How do I get the most from the 6-Minute ONLINE Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? When you're ready to start your 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation:
  1. Claim 6 minutes just for you. This is your Time to Connect and Align.
  2. Clear distractions. (Turn off your phones, shut the door)
  3. Turn on your audio, put your headphones on and, if possible, select full screen viewing to enhance your Diamond Alignment Experience.
  4. Select "6-Minute Diamond Alignment Activation" at the top of the page.
  5. Click the "I'M READY" button on the next page to begin.
  6. Sit back and relax. There's nothing for you to do ... the Diamond does it for you.
Consistency is the key to your success. Results are cumulative.

The more consistently you activate your Diamond Alignment online, the stronger you will become at holding this Alignment throughout your day.
What can I expect the first time I do the 6-minute Diamond Experience? It is normal to go through a process of discovery the first few times you do Diamond Christ Alignment.

First time: This first "trial run" allows the mind to get familiar with a process that is new. Healthy skepticism may occur because the mind can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much this first time.

Second time: When the mind is more familiar with the process, it will allow you to be more present in the moment, with less evaluation and judgment. This presence allows you to experience the vibrational quality of the Diamond Energy being transmitted. This time you may feel the effect that it is having on you more viscerally.

Third time: With the mind now comfortable, you will be able to fully enjoy the 6-minute Experience and come back to your daily life re-aligned, relaxed, re-centered, recharged and replenished.
Is it okay if I close my eyes during the Experience? The Diamond Energy is being transmitted whether your eyes are opened or closed. Please do whatever is most comfortable for you and trust your experience with Diamond Christ Alignment.

Those without eyesight (or even hearing) receive the transmission just as powerfully.

Just log on ... Relax. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy and be aware of your experience. The Diamond does the rest.
How many times a day should I do the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? Doing the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation twice a day is optimum, though once a day is very effective. For those who wish to do it more often, there is no limit to how many times a day you can experience the Activation. Trust your intuition as to how many times a day is best for you.

We certainly recommend that you start your day with the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation to fill your body and mind with high frequency Energy to fuel your day. Also, doing Diamond Christ Alignment before bed can give you a sweet, deeply restful night of sleep.

Consistently doing the Activations daily is the KEY. The results of Diamond Christ Alignment are cumulative.
I had trouble hearing the voice over the background music. Are you using headphones? The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is designed to be experienced with headphones. This allows you to fully enjoy the multi-sensory effects.

Also, be sure your sound settings are set up correctly on your computer.

Although the sound and the written words enhance the 6-minute Diamond Activation, the transmission of the Diamond Energy does not depend on either. You may even turn off the sound so that not hearing it well does not become a distraction. Being open to receive the Diamond Energy to align you with your Diamond Consciousness is the most important aspect of the Experience.
Are there any subliminal messages hidden in the Experience? There are no subliminal or hidden messages in the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. All messages are clearly and openly stated. The auditory and written messages are simply guidance and instruction from the Founder to ensure that the viewer receives the clearest Diamond Energy Transmission. I wish it would last longer. It seemed much shorter than 6 minutes. The Experience really is exactly 6 minutes, but may not feel like it because of the potency of the Energy being transmitted, which moves you beyond normal space and time.

If you would like to extend your time in the Diamond Energy field ... on at the end of the experience, close your eyes and bask in the Energy that you just received for as long as you like.
Is there something I need to do to prepare for the Diamond Christ Alignment Experience? There is nothing to learn or do to prepare ... and no special background or training is required with Diamond Christ Alignment.

The only thing that is necessary to receive the most from your Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is your "YES" ... to Align with Diamond Christ Consciousness and your Diamond Consciousness.

Simply relax, sit in a comfortable posture with your feet on the ground, and keep your eyes open if that is comfortable - to be fully present and allow the energy to flow freely through your body. If after you get into the Experience, your eyes want to close ... this is fine too.
What is Diamond Christ Alignment? Diamond Christ Alignment is a Sacred Technology that offers high-speed Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within through a revolutionary online phenomenon: the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. Though Divine Energy flows within all of us, our fast-paced demanding lives often prevent us from finding the time - or even learning how - to consciously Connect and Align with this Inner Power and Wisdom. Diamond Christ Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course. Rather, it is a convenient, yet profound Energy-based technology that empowers all who use it to thrive in the challenges of our world - from Alignment with the Infinite Power and Wisdom of their true Diamond Self. The 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by subscription.

