About the 2014 "Expanding to Receive" Diamond Journey

Michelle R., Ireland

Thank -You, Thank-You, Thank-You for this Sacred Diamond Journey- It is The Answer to All Our Prayers!!! The First Day was So Beautiful as We All Gathered in Answer to the Clarion Call from the Heavens and our Hearts.

Susan C., Ontario, Canada

I'm immensely enjoying my first Diamond Journey!

I am feeling so inspired about having receptors cleaned & cleared & being in the void and the potentialities & unfolding of a new consciousness around money for humanity & the planet. That I get to be a part of all this is so awesome to me!

All I can say is that I want more of this! I know I will be signing up for more Journeys in the future and intend to receive the Diamond Installation soon. I know I am being called in further. It is such a deep, rich experience & I wonder how I am so lucky to come upon this. It is so deeply nourishing, and I feel like a whole new world is opening up to me, which it is - the multidimensional world!

The last few days I have felt a stillness & calm about me. I feel like a big sponge just absorbing all this energy & transmissions & information & ideas. Just wanting to absorb it all & take it in & integrate it all, and just be with it. I have enjoyed every day of the Journey & have had such an enthusiasm & joy for hearing each day's transmission.

Julie A., Hawaii, USA

Thank You for today's transmission. These transmissions and teachings are priceless.

This MA Transmission was one of the most epic Transmissions ever. I wept at the Power of this Transmission. I could feel it in my base chakras, my womb, my heart especially at the end. It is the ALL. EVERYTHING. MA. It is ME. It is US. And the waves at the end - OMG. Mahalo a thousand times over!

Lynn S., Montana, USA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this journey. No words can express the Joy and Excitement and Deep Equanimity, the new Wealth of Being flowing thru me, my body and mind. My HEART overflows with profound GRATITUDE for the Diamond, your leadership and our Diamond Community. Thank you for this Diamond Community. It gives me endless JOY and SUPPORT.

Becca S., Pennsylvania, USA

I so tried for so many years to clear my being with many self help courses, and spent any extra money I had in those ways, begging for help from the universe and our creator, but not really knowing how to ask or what to express in fear of receiving the same tortures, and persecutions of my childhood privately and publicly. So afraid to feel and know my real power and gifts that I somehow knew deep inside me that I was born to share and transmit on mother earth!

These past 8 grateful days of being with your profoundness Jacqueline! And your graciousness of sharing and transmitting to all of us the power of the Diamond... The true and unimaginable help you are offering to us by transmitting the purest and truest help from the MA - Diamond Chamber - Universe, unselfishly and freely for us.

Alison K., Florida, USA

You have been absolutely blessing me with that exquisite attunement you seem to have with what's up in the field, and namely me.

This has been a very rich journey, your transmissions and your energy overall has been much more focused on the preciseness and clarity of this high-vibration that is gentler yet still fierce, at times the silence is SO full of silent electricity that I have found myself really enjoying this journey tremendously.

I would like to continue to allow for your guidance and leadership under your direction of what your team guides you to. Thank you thank you thank you for your focus on the dark goddess and on all that this journey has been. It has been brilliant and perfect!

Celio V., Spain

What an Amazing Journey!! As you know, I have been journeying since two years, and this is the most Powerful, for me.

Due to my previous work with you in the healing of Financial Flow I can say, Yes, Jacqueline, I am ready and prepared for the Manifestation.

At this point all the Fear that I was perceiving before the Journey began has vanished. Not that the external situations have dramatically changed but, Yes they are Improving in a speed that is totally supersonic, in matter of days. I feel balanced, Grounded and with receptors opened.

Zainon S., Singapore

With all of My Heart My Body My Mind and My Soul, Thank You so much for Being You and your Unequivocal YES to the Diamond Vision. I am honored and humbled to be in Your Presence and accepted to be in the Diamond Community.

My Love for The Diamond has grown so much that I could not imagine my life without it.

It has fulfilled my lifelong desire to be of service to others and I simply love to be the Receiver. It means The Whole World to me. I have been experiencing more JOY in my life now and am loving it. Sending you Diamond Love Joy Gratitude and My Unequivocal Yes — Zainon

Janice J., Maryland, USA

I received the Ma Power, and Don't MESS with ME and like many, I WANT MORE MORE MORE!!! That was hands down the best, most glorious, fun, transformative transmission I have received from you.

I thank you for transmitting it and I acknowledge it as a DIVINE GIFT and DIVINE INTERVENTION.

I really appreciate the MAGNETISM and the BOUNDARIES that this power creates. I appreciate being able to be on this journey, receiving the transmissions and being in community with the other diamond journeyers.

Jeffrey M., Florida, USA

With gratitude for your guidance on this journey. I am now prepared to allow my receptor sites to receive more love and abundant flow from the new energy configurations coming into my life from Source /God and the Heavenly Realms ... I give to the Diamond and Allah any patterns, obstacles, or behavior that may appear to be in my way from receiving and stepping into full manifestation of my brilliance with unstoppable passion ....so it is!

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