Why a Diamond?

Based in Sacred Geometry, the Diamond is a fusion of two pyramids joined at the base, creating a Diamond Energy Configuration that allows Diamond Energy Transmissions to be delivered comfortably and safely to others. The Magenta Pyramid harnesses high-frequency Spiritual Energy and the Green Pyramid harnesses the grounding Energy of the Earth... more

The Divine Architectural Blueprint of the Diamond has evolved over many years in answer to the founder's Call for Divine Intervention during a severe personal crisis in 1987. In the early years, she received transmissions of Energy and Information from a Higher Plane with very clear specifications for an invisible, yet physical Energy Chamber in the form of a Magenta Pyramid. This chamber harnessed high frequency Cosmic Energy. In 1998, this Energy Chamber evolved to include a Green Pyramid that harnessed Earth Energy to ground the intense, high-frequency Magenta Energy. These two pyramids, joined at the base, created the Diamond-shaped Energy configuration as it is now. This Spiritual Tool is a specific Geometric Energy Configuration that allows Diamond Energy Transmissions to be delivered comfortably and safely worldwide.

Just as the Magenta and Green Pyramid Energies are balanced within the Diamond itself, Diamond Christ Alignment brings our inner and outer worlds back into balance and wholeness. There is always relief and rebalancing from the horizontal trance when we "Go Vertical" through Diamond Christ Alignment. In Diamond Christ Alignment, we do not have to choose a horizontally-aligned life over a life lived in Vertical Alignment with the Divine or a life lived only Vertically without the richness of the horizontal physical plane. Just as the angles of the Diamond Energy configuration are on the diagonal and include both the horizontal and vertical planes, in the world of Diamond Christ Alignment, we too live simultaneously in both worlds... Vertically Aligned with the Divine Power Within while fully engaged in the horizontal everyday world.

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