At age 38, by all accounts, I looked like I had it all: excellent health, a long-term marriage, four beautiful children, a thriving multi-million dollar business, an active social network, prominence as a leader in my church and my community… a picture of intelligence, beauty and endless energy with nothing but years of success under my belt. I thought I was invincible. I had no awareness of how much was being denied inside to keep up the façade, of what I now know, was my horizontal trance.

What I later recognized as my Soul’s Call to Awaken occurred one night in January 1987, when my “perfect” life was completely dismantled in a two-minute “fall” on my kitchen floor – a total lapse of consciousness that came from out of the blue and ultimately changed the course of my life.

In the wake of my sudden collapse, I began experiencing debilitating anxiety attacks anytime I behaved like the “old Jacquie” superwoman. Unable to control the drastic shifts that were occurring with my normal indomitable willpower, I was terrified and sought medical help. My internist, finding nothing wrong with me physically, prescribed daily alone time to “look within” instead of antidepressants to manage my anxiety.
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