Diamond Beauty and Unspeakable Joy

Diamond Beauty is the natural radiance and peacefulness that emanate from you when your cells vibrate with the unspeakable Joy and diamond clarity transmitted by the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. This inner vibration and chi flow is what I call the experience of (capital "B") Beauty ... beauty experienced from the inside out. It can be experienced with only 6 minutes a day.

Our fast-paced demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously connect and align with our Inner Wisdom and Power, leaving us few options for truly overcoming stress and depression ... and overloaded with toxins that mask our true Inner Beauty, Peace and Joy. In only 6 minutes a day, the transcendent online energy experience of Diamond Christ Alignment delivers high-frequency energy to your cells that releases the lower frequency energy, associated with stress, and activates the higher vibration Diamond qualities of Inner Joy, Peace, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom, Grace, Ease and Wealth of Being within you.

"Right after the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, I experienced a kind of energy phenomenon... I experienced the body's cells lightening up and the whole body buzzing and tingling and expanding."
Gabriel, Sweden

Decontaminate and Release Environmental Toxins Daily
In our increasingly stressful world, the toxic overlay (dense or lower frequency energy) of environmental toxins and energetic pollution can visibly dim our beauty ... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The effect of this toxicity begins at the cellular (energetic) level where all disease occurs before it ever manifests physically. It is also at this energetic level where healing can begin. We need a way to decontaminate and release toxins on a daily basis in order to maintain the vibrant health and well-being that makes the radiance of our internal beauty externally visible.

Studies have shown that high-frequency vibration in the body is directly linked to greater health and well-being. The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation keeps you charged with the high vibration of unspeakable Joy, which has the ability to alchemically transform lower vibration feelings into Diamond Beauty qualities. This transformation empowers you in overcoming stress, overcoming anxiety and depression. The high-frequency vibration of Joy clears confusion and doubt and allays fear and worry.

The Diamond Energy is experienced as a more refined energy current running through your body as it clears toxicity and rejuvenates the cells. Once activated by the Diamond Transmission, this current or dynamic chi flow shows up as gracefulness, fluidity and natural radiance. We feel juicy and succulent and more open to ecstatic experiences of Joy in the Body ... more energized, alive, vibrant, free and balanced. In this higher vibration, rather than pushing our bodies to perform, taking it for granted or obsessing about our appearance, we begin to see our body for the miracle that it is, experience the unspeakable Joy of our own energy and demonstrate our appreciation with our attention, loving care and awareness.

"From outer chaos and noise to inner peace and quiet...in 6 minutes, I'm totally re-centered and carry this good feeling for days afterwards. I love it!"
Vicky, USA

Benefits of Diamond Christ Alignment
The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is a deeply relaxing, effortless, convenient yet profound process that...

  • Breaks down the toxic overlay that dims your beauty ... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (Diamond microdermabrasion)
  • Detoxes your cells
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Empowers you in overcoming depression naturally
  • Relaxes and clears your mind
  • Feeds your cells high-frequency crystal clear Diamond Energy
  • Stimulates the Diamond Beauty qualities of Inner Joy, Peacefulness, Clarity, Fun, Freedom, Grace, Ease and Wealth of Being
  • Keeps your energy high and positive throughout the day
  • Improves sleep quality naturally
  • Empowers you to live in radiant health with Joy in your body
"Every single cell in my body was tingling. I felt enormous, as big as the whole galaxy... expanded, free, potent and ready to start my day!"
Rhegina, USA

Diamond Christ Alignment helps us integrate the physical and Spiritual as One. As we become happier, more positive, calm, and relaxed through Diamond Christ Alignment, this harmonious state creates a more comfortable dwelling place for the very high frequency of our Spirit and our embodiment of unspeakable Joy. This union of Spirit and Joy in the body triggers the experience of Diamond Beauty.

Consistency is the Key to Diamond Beauty
My unequivocal "YES" to Alignment with the Divine Power or Diamond Self Within and my openness to receiving the high-frequency Diamond Energy Transmission into my cells daily stimulates the light and beauty of my Diamond Consciousness to shine from within. I believe that this unspeakable Joy and Diamond Beauty can be experienced at any age by raising the vibrational frequency of the cells through the intimate and wordless phenomenon of Diamond Christ Alignment. The Diamond Energy Flow is now available online for women and men who are ready to say "Yes" to their highest Beauty and Power.

May you be filled with Diamond Joy and Beauty

Jacqueline Joy
Founder, Diamond Christ Alignment

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