Diamond Christ Alignment enables us to free ourselves from what limits us and access new solutions to enjoy success in all arenas of our lives. It is not something we have to "do right" or achieve. It is something natural that we simply choose by saying "Yes" and then Allowing. It is designed for all ages and requires no training or background. Learn more:
What is the 6-Minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation activates your highest Diamond potential through a transcendent online energy experience that clears and focuses your mind, frees your body from stress, and activates deep Inner Joy and Peace ... in just 6 minutes. Both convenient and profound, this multi-sensory energy transmission offers the benefits of meditation and more.
  • Brings deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Promotes mental and physical well-being
  • Increases focus and clarity throughout your day
  • Enhances your personal energy
  • Creates a state of Equanimity: Calm awareness
  • Aligns you with your intuition
  • Connects you with your true Self
  • Clears and detoxifies your energy field
  • Raises your vibration
  • Aligns your body, mind and Spirit
  • Awakens the Infinite wisdom within you
  • Stimulates optimism
  • Expands your perspective
  • Accelerates peak performance
  • Ignites your passion and purpose
  • Hones your ability to master your challenges
  • Enables you to enjoy excellent sleep
  • Creates significant and lasting positive changes in your life
  • Offers you a haven whenever you need it
This unprecedented service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by subscription.

Diamond Christ Alignment is not about accumulating more information with the conscious mind. It is about actualizing your Highest Potential by accessing the deep Joy and Knowing of your Soul ... with your heart, higher mind and body. There is nothing to do "right" or achieve. It is something that you simply choose by saying "Yes" and Allowing.

Diamond Christ Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course, and requires no effort, background or belief. It is an Energy-based Technology - a tool - that aligns our energy with our Highest Diamond Potential so that we can thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in our fast-paced challenging world.
What do you mean by "energy transmission"? In the Diamond World, we are speaking about "energy" as vibration or frequency and "transmission" as a conveyance of energy. All Diamond Christ Alignment offerings are specifically designed to carry and transmit an experience of the high-frequency Diamond Energy... Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance and Wealth of Being. When we experience these positive, high-vibration feelings, they replace lower vibration feelings such as confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, worry and so on. Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being.

The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation keeps us charged with the vibration of Joy, the Essence of the Diamond Self Within, and frees us to experience this Joy without contradiction. Joy is the freedom to fully express our true, authentic Being and to embody our Spirit in the present moment. In the Diamond World, this Sacred Union of body and Spirit is "true Joy." When we say "Yes" to receiving the Diamond Energy Transmission, we are saying "Yes" to receiving the vibration of Joy which has the ability to alchemically transform lives.

The high-frequency Diamond Energy in the body is experienced as a more refined energy current running through us, which shows up as gracefulness and fluidity. We feel energized, alive, vibrant, free and balanced.
What can I expect from the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? The 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation aligns body, mind and Spirit. During the Experience itself, most have reported a feeling of deep relaxation, a clearing and focusing of the mind and activation of inner joy, harmony and balance. Following the Experience, they have reported a sense of relief, expansion and rejuvenation ... feeling less burdened, lighter, more optimistic and energetic throughout the day.

Results are cumulative with the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. Only six minutes a day will build your ability to achieve a masterful state of calm awareness, allowing you to make significant and lasting positive changes in your life. Those who are committed to daily Diamond Christ Alignmentreport benefits that enhance their lives at all levels.

With cumulative use of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, some of the results you can look forward to are:
  • Stronger and more consistent Alignment with the Divine Power Within
  • Release of limiting thoughts and patterns
  • Greater Focus and Clarity throughout your day
  • Opening of the Heart
  • Inner Joy and ability to see the highest possibility in yourself, others and situations
  • The ability to handle life in a more empowered and graceful way
  • More awareness of your Inner Guidance
  • Mastery of Equanimity: Calm Awareness no matter what is going on around you
  • Peak performance
  • Stronger Knowing of your worth and value
  • Expanded awareness
  • Creative new solutions to old problems and the inspiration to take action
  • Awakened Passion for life and your life's true purpose
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Freedom and Courage to be who you truly are
  • Feeling that you have a place to go to be supported whenever you need it
  • More openness to unlimited possibilities in your life and the confidence to say "YES"
The Diamond Energy that you are receiving will naturally emanate from you, without any effort on your part. Most report that the Diamond qualities of Joy, Equanimity, Freedom, Fun and Clarity not only enhance their own lives, but uplift the people around them as well. It is even reported that animals are very attracted and receptive to the Diamond Energy.
Why would I want to experience Diamond Christ Alignment every day? Making Diamond Christ Alignment a daily routine is the Key to fulfilling your Highest Diamond Potential. Just as a finely-tuned athlete performs at peak levels from committed daily practice and repetition, consistency with the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation enables you to master Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within, no matter what is going on around you.

