REMOTE DIAMOND CLEARINGS & ACTIVATIONS Founder Jacqueline Joy uses advanced Diamond energy technologies that she has mastered
over the last 20 years to clear thought forms, patterns, programs, imprinting and
conditioning from this life, and any other life, that are "clouding" your true
Diamond Nature, freeing you to manifest and express your true vibration.

Remote Diamond Clearings and Activations
(1) Remote
Clearing only
Price: $111.00
(1) Remote Clearing +
(1) Related Activation
Price: $222.00
  • Inherited lineage patterns of "lack consciousness"
  • Belief that "Life is a struggle"
  • Ego looking to the "horizontal" plane for your Financial Flow
  • Ego Hanging on to old familiar ways/structures that no longer work
  • Fear of the Unknown: New ways/structures yet to be created by your "I AM" Presence
  • Fear that you are on your own - The Universe does not support you financially
  • Anger about your lack of Financial Flow
  • Belief that you cannot have Financial Flow AND Freedom



Many subscribers "stock up" with multiple Remote Clearings/Activations so they have them immediately available when they need them.

Remote Diamond Clearings and Activations are part of the vast Multidimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure, or Diamond Energy Grid, that Founder Jacqueline Joy has developed and refined over the last 20 years.

The "Remote" advantage: Immediate and convenient!
The main advantage of the Remote Clearings is that they are available to you IN THE MOMENT that you need them. There is no need for Private appointments, leaving your home or waiting for "LIVE" Transmissions online. When something comes UP that is compromising your Energy Flow, causing pain/discomfort/suffering in your body/mind ... you can take immediate action to "de-coagulate" the congealed energies (thought-forms, feelings from old beliefs, patterns, programming, conditioning) that are ready to release NOW, and experience a vibrational Diamond boost that FREES your Energy Flow in the arena of life you have chosen.

Complement your Remote Diamond Clearing with Its Related Remote Diamond Activation
It's a great idea to complement your Remote Diamond Clearing(s) with a related Remote Diamond Activation(s). The Remote Diamond Activation(s) fills the space that has been created from your Remote Clearing with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy. This activates your "I AM" Presence to operate in this arena of your life with Diamond Consciousness and Joy. (See examples of HOW REMOTE DIAMOND CLEARINGS & ACTIVATIONS WORK TOGETHER)

See How Remote Diamond Clearings Work See How Remote Diamond Clearings & Activations Work Together See Testimonials for Remote Diamond Clearings See FAQs for Remote Diamond Clearings
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What our Subscribers are Saying about the Remote Diamond Clearings and Activations ...

Pain/Stress in the Body Clearing
This was FABULOUS! What happened FAR EXCEEDED what I could have imagined! The bubbling of the Diamond clearing energy that dissolved all my aches and pains was so delightful that I felt like I was in a Diamond Energy Spa. Not only did aches and pains melt away---I had a major repair and reconstruction of my solar plexus chakra from past life woundings that I've been trying to clear for the past 30 years. I felt so revitalized that one person asked me what had happened because I looked 10 years younger!

Depression Clearing
I did this one several months ago, and I have experienced NO DEPRESSION since then. I have experienced very brief grieving and releasing, but they are moving energies, which the depression was not. I remember the depression imprint while I was still in my mother's womb, and I am in a long lineage of depressed women and angry men. When I think of all those years of Prozac, I am so grateful that I have found the Diamond Medicine which heals and restores EVERYTHING!

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"Remote Clearings" vibrationally clear the lower frequencies in the:

  • Mental body (old thought forms, images of oneself, limited beliefs, conditioning, patterning, programming, imprinting)
  • Emotional body (traumatic emotions from past experiences)
  • Etheric body (trauma, disturbances, interferences which have compromised the integrity and cohesiveness of one's original Divine Blueprint)
  • Physical body (coagulated energy stored in the body and manifesting as pain, tension,
    dis-ease) resulting from past experiences that are in resistance to the topic of the chosen clearing

For example, for "Joy in the Body", that which currently prevents/limits you from experiencing Joy in the Body will be cleared.

Note: With each purchase, pick ONE laser-targeted topic within ONE category for your Remote Diamond Clearing See examples of HOW REMOTE DIAMOND CLEARINGS & ACTIVATIONS WORK TOGETHER


  • Transforming Anger
  • Clearing fear
  • Clearing worry
  • Clearing anxiety/panic disorders
  • Clearing sadness, sorrow
  • Clearing apathy
  • Clearing emptiness
  • Clearing depression
  • Clearing unworthiness in a certain arena of life
  • Clearing grief
  • Clearing feelings of contempt/disgust
  • Clearing feelings of annoyance/irritation
  • Clearing being embarrassed/shy/self-conscious
  • Clearing feelings of helplessness/powerlessness
  • Clearing despair
  • Clearing hurt/disappointment
  • Clearing emotional reactivity
  • Clearing jealousy
  • Clearing aggravation/agitation/crankiness
  • Clearing anguish/suffering
  • Clearing remorse/regret
  • Clearing loneliness & feelings of abandonment
  • Clearing passive aggressiveness
  • Clearing feelings of hatred/animosity
  • Clearing feeling ashamed
  • Clearing feelings of betrayal
  • Clearing arrogance/cockiness
  • Clearing acting cold/aloof/disconnected
  • Clearing rejection
  • Clearing feelings of discouragement
  • Clearing neediness
  • Clearing being hyper/nervous
  • Clearing feeling "lost and separated from Home" on the Planet
  • Clear Self-doubt/Insecurity


