Diamond Alignment is a Sacred Technology for the 21st century, offering high-speed Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within through a revolutionary online phenomenon: The Diamond Alignment Experience.

The Diamond Alignment Experience is an exclusive multi-sensory energy experience delivered via the Internet that clears your mind, relaxes your body, and creates a sense of Inner Peace – in just six minutes. This experience is accessible whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by subscription.
Our fast-paced demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom. Diamond Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need with no effort, special training, or background required.

Diamond Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course. It IS a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Diamond Christ Potential within each of us, allowing us to thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in these accelerated times...

Are You Ready?

Your first “Yes” transforms your day... your consistent “Yes” transforms your life.