The expanded awareness that comes from this Aligned state opens you to unlimited possibility. It enables you to respond to life from the awareness that you are much larger than the circumstances around you. You are able to stay clear and make significant and lasting changes in your life.

Entering the world of Diamond Christ Alignment is a whole new way of living. Gentleness, patience and much compassion for yourself are needed as you let go of the old to make room for the new during this process of Transformation. This is why activating Diamond Christ Alignment daily is the KEY. Alignments automatically increase inner strength and joy during the release of old limiting patterns, allowing you to move through any transition with grace and ease.

Diamond Christ Alignment immediately connects you to your Soul and activates a Flow of Source Energy flowing through you. From this Connection, everything else will be taken care of ... Freedom from unnecessary struggle and suffering ... A sense of being uplifted because there is something that you can do to transform the pain of any situation.
How do I get the best results from Diamond Christ Alignment? For best results, it is highly recommended to start your day with the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation to fill your body and mind with Diamond Joy, Equanimity, Clarity and Wealth of Being. Your commitment and daily activation of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is the Key to maintaining strong Connection with the Divine Power Within. Keeping a journal to track your changes and periodically reviewing how your life is working with Diamond Christ Alignment will increase your awareness of the positive effects of the Diamond Energy Flow. This will inspire you to maintain your commitment to daily activation and thereby, increase your results.

Continuous flow of the Diamond Energy will enable you to release patterns that are limiting you and magnetize to you that which is in Alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential, with ease and grace.

A Spirit of Gratitude and Appreciation naturally increases the results of your Diamond Christ Alignment.

When we're in crisis or knee-deep in the demands of the external world, we often don't have the wherewithal to focus the mind and bring in the Divine Intervention we need to immediately respond to the situations around us. Logging on to the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is the most direct way to tap into your Inner Wisdom quickly, with no effort on your part. Using Diamond Christ Alignment as a "replenishing station" whenever you get caught by the wave and taken down under by life's challenges will bring you back to center and realign you with your Highest Purpose.

The only thing that is required to make your Diamond Christ Alignment Activation work for you is your willingness to say a heartfelt "Yes" to being Aligned with the Divine in yourself. That is all. The Diamond will immediately bring the Alignment you are asking for. It always works. It is not up to our efforts... it is only a matter of our willingness to receive the Gift of the Alignment being offered.
Can the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation be viewed on mobile devices? Yes. How can I activate my Diamond Christ Alignment when I am OFFLINE? You will receive an "OFFLINE" Clearing and Diamond Christ Alignment Activation when you purchase a "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription.

We also have the following MP3 Audio Activations that you may download:
  • 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation
  • 9-minute Activation by Founder Jacqueline Joy
Can the Activations and Clearings done by Jacqueline Joy in the Diamond Store replace the ONLINE 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? No. Receiving the Diamond Energy Transmission, delivered by the 6-minute Diamond ActivationONLINE (twice a day - or more - is optimum) is your "live" connection to the worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid, that allows you to receive the remote clearings and activations that Founder Jacqueline Joy is doing on your behalf, when you are a "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber. If you are not yet a subscriber please visit www.DiamondAlignment.com/store/subscription.html Is it normal to experience uncomfortable feelings after the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation? The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation raises the energy vibration of your body to a higher frequency. Receiving high frequency energy will always release lower vibration material to the surface. This occurs at the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels. As this lower vibration material is being released, it is not unusual to have temporary symptoms, as the material is on its way out of your energy field.

This lower vibration material is usually old thoughts and feelings that have been limiting us (that may not even be our own). The clearing of this stagnant energy is one of the greatest results of Diamond Christ Alignment. When this clearing occurs we ultimately feel more spacious, more alive, freer to be who we truly are and actualize our Highest Diamond Potential.

