An Oasis for Starseed Lightworkers

As a pioneer in Spiritual Energy Transformation techniques for the 21st century, Diamond Christ Alignment is a Sacred Technology that makes immediate contact and connection with the unlimited flow of cosmic energy, raising your vibration in an effortless and enjoyable online energy experience. When you come to this site to align with higher consciousness, you enter an exquisite oasis ... a pristine high-energy field with only crystalline Diamond Energy, transmitted to me from the Higher Planes over many years, and now being transmitted world-wide via the Internet, through the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation.

The Benevolent Power of Diamond Christ Alignment in Your Life
The Diamond Energy being transmitted in the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is the purest and highest frequency Energy I KNOW – making it extremely effective and efficient at chakra healing, chakra balancing, raising your frequency and bringing you into Spiritual Alignment quickly. When you open to receiving its transmission, you can expect to:

  • Raise your vibration in 6 minutes
  • Have the space held for you and your work ... by me and the worldwide Diamond Energy grid
  • Strengthen your ability to hold your frequency in the density of the horizontal world
  • Enjoy the material world while expressing your Spiritual Consciousness and Spiritual Freedom
  • Enjoy your Spiritual Wealth without giving up the enjoyment and freedom of material wealth
  • Stay in vibrational alignment with your Spiritual Path
  • Transmute lower vibration energy into Creative/Spiritual Healing Energy
  • Return to your own frequency quickly, powerfully and conveniently, whenever you feel "off"
  • Raise your consciousness and increase your awareness of what is your energy and what is not
  • Release energy that is not yours
  • Integrate the higher frequencies that are entering the Planet into your physical body gracefully
  • Give your body, mind and Spirit respite and renewal from the stress of constant service
  • Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation ... without effort
  • Stimulate unspeakable Joy and Aliveness
  • Progress to your next vibrational levels with support
  • Align you with your intuition and Inner Guidance
  • Experience Spiritual Cleansing
  • Accelerate peak performance
  • Enjoy excellent sleep
  • Have a haven whenever you need it
"It felt as if I was being activated. In the beginning I thought I could see the face of God. I sensed through this experience that I was being reminded of "home". In it's simplicity I am reminded that I am one with pure energy. I look forward to witnessing the possibilities of what will unfold within my life using Diamond Christ Alignment. Blessings "
Michele, USA

Awakening your Divine Potential and Unspeakable Joy
Diamond Christ Alignment's Anxiety Relaxing Techniques are especially powerful in delivering a spiritual cleansing that overcomes anxiety and depression (which many Lightworkers experience due to not being received in this world) and amplifies the awakening of your Divine Potential so that you may fulfill your Sacred Contracts ... with unspeakable Joy.

In this "live" Spiritual Energy transmission, among many other things, I am holding a very large space for everyone who connects to the Diamond Portal, especially all of you Starseed Leaders, Lightworkers, Teachers and Energy Healers, on the frontlines of healing/raising Consciousness/raising vibration. Being vibrationally held by me in the Diamond Energy Field and the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid will strengthen your ability to hold the high-frequency vibration of your Spiritual Alignment ... in the density of the world as you do the work you came to do and fulfill your purpose ... with Joy, Grace and Ease. In your daily 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment, you will quickly release the energy that is not yours and stay on target with your Soul's mission and Vision while fully engaging in the physical world.

"Right after the DA, I experienced a kind of energy phenomena ... I experienced the body's cells lightening up and the whole body is buzzing and tingling and expanding. The body feels much bigger, like a giant's."
Gabriel, Sweden

"Every single cell in my body was tingling. I felt enormous, as big as the whole galaxy... expanded, free, potent and ready to start my day!"
Rhegina, USA

Stay connected with the Passion of your Divine Purpose
Though the Presence of your high vibration on this Planet is your greatest gift ... staying connected with your passion and purpose in a world that often does not "see" you can be very challenging and painful. Each 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation powerfully re-connects and aligns you with the Divine Power Within you and activates your Divine Purpose, which is encoded in your Diamond Blueprint within each cell. Consistently Diamond Aligning each day for just 6 minutes will fuel your conscious KNOWING of who you truly are – and your passion and purpose. With consistency, your vibration will become so strong that the things/people/situations that are not in vibrational alignment with your true Authentic Self and purpose will begin to fall away. People and situations that are in vibrational alignment with your Authentic Self and purpose will be drawn to you.

Keep Your Spiritual Energy Field Clear While the World Is in Major Shake-out
To support you in maintaining the clarity of your high frequency in the density of the world, Diamond Christ Alignment clears your Spiritual energy field and transmutes lower vibration material into Diamond Clarity, inner Wisdom and unspeakable Joy ... restoring you to your natural chi flow in only 6 minutes, effortlessly, right where you are ... whenever you need it ... 24 hours a day.

