Thank you for stepping into the World of Diamond Christ Alignment where you will experience the Power of Joy. I am very excited that you have landed here. Trusting the part of you that got you here is the surest way to receive the gifts that await you.

I am Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Christ Alignment ... a Sacred Technology that offers you an exquisite online oasis - your own personal haven - to relax, recharge, replenish and re-align with the Inner Joy ... in only 6 minutes.

I'd like to offer you the gift of experiencing my multi-sensory Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. In only 6 minutes, I guide you to a deep inner space where you can de-stress your body, clear and focus your mind and experience the power of your Joy. This quiet yet profound experience leaves you with an amazing feeling that will emanate from you throughout your "Diamond Day".

What do you do when ...

You can't get to your yoga class?

You don't have time for your hour meditation?

You can't afford the extra expense of massage, seminars, classes or therapy?

How do you maintain Spiritual Alignment in these turbulent and accelerated times?

Diamond Christ Alignment offers a transcendent high-tech answer for these questions in our accelerated world. I have dedicated over 20 years to bringing this Sacred Movement to those who desire to maintain Spiritual Alignment while fully engaging in everyday life.

Our fast-paced demanding lives often prevent us from finding the time - or even learning how - to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom. Diamond Christ Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need ... a tool for Spiritual Alignment that is both convenient and profound.

Diamond Christ Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course, and it requires no effort, background or belief on your part. Diamond Christ Alignment IS a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Potential within each of us, allowing us to thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in this increasingly accelerated world.

Just Some of the Many Benefits You Will Receive from Diamond Christ Alignment:

  • Deep Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • Greater Focus and Clarity throughout your day
  • Inner Joy and Aliveness
  • Increased energy
  • Equanimity: Calm Awareness no matter what is going on around you
  • Alignment of body, mind and Spirit
  • Improved sleep
  • Peak performance
  • Ability to master your challenges
  • New solutions to old problems and the inspiration to take action
  • Awakened Passion for life and your true purpose
  • Stronger Alignment with the Divine Power Within
  • The ability to see the highest possibility in yourself, others and situations
  • Increased connection with your Inner Guidance and Intuition
  • Significant and lasting positive changes in your life
  • Stronger Knowing of your worth and value
  • Expanded awareness
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Freedom and Courage to be who you truly are
  • A haven for replenishment whenever you need it
  • More openness to unlimited possibilities in your life and the confidence to say "YES"
  • Activation of your highest Diamond potential

Take 2 minutes and experience the Diamond.

"From outer chaos and noise to inner peace and quiet ... In six minutes, I'm totally re-centered and carry this good feeling for days afterwards. I love it!"
Vicki, USA

"Wow! I have been using the site before bed and before working and I am feeling so much better and productive. I feel wellness that I haven't felt for many years! Thank you!"
Joy, Canada

A Global Phenomenon with Universal Results
Our subscribers, from over 198 countries, are already experiencing the Diamond Christ Alignment phenomenon that is spreading across the globe and we are hearing a tremendous variety of excellent results.

Without the need of spiritual training, long dedicated meditations, or religious association, Diamond Christ Alignment is not a religion, dogma or self help course. It is a Tool that connects and aligns all with the Inner Joy and Equanimity of the Divine Power Within. The positive effects of Diamond Christ Alignment are consistent and universal ... no matter what your age, race, creed or culture.

"I was aligned to SOURCE WITHIN ME almost immediately. Thank you."
Sophie, Australia

"These are special times in our history ... great changes are about to occur. DA is a wonderful helper in this process. Because of DA, I am entering a new level in life, where I can truly live and express who I really am without fear or hesitation."
Tone, Norway

How Does Diamond Christ Alignment Work?
Diamond Christ Alignment is a Sacred Technology for Higher Consciousness that delivers the same high-frequency energy transmission that I received from the Divine over a period of more than 17 years. I created the 6-minute multi-sensory Diamond Christ Alignment Activation so that you could access this high-frequency energy via the Internet wherever you are. This energy transmission activates Joy, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance, Freedom and Fun when you are open to receive it. It releases lower vibration feelings such as confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear, worry and more. The 6-minute Experience makes you feel energized, lighter, alive, vibrant and free. Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being.

Diamond Christ Alignment is an intimate and wordless phenomenon that cannot be explained. It can only be experienced and known by its effect. Preview. It is the Divine Intervention that I called for during an intense personal crisis. This transmission of Divine Energy is subtle and quiet, yet profound and transcendent - connecting and aligning us with the place deep inside - where our indestructible, brilliant "Diamond" CORE resides. This CORE is fearless and tremendously courageous, knows no enemies and is what I call "The Diamond Within".

