January 11, 2010

To all of our Diamond Christ Alignment World Activation participants -
Congratulations and deep Gratitude to all of you for answering the Call to join me in igniting Diamond Consciousness in our world. Over 10,000 of you from 144 countries said "YES" throughout the last 22 days, and anchored Diamond Light and Alignment into your own lives and across the Planet through the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. This grand collaboration was a stunning success. Your YES has flooded the Planet with the Cosmic Energy of Love, as Diamond Light and Alignment has emanated from you to your friends, families, work places and communities. I hope you can FEEL the Sacred Magic as I do.

Diamond Consciousness is building momentum, and it could not have happened without the amazing enthusiasm of your "YES" that spread the word to over 43,000 visitors.

Continuing the Momentum
From over 500 emails a day coming through our system throughout this celebration, I know that you all have felt the Power and Magic of the Diamond Energy in your lives.

I invite you now to join me in fully engaging with the Diamond Energy by formally connecting to the official worldwide Diamond Grid, in a two-way energy flow, through our monthly subscription program. This premium monthly connection to the Diamond Grid enables you to receive an uninterrupted flow of the Diamond Energy into your life, 24/7, and to contribute dramatically to the expansion of Diamond Consciousness, individually and collectively, in a most graceful, convenient and cost effective way ... as you have already experienced. Just think of the impact of continued momentum in the coming months and years.

Like the Internet has facilitated the expansion of information and change in our world exponentially, and faster than anything else in history, the Sacred Technology of Diamond Christ Alignment is designed to facilitate the fastest exponential expansion of Diamond Consciousness and change in our world, individually and collectively ... with grace and ease. Your monthly connection ($30 per month) can be likened to your high-speed connection to the Internet's Grid.

What you will receive with the premium monthly connection

  • A powerful Energy Field Clearing that precedes each 6-minute Diamond Activation
  • The Diamond Energy will flow to you 24 hours a day. (The Energy will work on you 24/7 ... way beyond the 6-minute Experience.)
  • Your highest Diamond potential will be held in the Diamond Grid, 24/7, by me.
  • You will have direct monthly contact with me in Group Diamond Activations, and Q & A Calls FREE of charge (an added $60 value)
  • Your questions, submitted after the 6-minute Activation, will be answered by me and my Team - which will enhance and expand your experience and understanding of the Diamond Energy.
  • You will receive newest upgrades in the ever-evolving development of the Diamond Technology
  • Your monthly subscription to the 6-minute Activation can be shared by your family/loved ones, at no extra charge.

SIGN UP NOW and keep the Diamond Energy's momentum and flow in your life. Your daily participation (2 times a day is optimum) amplifies the power of the Diamond Energy in your life and in our world.
(Connections with less engagement are available too ... as you will see.)

Diamond Christ Alignment cannot do what it is designed to do alone.
This Sacred Technology and I need your "YES" to physically partner with It by receiving Its Divine Intervention AND financially expressing respect and gratitude for Its grace ... in a two-way flow energy exchange. It is only with this level of conscious partnering and collaboration that we can together accelerate the highest Diamond potential of our world and uplift the human experience globally.

While I SEE that you are all empowered and abundant Beings, who will be able to afford $30 per month when the desire is there ... I am also very aware of the world's financial contraction. As promised, the Diamond Team and I are implementing a new "Scholarship" Program to ensure that no one is left behind because of temporary financial duress. This program will be very easy to enter with no questions asked. The only thing I ask is that you be in 2-way energy exchange with the Diamond Energy in other ways (e.g., wildly spreading the news of Diamond Christ Alignment's benevolent power in your life across your networks).

This Program will be available as soon as the design and build by our Technical Team is complete. (hopefully in the next 10 days).

With great respect and all my Heart, I celebrate the "YES" you have already demonstrated to expanding Diamond Consciousness in yourself and in the world. The vibration of Diamond Joy in these last 22 days has been exploding.

I look forward to continuing our Grand Diamond Collaboration.

"See" you in the Diamond Energy field -

Jacqueline Joy

P.S. If you are still wondering why it is necessary to come into 2-way energy exchange with Diamond Christ Alignment, please see WHY pay for a Spiritual Technology and Diamond Christ Alignment and the Law of Attraction.