What can I expect from the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation?

The 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation aligns body, mind and Spirit. During the Experience itself, most have reported a feeling of deep relaxation, a clearing and focusing of the mind and activation of inner joy, harmony and balance. Following the Experience, they have reported a sense of relief, expansion and rejuvenation ... feeling less burdened, lighter, more optimistic and energetic throughout the day.

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Results are cumulative with the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. Only six minutes a day will build your ability to achieve a masterful state of calm awareness, allowing you to make significant and lasting positive changes in your life. Those who are committed to daily Diamond Christ Alignment report benefits that enhance their lives at all levels.

With cumulative use of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, some of the results you can look forward to are:

The Diamond Energy that you are receiving will naturally emanate from you, without any effort on your part. Most report that the Diamond qualities of Joy, Equanimity, Freedom, Fun and Clarity not only enhance their own lives, but uplift the people around them as well. It is even reported that animals are very attracted and receptive to the Diamond Energy.

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