The world is accelerating more every day. With the vibrational frequency of the Planet increasing, the release of density and the dying old ways is strong. This density is harsh on the very high-vibration Light Beings that you are ... who are serving on the Planet. You need a fast and extremely effective tool that powerfully clears your energy field, transmutes density, raises your vibration and brings you back to your pure Presence/Awareness - your inner Diamond Consciousness. With Diamond Christ Alignment, you have a place to go that can immediately clear your energy and vibrationally re-align you with your mission ... in just 6 minutes.

"I am already aligned, but what DA brings me, is hope, faith, connection, gratitude and perseverance to log into my own space and projects. Thanks for this beautiful gift."

Starseed Lightworkers, Teachers and Energy Healers: Where do You Go to Be Supported? Who Holds You?
As energy healers and teachers, you're holding an incredible space for others in their process of transformation ... often in large, very public, groups which may be at a much lower frequency than you are. Where do you get fueled? Who holds the space for you?

Diamond Christ Alignment provides you with a pristine high-frequency Spiritual Energy field that you can go to 24 hours a day to immediately raise your vibration and be held, supported, rejuvenated, and refueled with the quality of energy you need to hold/support the clients/audiences you are serving ...

Having the energetic support of being vibrationally held by me, the Diamond Energy Transmission and the world-wide Diamond Energy Grid help you to hold your intentions for yourself and others. Being held in this Diamond vibration will clear what is not in alignment with the highest potential of your Vision and Service.

"Wow, I was blown away at the energy I could feel. I am a pretty grounded person to begin with, but this took it to a whole new level. I felt that all of my chakras were being aligned and recharged. It is a difficult concept to convey, but I felt like everything was being aligned with my higher self. I could actually feel my body pulsating and tingling with this alignment. Also as I was doing this alignment I asked for any clarity that was needed for my growth, things started to shift in my life and the experiences that I have had are bringing me closer to who I want to become. Thank you for this opportunity, I am grateful for this experience and certainly recommend the Diamond Christ Alignment to others who are ready to allow that next higher step into their lives. Beautiful, Awesome, Tantalizing!!!"
G. McCarthy, Monterey, CA
USA Good Vibrations Talk Radio Show

A Spiritual Energy Tool for Your Clients So They Won't Take So Much Out of You...
Diamond Christ Alignment will also powerfully expand one's healing practice. Healers have reported that having their clients align with higher consciousness by doing the 6-minute Diamond Experience before their sessions dramatically enhances the sessions. The heightened awareness that comes from the client's Diamond Experience allows the client to open and therefore receive more from the healing session mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This makes your job much more effortless, expansive and fun! You can take your client further in your work ... faster and safely. If clients choose to stay clear and aligned by doing Diamond Christ Alignment in between sessions, their forward progression with your work soars.

When clients do 6 minutes a day and stay aligned, they will be much more open, receptive and able to soar with you in your work and go to their next level, with much less effort on your part.

A high-tech Spiritual Tool for Spiritual Warriors/Planetary Leaders
As a global leader in raising consciousness on this Planet, your accelerated schedules can make it difficult to find the time to do your normal practices that give you the high-frequency Spiritual Energy support that you require physically, mentally and spiritually to stay clear, feel good and fulfill your mission. Daily hour and a half sessions for Yoga and meditation, practices required to hold your frequency in these times when the "old" is dying off, may be a luxury of the past or at least not done consistently because of time constraints. At this time on the Planet when everything is accelerated at all levels (and this acceleration is only likely to increase) ... the high sensitivity of Lightworkers requires extremely effective, fast, convenient ways to align with higher consciousness, and transmute the toxicity and density that you are dealing with – within your own body and all around the globe.

Diamond Christ Alignment offers a fast, powerful, and convenient Tool to access your Diamond Consciousness. This Sacred Technology has been developed specifically to support you Lightworkers and Planetary Leaders ... offering a pristinely clear high-frequency Spiritual Energy field as your Oasis to hold you in your Spiritual Alignment and keep your vibration strong and aligned. It is always there for you 24 hours a day ... right where you are. All you need is high-speed Internet and a pair of headphones.

"I am so very ecstatic about my experience! I am vibrating at such a high level! I am an 8th dimensional being and I am finally being fed. Thank you so very much!"
Amy, USA

Find Inner Peace and Joy in your online Diamond "HOME"
The feeling of coming "HOME" is very strong with Diamond Christ Alignment. The high vibration of the transcendent 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation feels like "HOME" to Lightworkers ... enabling you to align with higher consciousness, find inner peace and joy deep inside ... empowering you to stay open and strong in the harshness of the world. The Diamond Community on Facebook (where Diamond Fans from all over the world are interacting with me and each other daily) also offers a great feeling of "HOME" in an international community, with other high-vibration Beings.

