Is there a Diamond Christ Alignment community?

Not in the traditional sense. The primary purpose of the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology is to enhance our Connection and Alignment with our own Higher Consciousness and Highest Potential. Diamond Christ Alignment is a very personal experience.

However, as individuals across the globe bring more Light and Alignment into their lives through Diamond Christ Alignment, their individual Light energetically joins the Light of other Diamond Energy receivers and a Diamond World Community naturally evolves. As individuals actualize their Highest Diamond Potential, the Highest Potential of the world is further actualized. This Diamond World Community is most comparable to the worldwide web community in the sense that individual use of the technology, collectively, causes the entire world to experience and accomplish what has never been possible before in history... more

In the Diamond perspective, each of us arrives on this Earth with a Divine Blueprint... a Diamond Blueprint or Matrix that is imprinted with our Soul's Highest Diamond Potential... our unique spark of the Divine that is waiting to be awakened and actualized. This Invisible Blueprint, encoded within every cell, contains our unique talents and gifts which only we can express. The Diamond Energy transmitted by the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation turns on this light within our cells and raises the vibration of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. As each individual's Diamond Matrix is turned on, it interconnects with other Diamond points of light and adds to the brilliance of a vast global Diamond network - the larger Diamond Matrix. It is this larger Diamond Matrix that brings forth the Highest Diamond Potential of our world on all levels.

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