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What can I expect the first time I do the 6-minute Diamond Experience?

It is normal to go through a process of discovery the first few times you do Diamond Christ Alignment.

First time: This first "trial run" allows the mind to get familiar with a process that is new. Healthy skepticism may occur because the mind can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much this first time.

Second time: When the mind is more familiar with the process, it will allow you to be more present in the moment, with less evaluation and judgment. This presence allows you to experience the vibrational quality of the Diamond Energy being transmitted. This time you may feel the effect that it is having on you more viscerally.

Third time: With the mind now comfortable, you will be able to fully enjoy the 6-minute Experience and come back to your daily life re-aligned, relaxed, re-centered, recharged and replenished.

Is it okay if I close my eyes during the Experience?

The Diamond Energy is being transmitted whether your eyes are opened or closed. Please do whatever is most comfortable for you and trust your experience with Diamond Christ Alignment.

Those without eyesight (or even hearing) receive the transmission just as powerfully.

Just log on ... Relax. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy and be aware of your experience. The Diamond does the rest.

How many times a day should I do the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation?

Doing the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation twice a day is optimum, though once a day is very effective. For those who wish to do it more often, there is no limit to how many times a day you can experience the Activation. Trust your intuition as to how many times a day is best for you.

We certainly recommend that you start your day with the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation to fill your body and mind with high frequency Energy to fuel your day. Also, doing Diamond Christ Alignment before bed can give you a sweet, deeply restful night of sleep.

Consistently doing the Activations daily is the KEY. The results of Diamond Christ Alignment are cumulative.

I had trouble hearing the voice over the background music.

Are you using headphones? The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is designed to be experienced with headphones. This allows you to fully enjoy the multi-sensory effects.

Also, be sure your sound settings are set-up correctly on your computer.

Although the sound and the written words enhance the 6-minute Diamond Activation, the transmission of the Diamond Energy does not depend on either. You may even turn off the sound so that not hearing it well does not become a distraction. Being open to receive the Diamond Energy to align you with your Diamond Consciousness is the most important aspect of the Experience.

Are there any subliminal messages hidden in the Experience?

There are no subliminal or hidden messages in the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. All messages are clearly and openly stated. The auditory and written messages are simply guidance and instruction from the Founder to ensure that the viewer receives the clearest Diamond Energy Transmission.

I wish it would last longer. It seemed much shorter than 6 minutes.

The Experience really is exactly 6 minutes, but may not feel like it because of the potency of the Energy being transmitted which moves you beyond normal space and time.

If you would like to extend your time in the Diamond Energy field at the end of the experience, simply leave your headphones on at the end of the experience, close your eyes and bask in the Energy that you just received for as long as you like.

Is there something I need to do to prepare for the Experience?

There is nothing to learn or do to prepare ... and no special background or training is required with Diamond Christ Alignment.

The only thing that is necessary to receive the most from your Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is your "YES" ... to Align with Diamond Christ Consciousness and your Diamond Consciousness.

Simply relax, sit in a comfortable posture with your feet on the ground, and keep your eyes open if that is comfortable - to be fully present and allow the energy to flow freely through your body. If after you get into the Experience, your eyes want to close ... this is fine too.