"DA helps me to RE-MEMBER that I AM a Way-shower and stay attuned to our great and joyful missions here on bringing Unity for ALL ... Love and Grace to you all."

Support for Your Soul's Forward Progression
As Lightworkers, our evolution is about attaining higher and higher levels of mastery in maintaining our frequency, as we are constantly called into greater service. For example, as we attain mastery in holding our frequency in smaller groups, our Soul moves us into a larger arena. Holding our frequency in different challenges is like weight training for energy healers and high vibration Beings. The more we can maintain the Power of our JOY and Presence ... the greater our capacity to Serve.

Working consistently in the Diamond with just 6 minutes a day ... amplifies and dramatically strengthens your ability to not only maintain your frequency, but continuously raise your vibration ... so that you can do your work from the power of your Joy.

"Today, the second day, I am experiencing a new level of relaxation. Being a Type A personality has it's drawbacks, as I am always striving for something out of reach and using sheer willpower to drive myself forward. Couple that with being an energy healer, and it combines into trying to heal with force. This brings a level of pressure and stress into life that simply does not need to be there. We know that healing can flow much more powerfully without the ego mind and willpower involved at such a high level. Soooo, I'm feeling incredibly relaxed and in the flow and in the moment today - at a level I haven't felt since I was a child (and I'm fifty now). What a relief! How in the world do you enable us to feel this so quickly! Thank you with all my heart!"
D.E.U., California

"Your site is beautiful. My experience of the Diamond Christ Alignment was beautiful. I feel very relaxed. During the Diamond Christ Alignment, I felt I was connecting with the highest energies available to me. The most pristine energies of Creation. It has been my intent to activate the highest potentials within me. I felt I was assisted in that intention through this experience. I feel the purity of your Service. Thank you. Namaste"
Lisa, USA

Starseed Indigos and Crystals: Find Inner Peace and Spiritual Fulfillment
Indigo children, Crystals and Starseeds, who are, in general, very high vibrational beings, are often misunderstood by society, and labeled with conditions that do not reflect the truth of who they are, such as ADD, bi-polar, etc. The crystal clear Diamond energy, transmitted by the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, releases these inaccurate projections from others and the lower frequency toxic overlay that Indigos often pick up in our world. Daily Diamond Christ Alignments deliver uniquely powerful Spiritual Energy support for Indigo kids and parents, helping them feel safe in this physical world and empowering them to fulfill their mission on this Earth.

When Indigo crystal children vibrationally vibrationally align with higher consciousness ... their Authentic Self ... in the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, their bright and active minds become clear and focused. Their nervous systems are soothed and calmed. They find inner peace. The Diamond also activates the Indigos' ability to receive their own clear inner guidance. When Indigo children are vibrationally aligned with their inner wisdom and knowing, they are brilliant, light-filled beings who are the teachers and healers of the families and communities who are unable to see them. They carry a quiet Inner Knowing that they are here with a Divine Purpose. The clamor of the world around them often clouds this Inner Knowing and causes anger, stress, anxiety and depression.

Connecting with their Higher Consciousness 6 minutes a day in the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation online, helps them in overcoming depression and overcoming anxiety ... and releases the search for quick relief in distractions and addictions that often compromise their clarity and purpose. A $30 per-month subscription for Unlimited Access to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is an extremely effective way to reduce the hidden costs of relationship issues, dis-ease, expensive prescriptions and more.

Since there are no complicated Anxiety Relaxation Techniques to practice and master, no need to learn how to meditate, no CDs or books, and no background, special training or belief required, Indigo children and their parents, can immediately receive the benefits of Diamond Christ Alignment easily and effortlessly ... anytime they need to: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere they have online access.

"After a day of meditation and release, this wonderful gift has given me inner peace and some mental composure. My 13 year old son recognized an immediate change within me!! With much Gratitude and Appreciation."
Susan van der Rassel

"My 11 year old daughter Cori did this session. The following was her experience...I felt as if there was nothing around me. It was just my inner self, I never thought I could experience something so intense. I felt so relaxed and calm, it was amazing!"
Stepheny, USA

Enjoy true Wealth of Being: SPIRITUAL WEALTH WITH MATERIAL WEALTH for you as you serve others
Many Lightworkers have dedicated their lives to their Spiritual Energy work and live with the tension and struggle of financial strain. It is time that you live in full Wealth of Being ... freedom and wealth at all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Diamond Christ Alignment is excellent for those who desire both Spiritual and material wealth. The Diamond Energy carries the vibration of inner Spiritual Wealth and outer Material wealth as ONE – there is no separation. This is not a mental process. It is vibrational. When you say "Yes" to Diamond Christ Alignment, you receive a direct transmission of this vibration. In time, you will naturally begin to live in congruency ... with your financial freedom reflecting your Spiritual Alignment and Freedom ... no longer having to choose spiritual wealth at the cost of material well-being or material wealth at the cost of spiritual well-being. It is often this separation between our outer life and our inner world that compromises our ability to be of highest service.

