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Q. Could you explain the difference between the varied types of Diamond Clearings being offered?

A. Daily Remote Clearings, included in the "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription, are powerful energy clearings and transmissions done for you daily by Jacqueline Joy and are for Premium subscribers only. These Clearings:

  • Are done for all subscribers as a group
  • Do not target a specific issue, but instead clear the obstacles in the way of your full embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness
  • Empower you to master your Diamond Christ Alignment so that you are able to handle whatever issues you desire to clear and activate

You do not have to do anything to receive the Clearings, however ... if you choose to consciously join up with the Clearing on any given day, you may receive the Transmission by following our "Remote Receiving" instructions.

To find out more, go to:

Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings, included in our "Special Diamond Packages," are part of the vast multidimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure, or Diamond Energy Grid, that Jacqueline Joy has developed and refined over the last 20 years with her Higher Team. These Clearings, which are received vibrationally by following our "Receiving" instructions, clear patterns and programming related to the specific topic covered in the recorded Diamond Discourse Transmissions included in each Package.

To find out more, go to:

The "stand-alone" Remote Diamond Clearings offered in our online store are also part of the vast multidimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure, or Diamond Energy Grid, and are laser-targeted on an issue of your choosing. These Clearings work on an energetic level to clear the lower vibration energies creating the issue out of your cells, and:

  • Are available IN THE MOMENT when you need them
  • Specifically target clearing an issue of your choice
  • Are highly individualized: At the time you choose to receive it, the Diamond will connect with your Higher Self to fully Clear and Download what you have requested
  • Are laser-focused so that your cells release the congealed energy patterns related to the chosen topic
  • Can be paired with a related Remote Diamond Activation to fill the space created by the Clearing with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy

To find out more, go to:

Q. Can you explain the difference between the Remote Clearings and the Mastery Clearings?

A. The main advantage of the powerful Remote Diamond Clearings is that they are available to you IN THE MOMENT that you need them. There is no waiting for "LIVE" Transmissions or Private appointments. This is extremely valuable when you have something come UP in your process and/or your body very strongly that has been limiting you and you wish to get the freedom and vibrational boost of clearing it from your cells NOW. This immediate Clearing ensures that what is UP for clearing gets the transformation your Diamond Consciousness is calling for ... without running the risk of it going underground again to continue unconsciously running its limiting program.

At the time you choose to receive the Clearing and follow our instructions for receiving, the Diamond will connect with your Higher Self to fully Clear and Download what you have requested from the vast multidimensional Diamond Grid that Jacqueline Joy has meticulously built over the past 20 years.

In the Diamond Mastery Transmissions, Jacqueline Joy is working very directly with you, using the Technology at very advanced levels to accelerate your Clearing and to Activate Diamond Consciousness in the arena of life you choose to focus on. Her joining up with you, in the Unified Field, on an issue that you are focusing on, is extremely powerful.... Amplifying and Accelerating the exact Clearing and Activation of Diamond Consciousness that your Soul is desiring.

The point of doing the Mastery Clearings is to go deeper on issues ... to go to new levels of clearing ... or to clear different aspects of a major issue you have in this lifetime.

Q. Which is more powerful ... the Diamond Mastery Clearings or the Remote Diamond Clearings?

A. There is no linear answer for this ... Where you are in your own process determines how powerful either Clearing will be for you. If you are "ripe" and ready to experience a breakthrough on an issue you have been working on ... the Remote Clearing and Activation can put you over the top in your breakthrough. If you have just begun working on a major issue you have this lifetime and focus on this in the Diamond Mastery Transmissions – you will get catapulted forward in your healing, but it may not be the "pop" you would have, if you had done many layers/aspects of healing on this major issue already.

In all cases ... TRUST your Self, Trust your Process. Much of this is difficult to pin down at the linear level because it is not linear. It is very Multidimensional and that is why it is so powerful.

Q. What is the difference between the Clearings for "Dissolving Blocks in your Financial Flow" and "Expanding to Receive"?

A. The "Financial Flow" clearing is very specifically targeted on finances, while "Expanding to Receive" is about expanding your ability to receive the Diamond Energy as well as all of the Gifts, Magic and Miracles that your Diamond Consciousness has for you that are far beyond the financial.

Q. Is it ok to purchase/receive more than one Clearing at a time?

A. Yes, many in our Diamond community "stock up" on the Clearings when they are on Special so that they have them when they need them most. There are no time restrictions on when you can receive the Clearings, so you can choose to receive them in your own timing ... at your convenience.

If you would like to receive more than one Remote Clearing, Jacqueline Joy advises waiting a few days in between to allow for your body to go through the release process and to integrate the clearing physically.

Since everyone is so individual in terms of how much they have to clear and the time needed for integration, we recommend that you trust your Guidance from your own Higher Consciousness to determine when you are ready to receive the next Clearing.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment with Jacqueline Joy to receive the Clearing or will I receive the Clearing by recording?