The fastest way to move lower frequency energy out of the body, is to stay CONSISTENT with the 6-Minute Diamond Alignment Activation, which keeps your vibration high and your energy flow moving!
How long does it take before I see results? While most experience immediate shifts in their energy and sense of well-being, the deep major shifts may not be obvious for days, weeks or months after you have started working with the Diamond Energy. Since the positive effects of your Diamond Christ Alignments are cumulative, tracking your progress daily will heighten your awareness of the subtle, but lasting and significant changes that result from consistent Diamond Christ Alignments. Will I still get the benefit of Diamond Christ Alignment if my mind wanders or if I am not able to relax as well as I usually do during the 6-minute Activation? Yes. The high-frequency Diamond Energy, transmitted by the 6-minute Diamond Activation, bypasses the conscious mind and delivers a direct experience of the Energy to your Consciousness and cells.

A wandering mind is a sign of release as impressions from your outer world, as well as old thoughts and feelings, are being processed and emptied out of your nervous system. The release process normally does not last long and you will notice that as you continue the Experience, your mind will quiet and you will drop into the deep internal space where Diamond Joy and Inner Peace reside.
Will the continuous flow of Diamond Energy 24 hours a day interfere with the practice of other energy techniques? No. Diamond Christ Alignment connects and aligns you with your Diamond Consciousness. The Diamond Energy Transmission delivered by all the Diamond Christ Alignment offerings does not interfere with other energy techniques, but instead, amplifies their effect and helps them to work better. Trust the wisdom and guidance of your own Higher Consciousness. How can I accelerate the clearing process stimulated by the Diamond Activation? There are many services offered in the Diamond Store that will accelerate your clearing process, especially the Monthly Diamond Titanium Energy Flow, which is a very specific body-focused Flow that is highly recommended for the greatest acceleration and ease for clearing physical and emotional toxic residue from your cells. 24/7 Titanium Energy Flow sloughs off toxic material so that your body does not have to do the work of "processing" the material (that is getting released). This makes it much easier on your body, makes the process more efficient and allows your body to retain the enormous energy that it would take to do this "processing" on its own.

The RESULT: You have more physical energy available for other things
How can I take my experience with Diamond Christ Alignment to advanced levels? Advanced levels of interaction with Diamond Christ Alignment are available in the Store. You may also send your request to: Support@DiamondAlignment.com for further assistance. Can my pets benefit from the Diamond Energy Transmission? Is it safe for pets? Many subscribers have reported that animals, which are highly sensitive to energy, are very attracted and receptive to the Diamond Energy. If Divine Energy is already in all of us, why pay for Diamond Christ Alignment? Divine Energy is within all of us, yet our fast-paced, demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously Connect and Align with this Inner Power and Wisdom. Diamond Christ Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need ... in just 6 minutes ... delivered via the Internet, available 24 hours a day, with no effort, special training or background required. It has become a natural part of modern life to value and pay for technologies that enhance our lives in an accelerated and convenient way. Diamond Christ Alignment is no exception. It is a cutting-edge technology with a uniquely conceived delivery system for transmitting concentrated high-frequency Spiritual Energy to us wherever we are. Why are capitalized words used in the middle of sentences on this site? This non-traditional use of capitalization is intentional on the Diamond Christ Alignment site. Capitalized words (such as Self) indicate a "Vertical" Soul-aligned Diamond perspective, whereas non-capitalized words (such as self) indicate a "horizontal" day-to-day perspective.

This profound shift in perception is graphically illustrated by how simple it is to click the shift button on the keyboard ... that's how easy it is with Diamond Christ Alignment. Consistent Diamond Christ Alignments naturally and simply shift perception ... from our everyday horizontal perspective into the more expanded "Vertical" perspective of the Soul.
Are you saying Diamond Christ Alignment is the only way to access Divine Energy? Absolutely not ... Each individual's way of Connecting with Divine Energy is highly respected and honored in the Diamond World. Diamond Christ Alignment is designed for those who are looking for an accelerated Tool to make direct contact with Higher Consciousness quickly (6 minutes) and maintain this Connection in a convenient way that is accessible 24 hours a day. What is Diamond Wealth of Being? Diamond Christ Alignment is available to help those who desire both spiritual and material wealth. The Diamond Energy carries the vibration of inner, spiritual wealth and outer, material wealth as one - there is no separation. This is not a mental process, it is vibrational. When you say "Yes" to Diamond Christ Alignment, you receive a direct transmission of this vibration. In time, you will naturally begin to live in harmony ... the same outside as you do inside ... no longer having to choose Spiritual wealth at the cost of material well-being or material wealth at the cost of Spiritual well-being. It is often this separation between our outer life and our inner world that causes us pain.

