How do I get started?

It's easy. After signing up on the Diamond Christ Alignment website, you will immediately receive a confirmation number that gives you access to the 6-minute online Diamond Christ Alignment Activation 24 hours a day. Simply log in to, put your headphones on and relax into the expansive energy of Diamond Christ Alignment.

If you like, you can also view our Diamond Quick Start Instructions (pdf) ... more

Committing to Diamond Align every day by scheduling in 10 minutes on your calendar is the best way to get started. We also suggest setting up your computer area as a Diamond Energy receiving station ... Place the Quick Start Instructions next to your computer, have your headphones out for easy access and have a plan for clearing distractions, so that you can give your full attention to your Diamond Christ Alignment Activation in the midst of a very busy day.

You can heighten your awareness of the effects of your Experience by taking a few moments both before and after you log on, to take stock of how you are doing mentally, emotionally and physically. This may be a good time to start a journal to record any shifts, insights or observations you experience as a result of your Diamond Christ Alignment. Remember that the Energy is very subtle and that the Alignment and Transmission of Diamond Energy are always occurring no matter what your experience is on any given day. Acknowledging even the smallest of changes, both inner and outer, will increase the effect of the Diamond Energy in your life.

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