Diamond Christ Alignment And The Law Of Attraction
What I have discovered along my Spiritual journey is that it is only when I am consciously Connected and Aligned with the vibration of the Universal Energy first that the manifestation of everything I need occurs beyond my wildest dreams. This Alignment is the Key in the Law of Attraction.

From my perspective, when body, mind and Soul are aligned, when we are Vertically Aligned with our Soul we are aligned with the flow of Universal Energy and it is this Flow that fuels the manifestation of our intentions. In this Alignment, our perspective is expansive and we experience connection with ourselves, others and the Universe. We are more relaxed, receptive and able to hear our Soul's guidance and we naturally attract that which is in alignment with our Highest Possibility. When we fall out of this alignment, we experience disconnection from ourselves and others, and our perspective becomes limited. In this disconnected state, we do not manifest as we would like OR if we manifest, it does not bring us true fulfillment because what we are intentioning is not in Alignment with our Soul.

Diamond Energy Activation Aligns Us with the Universal Flow
The Law of Attraction has ignited millions to own their co-creative power. However many report that two issues limit their ability to apply this Law fully: Staying Aligned with the Divine Power (what I call the Diamond Self Within), and being able to "Relax and Allow" so they could receive what they intentioned. Both of these things are enormously challenging to do, in this fast-paced demanding world. I, too, found that being able to stay Connected and Aligned in the fire of my own life and learning to open, allow and receive ... required something more. On my "dark night of the Soul" which ignited my Spiritual journey, I Called for Divine Intervention to help me maintain this aligned state. Diamond Christ Alignment is the answer to my Call for this Divine Intervention, not only for me, but for all those who want to stay Connected and Aligned with the Power of the Universe effortlessly while fully engaging in our everyday lives.

Diamond Christ Alignment activates Connection and Alignment with the Universal Power at work behind the Sacred Law of Attraction through a revolutionary online Diamond Energy Activation: The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. Delivering a transmission of high-frequency Universal or Spiritual Energy (unprecedented on the Internet), the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation clears the mind, relaxes the body, creates a sense of Inner Peace and raises one's energy vibration to a higher level ... in only 6 minutes. It is in this state of Inner Vertical Alignment and Higher Diamond Vibration that one has the Power to magnetize what is needed to fulfill their Highest Diamond Potential in every arena of life ... mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and materially ... without effort.

We can now take the Law of Attraction to the Diamond level ... using this tool 6 minutes a day. When you say "Yes" to receiving the Diamond Energy Activation, you are Aligning with the Energy Vibration of your Highest Possibility and you begin to magnetically attract a flow of Love, Joy, Clarity, Wealth, Fun, Freedom and Creativity into your life and into the lives of those around you. This Wealth of Being is what living in Diamond Consciousness magnetizes in your life. With daily activation, Wealth of Being - increases organically - from the inside out.

Keeping your Diamond Energy Field Clear
We live in a world that is pure energy and as such, we are susceptible to the invisible thoughts, feelings and energies that are circulating around us. This phenomenon has gone largely unnoticed because it is INVISIBLE. These energies can make it difficult to apply the Law of Attraction successfully, because they can lower your energy vibration. When you're in an enormously challenging circumstance, extra daily clearing of the negative energy in your field is extremely important, to stay in the high frequency of your Higher Diamond Consciousness.

To stay clear and in Alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential and the Universal flow, here is an Energy Field Clearing that can be used every morning upon awakening and during the day anytime you feel off:

Energy Field Clearing
The strong focus of your attention when you make this declaration (preferably out loud) gives power to the clearing:

"I order any and all energies, interference, thoughts, feelings, patterns and programming that are not in alignment with my true Divine Being to leave my body, my mind and my Energy field NOW."

Author's Bio: Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Christ Alignment, is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Christ Alignment, A Sacred Technology, offering Diamond Energy Activations online. A spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Christ Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and equanimity and all beings are living in the Diamond Consciousness of their Highest Diamond Potential and Purpose.