In the Diamond perspective, creating a full life includes both the worldly and the Divine ... an abundant life that includes vibrant health, well-being and living well ... while enjoying the Magic of the Sacred in every arena of our lives.

This integration ... where we feel wealthy from the inside out, and everything has deeper meaning and value ... is called Diamond Wealth of Being.
Why do you call this a Sacred Technology? Diamond Christ Alignment is considered a Sacred Technology because it delivers a concentrated dose of high-frequency Spiritual Energy via the Internet... offering individuals worldwide a Sacred Tool to maintain Connection and Alignment with the Diamond Christ Power and the Divine Power Within, while fully engaging in our accelerated everyday world.

The marriage between online technology and the Diamond Energy Technology is a revolutionary delivery system for Spiritual Energy that represents the next step beyond the high-tech industry. This technology empowers its user to access and harness Divine Energy from a Higher Plane, and allows the human body to integrate the very high frequency of this Divine Energy safely and comfortably.

Diamond Christ Alignment, a Sacred Technology, is at the forefront of a new frontier of Consciousness, and has been designed for humanity to use as a tool to raise our vibration and clear 3D individual and ancestral trance patterns that have been limiting us. It enables us to gracefully make the personal and collective shifts necessary to bring in the New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World, in an accelerated way, with a feeling of collaboration through global community.
Why a Diamond? The Divine Architectural Blueprint of the Diamond has evolved over many years in answer to the founder's Call for Divine Intervention during a severe personal crisis in 1987. In the early years, she received transmissions of Energy and Information from a Higher Plane with very clear specifications for an invisible, yet physical Energy Chamber in the form of a Magenta Pyramid. This chamber harnessed high frequency Cosmic Energy. In 1998, this Energy Chamber evolved to include a Green Pyramid that harnessed Earth Energy to ground the intense, high-frequency Magenta Energy. These two pyramids, joined at the base, created the Diamond-shaped Energy configuration as it is now. This Spiritual Tool is a specific Geometric Energy Configuration that allows Diamond Energy Transmissionsto be delivered comfortably and safely worldwide.

Just as the Magenta and Green Pyramid Energies are balanced within the Diamond itself, Diamond Christ Alignment brings our spiritual and physical worlds into balance and wholeness. There is always relief and rebalancing from the horizontal trance when we "Go Vertical" through Diamond Christ Alignment. In Diamond Christ Alignment, we do not have to choose a horizontally-aligned life over a life lived in Vertical Alignment with the Divine ... or a life lived only Vertically without the richness of the horizontal physical plane. Just as the angles of the Diamond Energy configuration are on the diagonal and include both the horizontal and vertical planes, in the world of Diamond Christ Alignment, we too live simultaneously in both worlds... Vertically Aligned with the Divine PowerWithin while fully engaged in the horizontal everyday world.
What should I feel in the 6-minute Experience? Sometimes I don't feel much in the 6-minute Experience. Am I doing something wrong? You are doing nothing wrong. It is normal for everyone's experience of the Diamond Energy to be different from day to day, because YOU are different from day to day. Diamond Energy is transmitted in every Diamond Christ Alignment Activation and is not dependent on us doing it right – or doing anything at all.  The Diamond Energy is very subtle and has an effect even when we feel nothing. Simply log on ... Relax. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy your 6 minutes communing with the Divine, and be aware of your experience.

Keeping a journal and periodically reviewing how your life is working with Diamond Christ Alignment will increase  your awareness, in general, and of the positive effects of your Diamond Christ Alignment.

As a reminder, before logging on to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, be sure that you clear away distractions so you can give your full attention to receiving the most from your Experience.
How do I get my questions answered? Please review the questions in our very thorough FAQ section. If you do not see your question or your question is not answered fully, please contact mailto:Support@DiamondAlignment.com

To learn more about the Sacred Technology of Diamond Christ Alignment, please explore these pages:
How will I know if Diamond Christ Alignment is working in my life? The best way to know if Diamond Christ Alignment is working in your life is to stop doing it. The charge of accumulated Diamond Energy will last for a time after you stop the online Alignments, however, observe how the following days and weeks feel after this "grace period". As the Diamond Energy diminishes, notice the difference in how you feel and how your life is working. Keeping a journal will make the difference even clearer.