A. Neither. Since these "Remote" Clearings have already been established by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level in the Diamond Matrix or Diamond Energy Grid, it is not necessary to make an appointment with her. What IS important is that you set aside time (60 minutes) for an appointment with yourself to receive the Clearing!

The Clearing is not delivered via recording, but rather, is received vibrationally by following our "Remote Receiving" instructions included in your purchase.

At the time you choose to receive the Clearing and follow our instructions for receiving, the Diamond will connect with your Higher Self to fully Clear and Download what you have requested from the vast multidimensional Diamond Grid that Jacqueline Joy has meticulously built over the past 20 years.

To find out more about how Remote Diamond Clearings works, go to:

Q. Why do I need to send my choice of Diamond Clearing to you?

A. The action of purchasing and writing down your specific request and intention for the clearing immediately connects you to the Diamond Energy Grid and activates a flow of Clearing Energy related to your request.

At the time you choose to receive the Clearing/Activation, the Diamond will connect with your Higher Self to fully Clear and Download what you have requested.

Q. Do I need to keep purchasing the same remote clearing to get the benefit and to make sure the issue is cleared?

A. The Remote Clearings are a one-time download from the Diamond Infrastructure. Once you do a Clearing, there is no need to repeat it over and over again, because it has already been downloaded into your cells and will continue to do its work. However, your Higher Consciousness may guide you to repeat the "Receiving Process", to further integrate what you have already received.

If you want to clear at deeper levels and target more specific issues, then it is recommended to do more Clearings on the specific issues that will be revealed as you clear on different levels.

Q. What exactly do the "Remote Clearings" clear?

A. "Remote Clearings" vibrationally clear the lower frequencies (related to the specific issue of the Clearing you have purchased) in the:

  1. Mental body (old thought forms, images of oneself, limited beliefs, conditioning, patterning, programming, imprinting)
  2. Emotional body (traumatic emotions from past experiences)
  3. Etheric body (trauma, disturbances, interferences which have compromised the integrity and cohesiveness of one's original Divine Blueprint)
  4. Physical body (coagulated energy stored in the body and manifesting as pain, tension, dis-ease) that have resulted from past experiences that are in resistance to the topic of the chosen clearing.

Q. Why do you say it's a good idea to "complement" a Remote Diamond Clearing with a related Remote Diamond Activation?

A. "Remote Diamond Activations" fill the space in your cells that has been created from your clearing with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy. This activates your "I AM" Presence to operate in this specific arena of your life with Diamond Consciousness and Joy. (E.g., self criticism will be cleared and Self Love and Acceptance will be activated and amplified.)

Q. I have so many issues to clear that I would love to receive all the clearings in a category in "one fell swoop". How come I can only purchase one at a time?

A. . It would be great to clear all as you say in "one fell swoop", but the truth is that most issues needing clearing are multi-leveled and multi-layered - some of the layers come from our own personal history/family dynamic, some come from cultural impressions and societal conditioning and some, from where we are in our own spiritual evolution.

For example, Jacqueline Joy has been working on the issue of clearing the suppression of the Divine Feminine in her life for 25 years. Given the suppression of the Divine Feminine in our collective conditioning ... to get freed up in this area is huge. It takes work on many levels, so anything and everything you can do, to focus on an issue and free yourself in layers is very valuable... it's not a matter of clearing all at once, but clearing from every angle when you can.

Each Clearing and its related Activation, in the various lists that you see on the page in our store, is very laser-targeted (in the Diamond Grid) on a specific issue and are meant to be cleared and activated ... one at a time, not as a group. The best results come from being focused on one clearing together with your intention for that clearing - one at a time.

Q. Will any of the Remote Clearings clear negative entities or people?

A. Clearing negative entities/people is often a very complex issue with multiple layers and levels to be cleared and would not be handled by any of the Clearings on our Remote Clearings page by themselves.

However, you may want to take a look at the Clearings listed under "DIAMOND EMPOWERMENT" or one of the "EMOTIONAL" or "RELATIONSHIP" CLEARINGS to approach your situation from the inside out. Choose a Clearing that is most related to your issue to clear the negative vibrational pattern from your cells on an energetic level. This pattern may be creating a weak spot in your energy field, which is making you vulnerable to negative energies. Follow the Clearing with a related Remote Activation to "empower" and strengthen your energy field in the same area with pristine Diamond Energy.

Q. Why is clearing so important?

A. Clearing is a very powerful way of preparing your body to integrate the strong vibrational increases occurring on the Planet at this time in human evolution. The clearer we are and the more open our channels for receiving are ... the more Light Energy we can embody and use to manifest in our Physical world ... AND the more Graceful, Equanimous and Joyous our lives will be.

