How do I get the best results from Diamond Christ Alignment?

For best results, it is highly recommended to start your day with the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation to fill your body and mind with Diamond Joy, Equanimity, Clarity and Wealth of Being. Your commitment and daily activation of the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is the Key to maintaining strong Connection with the Divine Power Within. Keeping a journal to track your changes and periodically reviewing how your life is working with Diamond Christ Alignment will increase your awareness of the positive effects of the Diamond Energy Flow. This will inspire you to maintain your commitment to daily activation and thereby, increase your results.

Continuous flow of the Diamond Energy will enable you to release patterns that are limiting you and magnetize to you that which is in Alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential, with ease and grace.... more

A Spirit of Gratitude and Appreciation naturally increases the results of your Diamond Christ Alignment.

When we're in crisis or knee-deep in the demands of the external world, we often don't have the wherewithal to focus the mind and bring in the Divine Intervention we need to immediately respond to the situations around us. Logging on to the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is the most direct way to tap into your Inner Wisdom quickly, with no effort on your part. Using Diamond Christ Alignment as a "replenishing station" whenever you get caught by the wave and taken down under by life's challenges will bring you back to center and realign you with your Highest Purpose.

The only thing that is required to make your Diamond Christ Alignment Activation work for you is your willingness to say a heartfelt "Yes" to being Aligned with the Divine in yourself. That is all. The Diamond will immediately bring the Alignment you are asking for. It always works. It is not up to our efforts... it is only a matter of our willingness to receive the Gift of the Alignment being offered.

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