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"Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription Packages
Plug into the Diamond Energy Grid and Activate your Highest Potential!

Special MP3 Audio Gift - "Deepening your 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Experience"

In this MP3 recording, Jacqueline Joy takes you deeper into the meaning of each element of the 6-minute Diamond Activation, which amplifies the effect of the Diamond Energy Transmission in your life.
12-Month Package
Full Payment
Price: $360
50% SALE!!! $180
1-Month Package
Price: $30

6-Month Package
Price: $180
50% SALE!!! $90
12-Month Package
Monthly Payments
Regular Price: $30/mo
50% SALE!!! $15/month
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CONNECT with thousands of others across the Planet on the Worldwide Diamond Christ Energy Grid ...

JOIN with us in using this Sacred Technology to Receive the Divine Interventionthat is melting old 3D infrastructures and fueling the Building of a New, New, New, New, New Multidimensional Diamond Christ World of Infinite Possibility, Freedom and Joy on Earth.

Your "YES" is the only thing necessary to receive high-frequency Diamond Energy Transmissions that deliver this Divine Help to build this New World in your life ... and in our world ... together.

The "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Access to the 6-minute online Diamond Christ Alignment Energy Activation
  • A "Golden Blast" that clears your Energy Field (before the online Activation)
  • Being part of our very powerful Global Community through the Diamond Energy Grid

  • PLUS ...

  • A continuous flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy to support your Highest Potential 24 hours a day
  • A 60-second "On-the-go" Diamond Tool for Clearing your Energy Field & Activating your Diamond Christ Alignment anywhere, anytime ... when you are away from your computer
  • Advanced Remote Diamond Clearings & Transmissions done for you by Jacqueline Joy DAILY
Hook up to the Worldwide Diamond Energy Grid:

  • Raise your vibration and the vibration of our world
  • In 6 minutes ... Experience a deeper connection to God & your Higher Consciousness
  • RELAX and make your life easier, by being supported 24/7 with a Flow of Diamond Energy, via the Grid
  • Play at a higher level in the high-frequency Diamond Christ Energy Field, with 1000s of other Vibrationally Aligned people across the world
"Where 2 or more are gathered in my Name ... there I AM in the midst of them."


  • High speed connection to your Diamond Consciousness
  • Alignment with the Infinite Power of God
  • Activation of your Diamond Christ Blueprint & Purpose
  • A pristine haven for daily communing with God & your Self
  • The experience of being HELD, in Trust of God's Will
  • Ongoing release of victimhood, from connection to TRUE Power
  • Freedom from feeling separate and alone
  • Discovery of right relationship with God, Self and others
  • Intimate experience of high frequency energy
  • Freedom from looking to others to find answers
  • Deliverance from worldly human-made structures, dogma & agendas
  • Simple, pure, direct contact with your Creator
  • True Sovereignty

Use 6 minutes TWICE a day for optimum results!
"Consistency is the KEY to significant and lasting changes"

Still Wondering What This Diamond Christ Aloha World is?
  • A world where all are ALIGNED with their Divine Presence and Power Within and the Divine Energy Flow of Heaven and Earth
  • A world Powered by Divine Guidance and Diamond Christ Consciousness and Joy
  • Where all Beings are living in the full Creative Power of their Divine Purpose and the Divine Plan for their lives ... enjoying Diamond Wealth of Being!
  • A World where Vibrationally Aligned people are Playing at a higher level in the high-frequency Diamond Christ Energy Field ... across the world!

You will need the "Photon Flash Player" App to view the 6-minute Diamond Activation (a Flash movie) on your iPhone or Android phone.

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