The Diamond formula for a full life includes both the worldly and the Divine ... an abundant life that includes radiant health, well-being and living well ... while enjoying the Magic of the Sacred in every arena of our lives. In the world of Diamond Christ Alignment, this integration is called Diamond Wealth of Being. In Diamond Wealth of Being, we experience wealth from the inside-out.

Self-Care: Replenishing Your Energy and Feeling Joy in the Body
After my collapse and subsequent Spiritual Awakening in 1987, I realized the cost of being true to everyone and everything else in the name of love, except my own soul. My Life-force was severely depleted and I was heading for disease and depression had I not woken up to what was happening. I see this also happening to many other Lightworkers who are constantly giving out their loving energy in service to others without taking the time to replenish their own energy stores.

Diamond Christ Alignment is an exquisite oasis where you can release the stress of the world ... a replenishing station for world-weary Spiritual Warriors who need to quickly drop in to renew their spirits, regenerate their bodies and realign with the Power of their Joy. This re-fueling will allow you to continually demonstrate the physical, mental and emotional strength and vibrancy of Higher Consciousness and empower your work. You will find your work more effective ... with less effort required from you.

The Diamond Energy Transmission transmutes toxicity and re-stores our aliveness and natural radiance more quickly and powerfully than anything I have ever experienced ... without any effort on our part. It is a Divine Spiritual Energy Tool that serves all of us who must work in the public with demanding schedules, as well as the millions who need Divine Intervention to stay vertical in our ever accelerating horizontal world. It's much more Fun to do your work when you are in the Flow of Ecstasy and Joy in your body.

"Immense feeling of light all through my being. Time suddenly did not matter. I am in great peace."
Milagro, USA

"Hummmmmm-- that's my whole body humming! Thank you."
Sheila, USA

"A sense of deep relaxation and joy permeating throughout my body. Thank you."
Rabia, USA

Stay Grounded With the Acceleration of the Vibration on the Planet
Diamond Christ Alignment enables you to anchor and ground the high frequencies you are working with and embodying, safely and comfortably. The Cosmic energy of Mother Earth is as strongly transmitted as the Cosmic Energy of the nonphysical realm.

The Diamond Energy Transmission calms the nervous system, making it much more comfortable to flow high vibration through the body and allows us to sleep more peacefully and feel great! (Feeling the flow of grounded Joy in the body feels like being in Hawaii.)

"Wow! A Great experience! I could feel all my chakras pulsing in alignment. I felt very grounded during the experience and still feel grounded. My root chakra is highly amplified and my being feels much more solid and complete. I feel WHOLE! During the experience, I found my entire body pulsing to the rhythm of my chakras as they came into alignment. Brilliant work! Much appreciated with gratitude and thanks."
Rob G., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"WOW!!! Visceral, joyful, healing, strengthening, loving. My father just died and I have been struggling so much with it - this is awe-inspiring. The heartbeat of the Universe. I don't know how you did this - but it's the magic of the soul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!!"
Cathy, USA

"I could feel a stronger resonance with my I AM Presence and a grounding of this more tangibly in my body. I feel at peace and more in touch with my heart."
Karen, USA

Diamond Christ Alignment and the 2012 Prophecy
Join us in exponentially accelerating the GLOBAL Shift in Consciousness to Inner Awakening and the Power of JOY

With the profound quantum leap we made in the collective consciousness from the 2012 Galactic Alignment, the vibrational acceleration is still being felt by all. Diamond Christ Alignment is designed to help humanity move through the vibrational upgrades with greater ease, grace and Joy. Its Divine Energy Transmission is delivered in a form that millions across the globe can access 24 hours a day with no background or training required. It is simple, convenient, powerful and universal - with positive results for all ages, races, creeds and cultures. Individuals from 198 countries are tapping into the Diamond Web Portal. As individual Lightworkers around the globe activate their own Diamond Christ Alignment, their individual Light joins the emanation of other Diamond Energy Receivers throughout the world, amplifying and accelerating the global shift in consciousness we need to activate the highest Diamond potential of our world and uplift the human experience.

"This site has expanded my spiritual connection to my inner self. It has brought me to a place within that has evoked a sense of deep knowing, wellness, peace and tranquility. These feelings are replacing what was once fear, overwhelm and blocked energy. I live in a more real state of balance with life and all that is within flows from me from a consciousness I always knew was there untapped. Life's craziness has been elevated from my flow and I live in the present as I was meant to! No longer am I lost or alone or afraid as I live freely with gratitude and appreciation for all that has been coming that I was blocking."
Joy, Canada

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