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About Remote Diamond Clearings

Pain/Stress in the Body Clearing
This was FABULOUS! What happened FAR EXCEEDED what I could have imagined! The bubbling of the Diamond clearing energy that dissolved all my aches and pains was so delightful that I felt like I was in a Diamond Energy Spa.

Immediately after I emailed my payment, I lay down and the Diamond Beings went right to work on my bodies---physical, etheric, emotional and mental. I was in a Diamond Energy Spa, deliciously soothing and energizing! Not only did aches and pains melt away---I had a major repair and reconstruction of my solar plexus chakra from past life woundings that I've been trying to clear for the past 30 years. I felt so revitalized that one person asked me what had happened because I looked 10 years younger!

Transforming Anger
I got angry once for a just a few minutes right after this clearing months ago, but since then NO ANGER. I distinctly remember the sensation of energetic hornets and wasps leaving my energy field!

Depression Clearing
I did this one several months ago, and I have experienced NO DEPRESSION since then. I have experienced very brief grieving and releasing, but they are moving energies, which the depression was not. I remember the depression imprint while I was still in my mother's womb, and I am in a long lineage of depressed women and angry men. When I think of all those years of Prozac, I am so grateful that I have found the Diamond Medicine which heals and restores EVERYTHING!

Relationship Block
My husband and I had been arguing quite a bit, and I was worried about how things might go as I was picking him up at the airport. I ordered this Diamond clearing and asked the Diamond to start helping us to release our difficult pattern. It worked like a charm. Our roughest edges started to smooth out immediately and the Diamond has continued to work with us. Now the love current is flowing again freely, and that is miraculous!

Clearing Fear, Anxiety and Worry
This morning I received the remote clearing and activation for clearing fear, anxiety, and worry. I fell asleep during the process, and awakened feeling very refreshed. I noticed that I am able to breathe much more deeply than usual, and I have been much more productive than I usually am. The tiredness that usually sends me back to bed for a nap in the afternoon has not arrived yet. And now, having just done the 6 minute alignment, I notice how much more intense the experience was. I sat for a long period after the video was over, just feeling myself breathe...usually I have a hard time sitting still long enough to get through the whole 6 minutes. I am very excited about continuing to experience the changes that take place as a result of this clearing. Jacqueline, thank you so much for this opportunity to continue to move towards better health and alignment!

Dissolving Blocks to Experiencing Joy in the Body
WOW. I totally felt the awesome energy tonight from the remote clearing!!! Words are hard to describe how deeply I felt this. It was powerful, strong, wonderful, nurturing, calming, a positive intenseness filling flowing hovering sweeping through my body, my cells, my thoughts, my mind, my heart, my cells, my essence, my space. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you and I am so very grateful.

Removing Suppression of Inner Goddess Power
It was a golden alchemical transformational experience. My old patterns of victimhood, powerlessness and fear and contraction around being on this planet - not feeling safe etc- - are dissolving. It feels like my core is opening and letting go of the contraction that my body was holding for ages. I am celebrating this liberation! Feeling much safer, more powerful, more solid, much more connected to and sustained by the Mother in my body. I am grateful!

I feel much more joy in my body. It is like my cells are dancing! I was filled with bliss and divine nourishment! I felt all the contractions loosening up, I felt myself expanding feeling the pain and the ecstasy at the same time! My molecules were dancing! Thank you

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