How will I know if Diamond Christ Alignment is working in my life?

The best way to know if Diamond Christ Alignment is working in your life is to stop doing it. The charge of accumulated Diamond Energy will last for a time after you stop the online Alignments, however, observe how the following days and weeks feel after this "grace period". As the Diamond Energy diminishes, notice the difference in how you feel and how your life is working. Keeping a journal will make the difference even clearer ... more

Another way to know that Diamond Christ Alignment is working in your life is to track even the smallest changes on a daily basis. This action of writing down your observations anchors the effects of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation into your physical world. Acknowledging your results is also an active way to honor your Self and the Diamond Energy ... which opens you to receive even more.

Re-experiencing old patterns can be another indication that Diamond Christ Alignment is working. It is normal in the healing process to re-experience old negative emotions, thoughts and sensations as they are releasing from your body and mind. Consciously tracking these signs of healing while continuing your daily Alignments, will neutralize the charge of these symptoms and keep you in the flow of the Diamond Energy.

Since the positive effects of your Diamond Christ Alignments are cumulative, results may not be obvious for days, weeks or months (for deep-seeded major shifts) after you have started working with the Diamond Energy. Tracking your progress daily will refine your awareness of the subtle, but lasting and significant changes that result from consistent Diamond Christ Alignments.

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