Imagine a world in which we are all Connected and Aligned with our Soul’s Highest Purpose, saying "Yes" to living fulfilled, purposeful lives… creating the Wealth of Being that we deserve. Being lost in the horizontal trance is one of the strongest conditions that keeps us from this unlimited possibility. When it is time for us to Awaken out of this limiting trance, our Soul sometimes calls us “home” to our Diamond Potential through physical and emotional pain.

These wake-up calls can come in many forms: Death of a loved one, illness, divorce, depression, anxiety attacks, loss of passion for life… even children “acting out” can offer us the gift of Awakening from the horizontal trance. Global events, such as natural catastrophes, wars or terrorism, also present us with the possibility of moving beyond the complacency of the trance. As difficult as these events can be for us, both personally and collectively, we can use them as gifts to Awaken.

From the Diamond perspective, these events and circumstances are seen as opportunities to evolve the Soul and fulfill its Highest Potential. This shift in our perception, beyond our everyday horizontal perspective, shifts us into Vertical Alignment with our Soul’s perspective. In this Alignment, we don’t judge ourselves or the world because things don’t look good from a horizontal viewpoint.
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