Are corporate subscriptions available?

Yes. Corporate subscriptions for the entire company as well as specifically-designed programs for corporate executives are available. Please contact us to explore your specific corporate needs.

An extremely effective technology for stress management and life enrichment, Diamond Christ Alignment brings all levels of the corporation into alignment, facilitating the Highest Possible outcome in your business ... more

Customized programs for corporate executives can be arranged with Diamond Christ Alignment Creator and Founder, Jacqueline Joy, who has over 30 years of experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial and fundraising worlds. Jacqueline Joy has successfully used the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology to resolve conflict, facilitate the highest resolution in negotiations and decision-making, turn failing businesses around, settle lawsuits with win-win results, handle real estate deals without glitches and create new businesses.

Her natural gift for bringing people and situations to their highest potential has been mastered in her work with hundreds of companies as an innovative manager, teacher and trainer.

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