Why do you call this a Sacred Technology?

Diamond Christ Alignment is considered a Sacred Technology because it delivers a concentrated dose of high-frequency Spiritual Energy via the Internet... offering individuals worldwide a Sacred Tool to maintain Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within while fully engaging in our accelerated everyday world... more

The marriage between online technology and the Diamond Energy Technology is a revolutionary delivery system for Spiritual Energy that represents the next step beyond the high-tech industry. This technology empowers its user to access and harness Source Energy from a Higher Plane, and allows the human body to integrate the very high frequency of this Divine Energy safely and comfortably.

Diamond Christ Alignment, a Sacred Technology, is at the forefront of a new frontier of Consciousness, and has been designed for mankind to use as a tool to evolve at the Soul level, and all levels thereafter. Diamond Christ Alignment founder, Jacqueline Joy, states, "This technology is about integrating enlightenment in the everyday modern world and is available for all." It enables us to gracefully make the personal and collective shifts necessary for our planetary evolution in an accelerated way, with a feeling of collaboration through global and universal community.

The Power of Diamond Energy has broad application in every arena of life. It has been used personally to clarify Purpose and Passion in life and to heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies... in home and office to clear and increase energy flow...in the corporate world for conflict resolution and activation of financial flow.

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