11-Day Diamond Journey with Jacqueline Joy
Financial Freedom and Flow - "EXPANDING TO RECEIVE"
MP3 Audio Package

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In these recordings of the original "LIVE" 11-Day Diamond Intensive with Diamond Receivers across the world, Diamond Alignment's Visionary Founder, Jacqueline Joy, delivers groundbreaking Activations and Transmissions targeted to "Break through Financial Fear & Expand Your Capacity to Receive"!

Since the beginning of 2014, fear regarding Financial Flow on the Planet has become epidemic at the same time that a New Multidimensional Energy Configuration of Money is being birthed!!

In order to Receive, Ground and Anchor this NEW Consciousness globally, our individual Consciousness must also expand as Money is being rebirthed, reconfigured and Re-Aligned with True Power ... the Cosmic Energy of Love ... so that the Power of Money is used wisely ... with Conscious Heart and Diamond Integrity.

To consciously Receive the NEW takes courage to stand in the Unknown. It takes Trust in the Infinite Flow of the Universe ... the Cosmic Energy of Love ... the only thing we can truly count on.

Join Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Leaders and Diamond Receivers in this powerful Unified Diamond Aloha Energy Field to open your Multidimensional Receptors and Expand your Capacity to Receive.

The recorded Transmissions of these "LIVE" daily events are just as effective as being on the original "LIVE" conference calls.

11 Days of Diamond Aloha Energy Transmissions that will empower you to:

  • BREAK THROUGH the collective financial fear
  • STAND in the Unknown of Infinite Possibility fearlessly
  • EXPAND your heart, body mind and Spirit to Receive the NEW
  • STRENGTHEN your Trust in the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth - TRUE POWER
  • ALIGN you with Infinite Flow of the Universe
  • RESTORE your Knowing that you are the Creator of your world
  • UNITE with Beings across the world who are an Unequivocal YES to the Joyous Power & Magic of Diamond Aloha Consciousness

This Diamond Intensive includes:

  • (11) MP3 recordings (60 minutes each) of Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Diamond Activations and Transmissions


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2-Payment Plan: $111.00/month