  • Clearing resistance
  • Dissolving procrastination
  • Clearing boredom
  • Clearing discontentment
  • Transforming negativity
  • Clearing Brain Fog
  • Clearing habitual pattern of judging
  • Clearing self criticism
  • Clearing doubt
  • Clearing envy
  • Clearing guilt
  • Clearing shame
  • Clearing disapproval
  • Clearing apprehension/confusion
  • Clearing cynicism
  • Clearing being easily distracted
  • Clearing pessimism
  • Clearing insensitivity


  • Clearing Pain in the Body
  • Clearing Stress in the Body
  • Anti-aging Detox/Decontamination
  • Clearing exhaustion/fatigue
  • Releasing suppressed Joy in the Body
  • Clearing shock from the body
  • Clearing tension/nervousness
  • Clearing the Chakras
  • Accelerating release of limitation/blocks to your Energy Flow
  • Dissolving blocks to experiencing Diamond Ecstasy



  • Clearing Negative Imprint During/After Break-up/Divorce
  • Clearing communication blocks with peers, friends
  • Dissolving blocks in Relationship with Partner
  • Dissolving limiting patterns/blocks with mother
  • Dissolving limiting patterns/blocks with father
  • Dissolving limiting patterns/blocks with children
  • Clearing melancholy/drama during the holidays
  • Clearing Communication Channels between Parents and Children
  • Clearing Atmosphere in the Home
  • Clear not being able to be alone
  • Clear Power Struggle from your relationships


  • Removing suppression of Inner Goddess Power
  • Clearing negative effects of sexual abuse
  • Dissolving blocks to Expanding to Receive
  • Dissolving blocks to experiencing Joy in the Body
  • Dissolving blocks to allowing the experience of Diamond Ecstasy
  • Clearing the collective imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine within
  • Dissolving blocks to allowing your Goddess Beauty to be seen by others
  • Dissolving blocks to experiencing qualities of Divine Feminine: Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Valuing, Self Knowing, and Self-Responsibility


  • Shame of wanting more than what you have
  • Shame of having more than others and dimming your Light/Wealth
  • Belief that you are not deserving of more
  • Inherited lineage patterns of "lack consciousness"
  • Doubt that wealth in all arenas of life can happen for you
  • Emotional drama that zaps your ability to create more
  • Fear of the responsibility of wealth/expansion
  • Fear of Success
  • Judgment/envy of those who "have it all"
  • Constant comparison of self with others
  • Difficulty in receiving
  • Not fully present in your body/the Earth
  • Dissolving blocks in your Financial Flow
  • Limiting beliefs about your ability to manifest on the Physical plane
  • Limiting the creation of "Diamond Wealth of Being" by losing your FOCUS on what you desire to create
  • Looking to the 'horizontal' plane for your Financial Flow
  • Spiritual Arrogance that dismisses the Material world as beneath you
  • Judgment of money being evil/dirty/not spiritual
  • Fear that money will take you over
  • Fear of losing money even when it is flowing to you
  • Fear of the responsibility of having/managing money
  • Disempowered passive "entitled" child attitude
  • Fear of owning your creative power
  • Family pattern of "Life must be a struggle"
  • Too much will be asked of you if you have money
  • Unworthiness
  • If I have more ... it will take away from others
  • Clear feeling uninspired/uncreative/unmotivated


  • Clearing fear of your own power
  • Clearing pattern of bleeding/leaking out newly-received high-frequency energy by allowing "drama" to distract you
  • Clearing pattern of giving your power away by seeking answers outside of your own Diamond Consciousness
  • Not trusting that you will get the answers you need from your Diamond Consciousness
  • Sabotaging your Diamond Mastery Power by refusing/"forgetting" to stay CONSISTENT with the Diamond Practices of clearing your energy field and activating Alignment with your Diamond Consciousness
  • Sabotaging the Power of your Diamond Presence with "scattered"/chaotic energies
  • Clearing Inherited ancestral patterns of seeing yourself small
  • Clearing fear of surrendering to Divine Energies
  • Inability to remain neutral/taking everything personally
  • Clearing loneliness/disconnection from Self/Divine
  • Clearing lack of interest to stay on the Planet
  • Clearing interference/Invoking Divine Protection
  • Dissolving blocks to expanding your Diamond Consciousness
  • Clearing blocks to speaking from your Power/your Authentic Self with Confidence and Joy
  • Clearing the pattern of "editing": dimming down what you say to make others comfortable
  • Clearing fear of public speaking with confidence
  • Clear feeling small/unimportant
  • Clear Holding back your Truth
  • Clear pattern of going along with the crowd
  • Clear Feeling less than or more than others
  • Clear fear/foreboding about the future


  • Dissolving pattern of self sabotage/shutting down after experiencing heightened state of Joy/Expansion
  • Dissolving pattern of suppressing your Joy to make others comfortable who are in pain
  • Dissolving fear of experiencing expanded states of Joy and Freedom
  • Dissolving patterns/beliefs that create others punishing you/suppressing your Joy
  • Dissolving fear of freely expressing who you are
  • Dissolving fear of expressing the true largeness of your Being
  • Dissolving fear of bad things happening on the heels of your expansion and Joy
  • Dissolving the disbelief that you can have Joy
  • Dissolving the attachment to the trance of pain/sorrow/suffering
  • Dissolving the belief that "suffering brings you closer to God"
  • Dissolving the disbelief that life can be graceful, easy and Joyous
  • Dissolving guilt that you are experiencing Joy when others are in pain
  • Dissolving the lie that your Joy brings pain to others
  • Activating the Truth that your Joy ultimately uplifts others - when you stay in your vibration of Joy and don't dim it down