenon that occurs when the Magic of the Sacred is infused throughout our lives. It is a quality of life fulfillment that grows from the inside-out… from a state of such profound Peace, profound Sweetness and profound Expansion that it is not dependent on anything external. It arises from the undisturbed infinite peace that lies within us when we are in Conscious Connection with our True Self and the Energy of the Universe. Wealth of Being is seen as the ultimate gift of Diamond Alignment because Diamond Alignment Connects and Aligns us with the flow of this Divine Energy and the Diamond Self Within. In this Connection and Alignment, we experience wealth from the inside-out…with the richness of our inner world reflected in our outer life. This congruency and integrity gives us a deep sense of Wholeness.

Many today are living in either Spiritual Wealth or Material Wealth, but rarely enjoying both fully. I, myself, was living this split until my Soul Called me to Awaken into Wholeness by bridging my Spiritual and Earthly worlds. Until then, my life was compartmentalized… I had hidden my Spiritual life (Soul) behind closed doors and was living as “wealthy woman of the world” in my outer life, without integrating the Spiritual throughout my daily Earth life in a practical way. This separation between my outer life and my inner world caused a great split in me that ultimately eroded my Joy and emotional health.
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