The "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription takes your engagement with the Diamond Technology to the next level, and allows you to become an integral part of the Diamond Community, through your connection to the Worldwide Diamond Grid! The "Premium Diamond Connection" is a powerful upgrade in the Diamond Energy ... with the flow of Diamond Energy 24 hours a day to support your life and much more ...

The "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Access to 6-minute online Diamond Activation
  • A "Golden Blast" Energy Field Clearing before the online Activation
  • Connection to Worldwide Diamond Energy Grid (See The Diamond Grid)

  • PLUS ...

  • A continuous flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day
  • A 60-second "On-the-go" Diamond Tool for Clearing your Energy Field & Activating your Diamond Christ Alignment OFFLINE
  • Advanced Remote Diamond Clearings & Transmissions done for you by Jacqueline Joy DAILY

The 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, experienced twice a day, amplifies your ALIGNMENT with your Higher Consciousness, keeps your energy field CLEAR, your vibration HIGH and your energy flow STRONG ... empowering you to stay FREE of the horizontal trance and create Diamond Wealth of Being!



  • Powerfully clears your auric field of toxicity and interference
  • Clears away mental distractions, agitation and fogginess
  • Raises the vibrational rate of your energy at mental, emotional and physical levels

This clearing assures that you are clear and fully present to receive the high-frequency Diamond Energy at the cellular level, and all other levels thereafter. Because everyone who enters the Diamond Energy field receives this clearing, you are assured that you are entering a pristine energy field and are able to open and allow yourself to receive more.

DIRECT CONNECT TO THE WORLDWIDE DIAMOND GRID The Diamond Energy Grid interfaces between the non-Physical and Physical worlds. It is a meticulously designed infrastructure that creates a very high frequency Diamond Energy field. Being a part of this unified field accelerates and amplifies the manifestation of your intentions.

Your support and prayers for the transformation of our world are amplified dramatically when you are part of the Diamond global network. As each of us brings more Light and Alignment to our lives, we join the other Diamond Receivers in the Diamond Grid, accelerating the power of our Diamond Consciousness to uplift the human experience globally.

You will also be collaborating with Jacqueline Joy in the global service that she is dedicated to through the Diamond Grid daily ... making a major contribution to detoxify and raise the frequency of the Planet, "Diamondize" crises around the world, and uplift the human experience.

*When thousands of you consciously choose to connect to the Diamond Grid, manifestation is exponentially accelerated. As we each focus on the same intention within the Diamond Chamber individually, and within the Diamond Grid infrastructure collectively ... the laser power of the Diamond dramatically accelerates the Divine Intervention that we are calling for

CONTINUOUS FLOW OF DIAMOND ENERGY TO SUPPORT YOUR LIFE 24 HOURS A DAY Your daily commitment to the 6-minute Diamond Activation (2 times a day is optimum), and the continuous flow of high-frequency Diamond Energy to you 24 hours a day, will enable you to master your alignment with Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flowing strongly.
All levels of your life will be supported by the benevolent power of the Diamond Energy. Magic and Miracles will occur in your life daily. Note: Diamond Christ Alignment is NOT a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course, and it requires no effort, background or belief on your part. Diamond Christ Alignment IS a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Potential within each of us, allowing us to thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in this increasingly accelerated world.

REMOTE ENERGY WORK BY SPIRITUAL LEADER, JACQUELINE JOY 30 MINUTES PER DAY Jacqueline Joy uses advanced energy technologies that she has mastered over the last 20 years to serve you 30 minutes daily. These powerful energy clearings and transmissions accelerate your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, empowering you to master your Diamond Christ Alignment and experience true Wealth of Being: Wealth enjoyed at all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material. Anyone in the world can receive this powerful energy work, which:

  • Clears thought forms, patterns, programs, imprinting and conditioning that are not vibrationally aligned with who you truly are
  • Clears interference from all time, all space, all dimensions, all levels, all planes
  • Clears energy blocks/coagulated energy in physical, emotional, mental bodies
  • Clears low frequencies of the trance (individual trance and collective trance)
  • Clears the energy field of your body/mind
  • Transmutes low-frequency energy, negative patterns, programming and imprinting held in the body
  • Transmutes tension, tiredness and toxicity that you pick up in your physical world into your own true high vibration

Consistently receiving these powerful energy clearings and transmissions accelerates your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, and empowers you to experience more:

  • Joy in your body
  • Clarity in your mind
  • Freedom in your Spirit
  • Harmony in your world
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Fulfillment of your purpose

NOTE: The daily Remote Clearing is not a recording nor is it received via teleconference call. The daily Clearing is transmitted "remotely" by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level, and therefore, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" to receive it. What IS important is that you set aside time to fully receive the Clearing by following these "receiving" instructions: Receiving Remote Clearings included in "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription

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