Where does Diamond Christ Alignment come from?

Diamond Christ Alignment is the answer to a call for Divine Intervention made by the Founder, Jacqueline Joy, during a period of intense personal crisis in 1987. In the midst of a painful divorce and growing panic attacks despite her tremendous "worldly" success, she found herself in dire need of a tool which would enable her to maintain Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within while totally immersed in the fire of her daily life. She called for and received the Divine Gift that became Diamond Christ Alignment. She used and refined this Sacred Technology over the next several years to transform her life of pain and turmoil into one of Joy, Equanimity, Freedom and Wealth of Being. After experiencing the power of Diamond Christ Alignment in her own life, Jacqueline Joy was Divinely guided to spend the next 10 years of her life meticulously birthing this intimate and wordless Divine Energy Transmission into a tool that could be used by individuals worldwide, Aligning and Connecting all with the Divine Power Within, no matter what is going on around them... more

A more in-depth account of the birth of Diamond Christ Alignment will be available in Jacqueline Joy's book, In Search of Alignment, coming soon.

As the Steward for this Divine Gift, Jacqueline Joy lives in constant awe and humble gratitude for the never-ending miracles that Diamond Christ Alignment continues to unveil in her life and in the lives of those around her. She has done the work so that all you have to do to experience this too is to log on on-line and just say "Yes." The Diamond will do the rest.

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