Why would I want to experience Diamond Christ Alignment every day?

Making Diamond Christ Alignment a daily routine is the Key to fulfilling your Highest Diamond Potential. Just as a finely-tuned athlete performs at peak levels from committed daily practice and repetition, consistency with the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation enables you to master Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within, no matter what is going on around you.

The expanded awareness that comes from this Aligned state opens you to unlimited possibility. It enables you to respond to life from the awareness that you are much larger than the circumstances around you. You are able to stay clear and make significant and lasting changes in your life. See What to Expect and Founder's Message for a more in-depth answer ... more

Entering the world of Diamond Christ Alignment is a whole new way of living. Gentleness, patience and much compassion for yourself are needed as you let go of the old to make room for the new during this process of Transformation. This is why activating Diamond Christ Alignment daily is the KEY. Alignments automatically increase inner strength and joy during the release of old limiting patterns, allowing you to move through any transition with grace and ease.

Diamond Christ Alignment immediately connects you to your Soul and activates a Flow of Source Energy flowing through you. From this Connection, everything else will be taken care of ... Freedom from unnecessary struggle and suffering ... A sense of being uplifted because there is something that you can do to transform the pain of any situation.

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