What do you mean by "energy transmission"?

In the Diamond World, we are speaking about "energy" as vibration or frequency and "transmission" as a conveyance of energy. All Diamond Christ Alignment offerings are specifically designed to carry and transmit an experience of the high-frequency Diamond Energy... Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance and Wealth of Being. When we experience these positive, high-vibration feelings, they replace lower vibration feelings such as confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, worry and so on. Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being... more

The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation keeps us charged with the vibration of Joy, the Essence of the Diamond Self Within, and frees us to experience this Joy without contradiction. Joy is the freedom to fully express our true, authentic Being and to embody our Spirit in the present moment. In the Diamond World, this Sacred Union of body and Spirit is "true Joy." When we say "Yes" to receiving the Diamond Energy Transmission, we are saying "Yes" to receiving the vibration of Joy which has the ability to alchemically transform lives.

The high-frequency Diamond Energy in the body is experienced as a more refined energy current running through us, which shows up as gracefulness and fluidity. We feel energized, alive, vibrant, free and balanced.

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