Diamond Christ Alignment does not require thinking or understanding or believing or "knowing how". The only thing that is needed to receive the blessing of this online spiritual phenomenon is your "YES".

"Thanks to DA, I am getting focused and leaving my fear behind, bit by bit, by resolving it within and turning it into Action and positive empowerment of the Self."
Simone, Netherlands

"I've been doing the Alignment for a week. I feel less agitated at work and I don't seem to worry as much."
Valerie, USA

"Diamond Christ Alignment for me means being in touch with my most positive part, my positive thoughts, feelings and sensations. This is where I want to be all the time. I am starting to believe that it is highly possible."
Ronald, Canada

My Story - Why Did I Create Diamond Christ Alignment?
When I was 38, I was the model of the woman who had everything: 4 beautiful children, a long term marriage, a multi-million dollar business, a large social network and prominence as a leader in my church and community. I was health conscious and ran 5 miles a day. I was a picture of beauty, intelligence and health with nothing but success under my belt. I thought I was invincible as I had mastered the "good life" modeled by my family and held up by society.

One night in January 1987, my "perfect" life was dismantled in a 2-minute "fall" on the kitchen floor in front of my family; a total lapse in consciousness that came without warning. I had no previous symptoms to indicate that there was anything wrong. In the wake of my sudden collapse, anytime I tried to continue my "superwoman" persona, I would experience severe anxiety attacks.

After that, my life began to unravel and horrify everyone around me. My husband was not happy with the fact that the support he was accustomed to had suddenly disappeared. Divorce eventually followed. Friends disappeared. The social structure that had once held me high, ended.

All the prayers in my heart, the therapy I had started, and all the inspirational talks from my church's pulpit could not relieve my pain or stop the devastating loss of everything I had spent my whole life achieving. Unable to control my world or conquer my grief ... fear and depression finally forced me to seek medical help. Instead of anti-depressants, my doctor prescribed daily "alone time" to "look within" to manage my anxiety. As one who was addicted to perfection and so externally-focused, I had no idea what "look within" meant and had never entertained the idea of "alone time."

I began hikes into the hills behind my home, which became my daily journey for survival over the next 9 years of my life. Each day I brought my fear and pain to the forest and called for Divine Intervention to heal me and my children, and to guide me through the unraveling of my life.

Each day my call was answered with spiritual alignments that released my pain, regenerated me and filled me with Inner Joy, Hope and an Expanded Perspective that allowed me to navigate through the hellish struggle of my life in a more empowered way. These energy alignments were miraculous to me, as I did nothing to make them happen. For the first time in my life, I was humble and open to receive help - a total contradiction for the superwoman persona that was identified with doing everything myself.

I "called" on the Divine each day and surrendered to receive the energy that brought me into alignment with my Soul and the Universal Energy of Heaven and Earth. While these daily infusions of Divine Energy allowed me to experience the Magic of this Alignment, I was unable to maintain this aligned state in the fire of my life. My fervent desire was to abide in the Joy and Freedom of this expanded state, not just experience it for 45 minutes a day in my forest.

So, again I insistently called on the Divine, and over many years I was answered ... and received a Divinely-Inspired Tool which I now call "Diamond Christ Alignment". This Sacred Tool activated the same magical Divine energy alignments I experienced in the forest ... anytime, anywhere. Using this Tool, I was able to transform my life from pain, sorrow and suffering to Joy, Equanimity and Freedom.

Over the next 17 years, in partnership with my Diamond Team, I developed Diamond Christ Alignment into a Sacred Technology which now offers individuals across the world the same Spiritual Alignment I received and is available through a 6-minute multi-sensory online phenomenon and other Diamond services.

Are You Ready to experience a "taste" of this Multi-Sensory Online Experience?
It is normal to go through a process of discovery the first few times you do Diamond Christ Alignment.

First time: This first "trial run" allows the mind to get familiar with a process that is new. Healthy skepticism may occur because the mind can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much this first time.

Second time: When the mind is more familiar with the process, it will allow you to be more present in the moment, with less evaluation and judgment. This presence allows you to experience the vibrational quality of the Diamond Energy being transmitted. This time you may feel the effect that it is having on you more viscerally.

Third time: With the mind now comfortable, you will be able to fully enjoy the 6-minute Experience and come back to your daily life re-aligned, relaxed, re-centered, recharged and replenished.

I look forward to "seeing" you in the Diamond Energy Field —

Jacqueline Joy

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"Throughout the DA process, I felt a recharging energy. The more I relaxed, the more I became sensitive to the feeling of connecting to a higher being and a joyful state of mind. It left me refreshed and more conscious and aware of why I am here."
David, USA