DIAMOND SERVICES Diamond Services enhance and support your Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy.
Diamondization for your Travels
US $176.00
Sale: $88
One Diamondization
per Roundtrip

Jacqueline Joy's "Diamondization for your Travels" is a powerful laser-targeted Transmission that Diamondizes all aspects of your "Departure and Return" travel experience with Multidimensional Diamond Christ Joy, Protection and Comfort.

In these "often-crazy" times of challenging travel, whether traveling by car, plane, train or boat, vibrationally receiving a "Travel Diamondization" means you can now travel with Multidimensional Diamond Christ Protection and Comfort ... FREE of worry, concern, anxiety, fear — i.e. of flying, of airports, safety, plane maintenance, air contamination, toxicity of fumes, schedule disruption, weather, loss of baggage, loss of time, of discomfort, etc.

Every detail of your Round Trip Travel (to and from your destination) will be Diamondized ... your preparation for travel, your flights, the airplane(s)/airports, the airline crews, the air in the airplane(s) and your seat, your luggage, the scheduling, the weather, etc. (and the same for your Return travels).

If you would like your journey between Departure and Return to also be covered by a Travel Diamondization, you will need to purchase another separate Diamondization. Please write Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com if you have questions.

NOTE: Whether you are traveling by plane, boat, train or car, the full Diamondization description applies.

Jacqueline Joy's Diamondization does the work for you! Your YES activates this Laser-Targeted Transmission without your having to 'do' a thing, except RECEIVE!!!

Experience Extraordinary, Delicious Relief while Traveling in Diamond Style ... with Multidimensional Royal Elegance!!

Relief for your Body
Relief for your Mind
Relief for your Spirit

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Personal Diamond Christ Body/Energy Field Clearing
US $300.00

WHAT A TIME WE ARE IN!!!!!! The last 12 months have been an unprecedented year of releasing/revealing the darkest anti-life activity that has been active on the Planet underground for a very long time. Old systems (collective and personal) are crashing ... Floods & fires are rampant. The old is dying ... clearing. Fear and anxiety are pervading the Planet. What's coming is UNKNOWN. It's hard at times like this to stay on top of the Tsunami Wave - and REMEMBER that it is the Christ Vibration that is illuminating what is out of Alignment with the Creator's Blueprint ... and bringing the Divine Intervention for a New Diamond Christ-Aligned World!

It is a time of enormous HOPE & PROMISE!

However, there is no escaping. We must go through this change ... personally and collectively! The only way OUT is THROUGH. Break down precedes BREAKTHROUGH!


You WILL stay on top of this Tsunami Wave of Non-negotiable Change With Diamond Grace and Elegance by taking STRONG action to Clear out accumulated density and toxicity of all that is dying and releasing within and around you ... with the Meticulous, Microscopic Diamond Christ Clearing that will make your cells and your Energy Field sparkle ... and amplify your Alignment with the Divine! (Strongly suggested twice a year!)

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Diamond Christ 3-Day Reboot - with Jacqueline Joy (MP3)
US $444.00

Diamond Christ Reboot - with Jacqueline Joy
3-Day Intensive

Be HELD 24/7 for 3 days in the powerful Diamond Christ Field, specifically created and stewarded by Jacqueline Joy... for you to Receive High-Vibration Rebooting / Recharging / Regenerating / Renewing / Activating / Expanding your Body-Mind with NEW Diamond Christ Frequencies:

  • Diamond Christ Self-Awareness
  • Diamond Christ Individuality
  • Diamond Christ Eccentricity
  • Diamond Christ Discretion
  • Diamond Christ Respect
  • Diamond Christ Trust in the Unknown
  • Diamond Christ Fierceness - 3D Street Savvy
  • Diamond Christ Graciousness
  • Diamond Christ Sovereignty

This 3-Day Diamond Christ Intensive will:

  • STRENGTHEN your Mastery of staying on top of the Tsunami Wave of Non-negotiable personal and collective change ... with Diamond Christ Grace and Elegance!!!
  • UPLEVEL YOUR ABILITY to navigate in the 3D horizontal world from the Power of Multidimensional Vertical Diamond Christ Alignment, Consciousness and Joy!
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR KNOWING that we are in a time of enormous hope and promise!
  • RESTORE THE POWER of your Diamond Christ JOY!
  • HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS addressed by Jacqueline Joy!
  • INVIGORATE YOUR UNEQUIVOCAL YES to anchoring the Divine Intervention that IS "at work" ... creating a New Diamond Christ-Aligned World!
  • ALLOW YOU TO VISCERALLY EXPERIENCE the strong, ongoing vibrational upgrades of the Diamond Christ Grid that Jacqueline Joy is working with!
  • POTENTIATE THE POWER, MASTERY AND JOY of our collective "Unequivocal YES" ... to staying UNITED, CLEAR and STRONG ... on top of the Wave ... Bringing in the New, New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World ... together!!!!!