When high frequency energy hits a body that has not been cleared and still holds a lot of density and toxicity - it can be a tumultuous time for the body, which has the job of processing this lower vibration material.

Q. Can I use one of the Audio Diamond Activations from the Diamond Store instead of a Remote Diamond Activation to fill the space created by my Remote Clearing?

A. Yes. The choice to use an Audio Activation with a Remote Clearing from the menu in our store would be a personal one, guided by your Higher Consciousness.

For example, one of the Silent Transmissions (on the audio page) or the 6-minute or 9-minute Guided Activation Transmissions (also on the audio page) would work very effectively as a general "carrier" to transmit powerful Diamond Frequencies into the space in your cells that you have cleared with any/all of the Remote Clearings - if you prefer.

The guided "Joy in the Body" Activation would go very well with a Remote Clearing for clearing pain/stress in the body, especially if you find that it is a stronger experience for you to receive Jacqueline Joy's verbal guidance.

Trust the Guidance of your Higher Consciousness to choose what is right for you.

Q. Will doing Advanced Diamond Mastery trainings/Journeys/Activations/Clearings deepen the effect of the Remote Diamond Clearings (and Activations)?

A. Yes, each day that you are on a Diamond Journey or in a training, being held in the huge space that Jacqueline Joy holds for you and the group of participants, you are clearing out old vibrational frequencies that no longer serve you on deeper and deeper levels and creating more space in your cells for an inflow of the higher vibrational Diamond Energy that Jacqueline Joy is transmitting.

Each action you take is a stronger "YES" to evolving your Diamond Mastery, and the stronger your "YES" to using the Diamond Tools, the more accelerated and amplified the results are.

Another benefit of doing Remote Clearings/Activations while you are in a Diamond group Journey/training is that as you clear on deeper levels, this clearing allows more Diamond flow through your cells and raises your vibration. Because you are in a Unified Field with others, this would also affect the group's vibration in a positive way.

Q. I'm not sure if I totally grasped the idea of stating my intentions for the clearings.

A. Stating your intentions gives you the opportunity to get "clear" about what you want to "clear" related to the "issue" you have chosen. Writing it down strengthens your connection to the Diamond Grid and physically anchors the clearing even more strongly into your cells and your physical world.

Q. What exactly does the "Anti-aging/Detox/Decontamination" Remote Diamond Clearing clear, i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, disease, chemical toxicity etc.?

A. What this Diamond Clearing "detoxes" or decontaminates is the toxic lower vibration energies, thought-forms, patterns, programming, imprinting and conditioning that block your connection with your body's own intelligence and innate healing capacity. When these energetic blockages are cleared, you can more easily partner with your body and be better able to hear its messages about what it needs from you to fully heal.

Most of your questions relate to very physical issues that would better be handled physically under the supervision of a natural health practitioner who can monitor the effects of treatments on an ongoing basis. In this case, the Diamond Clearing would provide the vibrational support and energetic fuel that could easily speed up your healing process and make your treatments much more easeful and gentle.

Q. If I have quite a few areas of very resistant pain/stress in my body, will the one clearing/activation for" Clearing Pain/Stress From The Body" "do it" for the whole body, or should I put the focus on one specific area of pain (for example, my teeth)?

A. Regarding the Remote Clearings, and with all work in the Diamond Technology.... the more focused/targeted you are with where you want the Energy to work, the more powerful and accelerated the shifts will be. Combining "laser-focused" Clearings and Activations with general Remote Clearings and Activations can also work excellently too.

Using the example of your teeth ... You may wish to do a Private Activation - or a Series of Private Activations - with Jacqueline Joy on the issue of your teeth ... to focus like a laser on your teeth and to accelerate the resolution.

Then following this with a Remote Clearing and Remote Activation, which is focused on a general clearing of pain/stress in the body, will create a new higher-frequency foundation of Joy and Relaxation overall. We also recommend using Jacqueline Joy's daily remote clearings and Transmissions to keep your body in a relaxed state, which promotes health and optimum functioning of the body.

Please always follow your Higher Guidance.

Q. Does the remote clearing for anger clear suppressed anger and all the ways I've suppressed it or just the kind of anger that gets expressed?

A. Honestly, Clearing never ends ... it's the way we can keep our energy field clear, our vibration high and our energy flow strong – no matter what is happening around us. You certainly can clear out and clean out old issues – the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you, but Clearing is a very important part of the Diamond Technology.

Jacqueline Joy's dedication to keeping her energy field clear is one of the most important values that she holds and is what allows her to show up fully Present and be the leader she is.

Since you say you have many issues you want to clear, we recommend using the daily 6-minute Diamond Activation and Jacqueline Joy's daily remote clearings and Transmissions, included in your Premium Connection subscription, to keep your body in a relaxed state, while you focus on the specific issues you want to clear with one or more of our Remote Diamond Clearings.

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