Are you saying Diamond Christ Alignment is the only way to access Divine Energy?

Absolutely not ... Each individual's way of Connecting with Divine Energy is highly respected and honored in the Diamond World. Diamond Christ Alignment is designed for those who are looking for an accelerated Tool to make direct contact with Higher Consciousness quickly (6 minutes) and maintain this Connection in a convenient way that is accessible 24 hours a day ... more

Diamond Christ Alignment is available to help those who desire both spiritual and material wealth. The Diamond Energy carries the vibration of inner, spiritual wealth and outer, material wealth as one - there is no separation. This is not a mental process, it is vibrational. When you say "Yes" to Diamond Christ Alignment, you receive a direct transmission of this vibration. In time, you will naturally begin to live in harmony ... the same outside as you do inside ... no longer having to choose Spiritual wealth at the cost of material well-being or material wealth at the cost of Spiritual well-being. It is often this separation between our outer life and our inner world that causes us pain.

In the Diamond perspective, creating a full life includes both the worldly and the Divine ... an abundant life that includes vibrant health, well-being and living well ... while enjoying the Magic of the Sacred in every arena of our lives. In the world of Diamond Christ Alignment, this integration is called Wealth of Being. In Wealth of Being, we feel wealthy from the inside out and everything has deeper meaning and value.

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