Creating Wealth of Being by fulfilling our Soul’s Highest Diamond Potential can be challenging in today’s demanding world. When the inner whisper of the Soul is drowned out by the information overload streaming into us from the outside horizontal world, we can lose the Clarity and focus of our Soul’s inner Knowing. We can become unbalanced and disconnected from our natural Joy. When this happens, life loses its color and passion. We then make choices without awareness and fall into unconscious living as if we are in a trance… a horizontal trance.

The overlay of this trance can prevent Conscious Connection with the Divine Power Within and its Divine Blueprint for our lives. When we become disconnected from our Inner Truth in this way, no amount of outer success seems to bring us true inner Joy, Equanimity or Fulfillment.

It is important to stay compassionate with ourselves regarding this trance. Information and impressions from the external horizontal world have been influencing us at the unconscious level since we were born. As children, we do not have the discernment to consciously choose what is true for us and filter out what is not. As a result, we can find ourselves as adults living out (or reacting to) someone else’s dream that may have no meaning or value for us. This disconnection from our Inner Truth can cause us to miss the opportunity to create true Wealth of Being in our lives.
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