All Diamond Transmissions are delivered Multidimensionally, beyond the limitations of time and space. Receiving the "Diamond Christ Reboot", at your convenience via recording, is just as effective as being on the LIVE call and you will receive the same powerful results.

Premium Diamond Connection Subscription
Personal Diamond Christ Body/Energy Field Clearing

Diamond Christ Clearing Transmissions
Price US $300
SALE: $150

Price US $400

Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Christ Clearing activates a deep cleaning of low-vibrational energies that have accumulated in your home and/or office/space ... energy that has been "left behind" from ourselves, our families, our friends, our loved ones, and even those who work in our homes ... as we are ALL "releasing" strongly from the tremendous CORE shifts that are occurring, as the old Foundation and Infrastructures on Earth are crumbling beneath our feet ... and the NEW World is birthing!

Periodic Diamond Christ Clearings are imperative to keep our environments VIBRATIONALLY CLEAR of these low-frequency energies of doubt, fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, disheartenment, resistance, depression, deception, disillusionment and so much more. To BE the BUILDERS of our New, New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World, we must be supported and HELD!!!

Keep the Energy Field of your Home Crystalline Clear so that your Home holds you and your loved ones in the high frequencies of Diamond Christ Consciousness, Power and Joy!!!

*** The Diamond Christ Home & Property Installation is highly recommended.

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Diamondizations by Jacqueline Joy
US $600.00 per Diamondization

These advanced remote Diamond Clearings & Activations are done for you privately by Spiritual Leader and Advisor Jacqueline Joy. This Diamondization Service is a very intense, high-level Diamond Energy Transmission in which she works alone in a highly advanced vibrational field of Diamond Consciousness to intercede on your behalf. This laser level of intervention is for an individual who desires to focus on taking a quantum leap in their evolution and/or to experience a dramatic breakthrough in a specific arena of their life.

Each Diamondization includes 30 days of 24/7 flow of the high-frequency Diamond Energy to support the specific manifestations of your desire. Jacqueline Joy uses state-of-the-art energy technologies that she has mastered over the last 20 years to serve you in the Multidimensional Field of Diamond Consciousness.

Each Diamondization is $600. More than one Diamondization may be necessary to bring your desire to its highest Diamond Manifestation.

The Initial Diamondization:
A global Diamondization is done for the general issue. Jacqueline Joy intervenes on your behalf in the multi-dimensional Diamond Energy field ... using this Sacred Technology to activate Diamond Consciousness in the situation, raise the frequency of the situation, and bring the issue into vibrational alignment with its Highest Diamond Potential and/or Resolution. This transmission expands your perspective and empowers you to maintain your alignment with your Diamond Consciousness in the situation.

Follow up Diamondizations:
After the initial Diamondization, you will start to experience the effects of the Diamondization working in your daily life. Following up with more specific targeted Diamondizations that focus on the finer details will accelerate your clearings with grace and ease and the highest manifestation of your issue.

After making your purchase, please submit your request to Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com and your date of Diamondization will be scheduled.

See magenta box below for more information on Diamondizations.

Jacqueline Joy's Energy Clearings and Transmissions:

  • Clear all thought-forms, patterns, programs, imprinting and conditioning that aren't vibrationally aligned with who you truly are
  • Clear away interference from all time, all space, all dimensions, all levels, all planes around the desired topic
  • Clear away energy blocks/coagulated energy in physical, emotional, mental bodies around the desired topic
  • Clear low-frequency energies of the trance (individual trance and collective trance) around the desired topic
  • Clear the energy field of your body/mind, relationships, family, home and workplace around the desired topic
  • Restore you to your own true high vibration

After the above is complete, Jacqueline Joy uses her mastery to activate the highest possible Diamond Resolution in the area where you desire intervention and/or manifestation in the physical world.

Private Diamond Christ Alignment Activations
"LIVE" Diamond Christ Alignment Activations via telephone with Jacqueline Joy
Single Session
US $400.00

In "LIVE" one-to-one 45-minute session, you will be transported into the exquisite Diamond Energy field while Jacqueline Joy activates the benevolent power of the Diamond Technology for the highest manifestation of your intention. You will be cellularly regenerated, as you and your intention are filled with Diamond Joy, Equanimity and Clarity. Please send your intention to Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com.