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Complement your Remote Diamond Clearing with Its Related Remote Diamond Activation It's a great idea to complement your Remote Diamond Clearing(s) with a related Remote Diamond Activation(s). The Remote Diamond Activation(s) fills the space that has been created from your Remote Clearing with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy. This activates your "I AM" Presence to operate in this arena of your life with Diamond Consciousness and Joy. (See examples of How Remote Diamond Clearings & Activations work together below)

Self-doubt/Insecurity Diamond Clarity & Self-Confidence
Feeling small/unimportant Your "I AM" Presence in your cells
Constant comparison of self with others Your ability to Stay in your own Center
Self-criticism Self-appreciation, Love and Acceptance
Habitual pattern of judging others Seeing the Greatness/Divine in others
Holding back your Truth Freely Expressing the Truth of who you are
Going along with the crowd Standing in your own Power - no matter what
Feeling less than or more than others Conscious Knowing of who you are
Seeking answers outside of your Self Connection with your own Inner Guidance
Not being able to be alone Able to be Alone and Enjoy it
Anxiety/panic disorders Peacefulness of your Diamond Consciousness
Feeling uninspired/uncreative/unmotivated Capacity to Receive from Infinite Flow
Pain in the body Flow of Diamond Consciousness & Joy in your cells
Obsessive Worry Conscious Knowing of your Connection to Source
Power Struggle from your relationships Diamond Consciousness in your communications
Apprehension/confusion Trust in the Divine Plan for your life
Fear/foreboding about the future Proactively making choices to create the NEW
Inherited patterns of "lack consciousness" The Truth that "Source is your Source"
The lie that your Joy brings pain to others The Truth that your Joy ultimately uplifts others
Not fully present in your body/the Earth Knowing you are SAFE on the Planet

If you have any questions, please write Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com

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