How can I give Diamond Christ Alignment as a gift?

You must be a paid subscriber (not a Gift Recipient) to give gift subscriptions. If you are not already a paid subscriber, you will have the opportunity to purchase gift subscriptions at the same time you purchase your own subscription ... more

When you give the gift of Diamond Christ Alignment, ultimately the gift that you are giving is the potential for true Wealth of Being ... a phenomenon that occurs when our lives are infused with the Magic of the Sacred. This Wealth of Being is a quality of life fulfillment that grows from the inside out ... from a state of such profound Peace, profound Expansion and profound Pleasure that it is not dependent on anything external. Rather it originates from the pure connection with our Self and the Power of the Universe. Diamond Alignment Connects and Aligns us with the experience of this Divine Power or Diamond Self Within.

This Alignment allows a full life that includes both the worldly and the Divine. We no longer have to choose spiritual wealth at the cost of material/financial well-being, or financial wealth at the cost of spiritual well-being. When our outer world matches our inner world, deep and priceless inner peace is experienced.

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