What do I get in the "Premium Connection" subscription?

The "Premium Connection" takes your experience with the Diamond Technology to the next level ... beyond the 6-minute Diamond Activation. With this Premium Connection, your highest Diamond Potential will be consistently fueled, nurtured and amplified by advanced remote energy clearings and transmissions by Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual leader and advisor, Jacqueline Joy, on a daily basis. These transmissions deepen your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and Joy, and enable you to thrive in everyday life from true Wealth of Being ... the integration of Spiritual Wealth and Material Abundance, no matter what is going on around you. This Premium Diamond Connection is for those who wish to master living in Diamond Consciousness, in these accelerated and challenging times.

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All subscriptions include ongoing inspiration and support from the Founder via the Diamond e-newsletter and Diamond e-mails. Future development of the Diamond Christ Alignment site will include the use of multimedia technologies by which the Founder will directly connect with Diamond Christ Alignment subscribers, strengthening and expanding their experience with this Sacred Technology.

Since all Diamond Christ Alignment offerings are specifically designed to carry and transmit an experience of the Diamond Energy to varying degrees, you will receive a dose of the Diamond Energy Transmission anytime you visit the Diamond Christ Alignment website ... whether you're there to read Diamond writings or to experience the power and beauty of any of the Diamond audio and graphics. This is a gentle way to increase your receptivity and sensitivity to the Diamond Energy Flow and to enhance the effects of the more powerful Diamond Energy Transmission through the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation.

When you first receive the Diamond Energy Transmission, you will have a heightened awareness of the Diamond Energy Flow in your life. Over time, as you become accustomed to living at this higher frequency, your awareness of this Energy will feel more normal. Remember that you are always free to increase the flow of Diamond Energy by doing the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation more often ... even several times a day.

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