In the Diamond perspective, each of us, as a spark of the Divine, arrives on this Earth with a Divine Blueprint… a Diamond Blueprint that is imprinted with our Soul’s Highest Diamond Potential waiting to be awakened and actualized. This Invisible Blueprint of the Diamond Self Within is encoded within every cell and contains our unique talents and gifts which only we can express. Connection and Alignment with this Diamond Self ignites our inner Joy and fuels the creation of true Wealth of Being in our lives. Expressing our individual Diamond Blueprint not only brings us Fulfillment on a personal level, but also contributes to the Fulfillment of our world’s Highest Diamond Potential.

In our fast-paced demanding world, staying Awake and consciously maintaining this Alignment with the Divine Plan for our lives is difficult. When we slip out of this Alignment into the horizontal trance, we can feel anxious, depressed and confused deep within, wondering “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?”… even believing that we have no purpose. This unrest can be occurring on the inner levels even when we may be experiencing outer success.

From the Diamond point of view, these inner questions and unrest are often signals that our Soul is Calling us to Awaken from the horizontal trance to the next level of our Soul’s evolution and remember all that we truly are… Diamonds at our core.
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