Another way to know that Diamond Christ Alignment is working in your life is to track even the smallest changes on a daily basis. This action of writing down your observations anchors the effects of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation into your physical world. Acknowledging your results is also an active way to honor your Self and the Diamond Energy ... which opens you to receive even more.

Re-experiencing old patterns can be another indication that Diamond Christ Alignment is working. It is normal in the healing process to re-experience old negative emotions, thoughts and sensations as they are releasing from your body and mind. Consciously tracking these signs of healing while continuing your daily Alignments, will neutralize the charge of these symptoms and keep you in the flow of the Diamond Energy.

Since the positive effects of your Diamond Christ Alignments are cumulative, results may not be obvious for days, weeks or months (for deep-seeded major shifts) after you have started working with the Diamond Energy. Tracking your progress daily will refine your awareness of the subtle, but lasting and significant changes that result from consistent Diamond Christ Alignments.
Where does Diamond Christ Alignment come from? Diamond Christ Alignment is the answer to a call for Divine Intervention made by the Founder, Jacqueline Joy, during a period of intense personal crisis in 1987. In the midst of a painful divorce and growing panic attacks despite her tremendous "worldly" success, she found herself in dire need of a tool which would enable her to maintain Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within while totally immersed in the fire of her daily life. She called for and received the Divine Gift that became Diamond Christ Alignment. She used and refined this Sacred Technology over the next several years to transform her life of pain and turmoil into one of Joy, Equanimity, Freedom and Wealth of Being. After experiencing the power of Diamond Christ Alignment in her own life, Jacqueline Joy was Divinely guided to spend the next 10 years of her life meticulously birthing this intimate and wordless Divine Energy Transmission into a tool that could be used by individuals worldwide, Aligning and Connecting all with the Divine Power Within, no matter what is going on around them.

A more in-depth account of the birth of Diamond Christ Alignment is available in Jacqueline Joy's e-book, In Search of Alignment, which can be found at:


As the Steward for this Divine Gift, Jacqueline Joy lives in constant awe and humble gratitude for the never-ending miracles that Diamond Christ Alignment continues to unveil in her life and in the lives of those around her. She has done the work so that all you have to do to experience this too is to log on on-line and just say "Yes."
Is there a Diamond Christ Alignment community? Yes, it is a Worldwide VIBRATIONAL Community. The primary purpose of the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology is to enhance our Connection and Alignment with our own Higher Consciousness and the Divine. Diamond Christ Alignment is a very personal experience.

As individuals across the globe bring more Light and Alignment into their lives through Diamond Christ Alignment, their individual Light energetically joins the Light of other Diamond Energy receivers on the Worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid ... thus Diamond World VIBRATIONAL Community is working together to raise the vibration of our world. As individuals actualize their Highest Diamond Potential, the Highest Potential of the world is further actualized. This Diamond World Community is most comparable to the worldwide web community in the sense that individual use of the technology, collectively, causes the entire world to experience and accomplish what has never been possible before in history.
How can I give Diamond Christ Alignment as a gift? Vibrational Diamond Gifting is the best way to give the Gift of Diamond Christ Alignment.


When you give the gift of Diamond Christ Alignment, ultimately the gift that you are giving is the potential for true Wealth of Being ... a phenomenon that occurs when our lives are infused with the Magic of the Sacred. This Wealth of Being is a quality of life fulfillment that grows from the inside out ... from a state of such profound Peace, profound Expansion and profound Pleasure that it is not dependent on anything external. Rather it originates from the pure connection with our Self and the Power of the Universe. Diamond Alignment Connects and Aligns us with the experience of this Divine Power or Diamond Self Within.
Are corporate subscriptions available? Being an extremely effective Technology for stress management and life enrichment, Diamond Christ Alignment brings all levels of the corporation into alignment, facilitating the Highest Possible outcome in your business and with your staff and the people working in your company.

Customized programs for corporate executives can be arranged with Diamond Christ AlignmentCreator and Founder, Jacqueline Joy, who has over 30 years of experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial and fundraising worlds. Jacqueline Joy has successfully used the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology to resolve conflict, facilitate the highest resolution in negotiations and decision-making, turn failing businesses around, settle lawsuits with win-win results, handle real estate deals without glitches and create new businesses.

Her natural gift for bringing people and situations to their highest potential has been mastered in her work with hundreds of companies as an innovative manager, teacher and trainer.