What should I feel in the 6-minute Experience?

It is normal for everyone's experience to be different from day to day. Diamond Energy is transmitted in every Diamond Christ Alignment Activation and is not dependent on us doing it right - or doing anything at all. The Diamond Energy is very subtle and has an effect even when we feel nothing. Simply log on ... Relax. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy and be aware of your experience. The Diamond does the rest.

Keeping a journal and periodically reviewing how your life is working with Diamond Christ Alignment will help you to stay aware of the positive effects of the Diamond Energy Flow.

As a reminder, before logging on to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, be sure that you clear away all distractions and give your full attention so you receive the most from your Experience ... more

In the Founder's experience, when Diamond Christ Alignment is consistently activated through the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, nothing else needs to be "done." There is no learning or processing anything new, no appropriate chants are necessary or prayers needed beyond the desire to Align with the Divine. It's not another thing you have to "do right" or achieve. In the Diamond, the flow of support from Source comes in naturally. In her experience with Diamond Christ Alignment, Jacqueline Joy began to see that this is the way it was always meant to be. The flow of Source Energy is always available, flooding us with everything that we need, but when our attention is on the horizontal world and we are not Vertically Soul-aligned, we can miss the Flow altogether or It can be pinched off to such a degree that the Flow is much less. Diamond Christ Alignment opens this Flow effortlessly.

Staying vigilantly aware of, and in gratitude for, what is working in your life from your Diamond Christ Alignment keeps you in Alignment with this Flow of Source Energy. When you are alert to the positive results as they show up and gratefully acknowledge what has been received from your Diamond contact, this gratitude opens the way for more to flow abundantly to you.

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