On this website, I invite you to explore Diamond Alignment as a gateway to Wealth of Being…a state of inner and outer Fulfillment in which well-being and the richness of life are experienced spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially with Grace and Ease. In the Diamond perspective, Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power or Diamond Self Within is the key to creating true Wealth of Being in our lives.

We live in a world that is more alive with possibility than ever before in history, yet it is easy to get lost in the confusion and chaos of such an accelerated world. While Divine Energy is within all of us, our fast-paced demanding lives often prevent us from finding the time – or even learning how – to Connect and Align with this Divine Power Within.

How do we Connect and Align with this unlimited potential and its Diamond Blueprint for our lives…and soar in these exciting, yet challenging times?

How do we move beyond the horizontal trance of external conditioning and expectations, and live in the Highest Potential of our Soul’s Inner Truth?

How do we tap into and maintain the Joy and Equanimity that comes from Aligning with the richness of our Diamond Self Within?

“Diamond Alignment, for me, has proven to be the answer to these questions. This Sacred Technology provides a simple, yet profound way to Vertically Align with the Divine Power Within and create true Wealth of Being in our lives.”

Jacqueline Joy
Creator and Founder
Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology