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DIAMOND SERVICES Diamond Services enhance and support your Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy.


The "Diamondization for Travel" brings every aspect of your travels into vibrational alignment with Multidimensional Diamond Christ Joy, Protection and Comfort. You will:

  • Relax, Enjoy, Feel Calm and Experience DIAMOND RELIEF at every level - mentally, emotionally and physically!
  • Travel with Diamond Safety, Health and Well Being!
  • Experience Extraordinary, Delicious Relief while Traveling in Diamond Style ... with Multidimensional Royal Elegance!!!

Note: Especially Amazing RELIEF for energy sensitive travelers who pick up on the energies of others in crowded airports, planes, trains, buses, highway traffic ...

Jacqueline Joy's Diamondization for your Travels will:

  • HOLD your Body, Mind and Spirit in Diamond Christ Alignment while traveling
  • ACTIVATE the Diamond's Decontamination Power for your trip to clear out and clean out all fumes and toxicity from airports, airplanes, car exhaust, train stations, other travelers, etc.
  • CREATE High vibration Diamond Clarity in the cabin of your plane/train/car
  • KEEP you in the Crystal Clear High Vibrational Field of the Diamond the entire duration of your travels (from home to destination, and back home)
  • BRING the High vibration Diamond Energy Field to the airport(s)/station(s)
  • KEEP you calm, relaxed and enjoying your travels
  • ELEVATE your service experience to Diamond Service - Be treated like Royalty
    (You'll never experience such friendliness, kindness and willingness to help you)
  • ACTIVATE Diamond resolution if problems arise - quickly and with great service from service providers
  • CAUSE Doors/Diamond Opportunities to open magically - E.g., Upgrades in tickets, extra great seats, etc.
  • TRANSFORM your experience with taxis/buses/transportation to one of Safety, Health & Well Being
  • PROTECT your Baggage - For safe delivery of luggage - intact and on time
  • DIAMOND ALIGN your schedule
  • TRANSFORM weather conditions for safe travel
  • ACTIVATE your airplane/car/train for Diamond Safety... bringing maintenance to its highest Diamond Blueprint
  • PROVIDE high-frequency Diamond support for the airplane captain and crew - so their Higher Diamond Selves do the flying and serving
  • DIAMOND CUSHION your body for protection from bruising, etc.
  • DIAMOND ALIGN your body to PREVENT falls, pulling your back out with luggage, etc.
  • DIAMONDIZE your own seat with Diamond Quality air
  • STABILIZE Turbulence - Enjoy the Stabilizing power of the Diamond
  • DELIVER you to your destination in "Diamond Time" — Experiencing the Multidimensional phenomenon of "no time" ... with hours of traveling feeling much shorter
  • ALLOW you to be of DIAMOND SERVICE: Offer Diamond Comfort to crying babies around you ... Just send your Heart's desire to help them and the High frequency will emanate to them and soothe them from the emanation of your Diamond Field
  • UPLIFT people and the environment with your Diamond Emanation ... Watch the world change around you.

HOW IT WORKS Since the Diamondization has already been established by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level in the Diamond Energy Grid, when you purchase Jacqueline Joy's "laser-targeted" Diamondization for your Travels, the Diamond Grid immediately begins to download the vibration of the Diamondization directly to your Consciousness and your travels. (After your purchase, you will receive our instructions to send us your itinerary with travel details.)

There's nothing else for you to do until you are consciously ready to receive your Diamondization by following the "Receiving" instructions included with your purchase.

(Note: The Diamondization Transmission is not received via recording or a LIVE group Transmission ... rather it is to be received vibrationally in the Diamond Energy Field, by following the instructions provided.)

The Diamond Energy is not bound by linear time and space. It works at the Multidimensional level of Diamond Christ Consciousness, in response to your choice to receive it.

Price: $176 Add to Cart
One Diamondization per Roundtrip

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