When we slip into the horizontal trance, we can feel disconnected, discontented, overwhelmed and confused. From the Diamond perspective, these feelings are seen as our Soul’s Call to Awaken us from this trance and move into Vertical Alignment with our Divine Power or Diamond Self Within.

In Vertical Alignment, body, mind and Spirit are aligned. In this state we are more relaxed, receptive and able to hear our Soul’s guidance. The expanded awareness that comes from this Alignment allows us to remember that we are larger than any circumstances around us. We are able to stay balanced and resourceful… able to take inspired action no matter what challenges life brings us. We feel calm, safe and held, unaffected by the chaos of the horizontal trance.

There are many ways to come into this Alignment, such as the practice of yoga, meditation, prayer and more. Even simple walks in nature bring us back into Alignment with the Peace and Joy of the Divine. When we lean against a great tree that is grounded deep in the Earth, we can sense the Energy that gives it life flowing through its trunk. Nature is a perfect model of what we are but often forget… physical vessels through which Divine Energy flows.

This flow of Divine Energy is infinite and always available.
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