Q. What is the difference between the Free Access to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation and the Premium Connection Subscription?

A. The "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscription is very different than the FREE ACCESS. As a paying subscriber, you are choosing a much more advanced level of engagement with this Sacred Technology, with Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual Leader and Advisor, and with the Diamond Support Team.

You also become an active participant in the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid (see The Diamond Story at www.DiamondAlignment.com/story/), which includes many vibrational support services in addition to unlimited access to the online Diamond Activation that are not available to FREE ACCESS users:

  • You receive a state-of-the-art Golden Energy field clearing before the 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activation.
  • You receive a direct connection to the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid.
  • You receive a continuous flow of the high-frequency Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day.
  • You receive Advanced Remote Diamond Energy Clearings and Transmissions from Spiritual leader and advisor, Jacqueline Joy, 30 minutes per day to amplify the embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness and Joy.
  • You are part of the worldwide Diamond Community.
  • You are in 2-way flow with this Sacred Technology... which allows you to receive much more and supports the Technology reaching individuals across the globe.
  • You are part of the Planetary work that this Sacred Technology is doing... Aligning the Planet with the highest potential of Its Divine Diamond Blueprint.
  • You are entitled to "Subscriber-only" discounts and specials on products and services in the Diamond Store.

Q. How does it work after I sign up for the Premium Diamond Connection?

A. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. You log on.
  2. Enter your username and password to enter the Diamond Energy Field.
  3. Put your headphones on.
  4. Relax and Receive. There is nothing for you to "do".

In 6 minutes, the Diamond clears your Energy Field, connects and aligns you with the Divine Power Within and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth, clears your body/mind of tension and toxicity, raises your vibration and strengthens your energy flow.

After the 6 minute Activation, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed ... clear minded and focused ... relaxed in your body ... lighter with a deep sense of inner peace and JOY!

Q. What can I expect the first time I do the 6-minute Diamond Experience?

A. It is normal to go through a process of discovery the first few times you do Diamond Christ Alignment:

First time: This first "trial run" allows the mind to get familiar with a process that is new. Healthy skepticism may occur because the mind can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much this first time.

Second time: When the mind is more familiar with the process, it will allow you to be more present in the moment, with less evaluation and judgment. This presence allows you to experience the vibrational quality of the Diamond Energy being transmitted. This time you may feel the effect that it is having on you more viscerally.

Third time: With the mind now comfortable, you will be able to fully enjoy the 6-minute Experience and come back to your daily life re-aligned, relaxed, re-centered, recharged and replenished.

Q. Can I do it with eyes closed?

A. The Diamond Energy is being transmitted whether your eyes are opened or closed. Please do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Q. Is it essential to use headphones or can I use the computer's loudspeakers for the Alignment?

A. The Diamond Christ Alignment Activation is designed to be experienced with headphones. This allows you to fully enjoy the multi-sensory effects.Those who have gone from listening without headphones to using headphones are amazed at the difference in their experience of the Energy.

Although the sound and the written words enhance the 6-minute Diamond Activation, the transmission of the Diamond Energy does not depend on either. You may even turn off the sound so that not hearing it well does not become a distraction. Being open to receive the Diamond Energy to align you with your Diamond Consciousness is the most important aspect of the Experience.

Q. Is it ok to receive the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment while lying down?

A. The 6-minute online Diamond Activation is designed to be viewed while sitting directly in front of the computer screen with feet flat on the ground and headphones on to get the full multi-sensory experience. That said, the Diamond Energy knows no boundaries and is being transmitted into the space wherever you have the Activation on and in whatever position you are sitting.

Since Diamond Christ Alignment is a deeply personal experience, do whatever is most comfortable for you and trust your experience with Diamond Christ Alignment. If you are getting the results you are looking for, TRUST your connection with your own Diamond Consciousness and what it is directing you to do.

Q. How many times a day should I do the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation?

A. Doing the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation twice a day is optimum. Consistently doing the Activations daily is the KEY. The results of Diamond Christ Alignment are cumulative.

Q. Are there any subliminal messages hidden in the Experience?

A. There are no subliminal or hidden messages in the Diamond Christ Alignment Activation. All messages are clearly and openly stated. The auditory and written messages are simply guidance and instruction from the Founder to ensure that the viewer receives the clearest Diamond Energy Transmission.

Q. Is the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation available as an app. for my iPod, iPad or BlackBerry?

A. Not yet. However, it is definitely in our future plans to create a Diamond app. for mobile devices.

For now, if you'd like to "Diamond Align" OFFLINE, here are two options:

  1. Our Store has an excellent selection of Diamond Audio Transmissions by Jacqueline Joy, which you may download for "Diamond Aligning on- the-go". This selection includes:

    The 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activation (Audio only), a 9-minute guided Activation by Jacqueline Joy and many other Diamond Activations and Transmissions, both guided and silent, that are great to do daily to focus Diamond Consciousness and Joy into specific areas of your life. To see the Audio selection, please visit: www.DiamondAlignment.com/store/audio.html

  2. As a "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber, you are connected to the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid which allows you to receive a continuous flow of Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day. Also included in your Premium subscription are an expansive range of OFFLINE vibrational supports to keep you in the flow of your Diamond Consciousness.

Q. Why is The Golden Energy Field Clearing, before the 6-minute online Diamond Christ Alignment Activation, included in the Premium Subscription?

A. This Golden Energy Blast of Light and Sound assures that you are clear and fully present to receive the high-frequency Diamond Energy at the cellular level, and all other levels thereafter.... before entering the pristine Diamond Energy Field.

This is necessary because as you experience the Higher Frequency of the Diamond Energy, you will become more aware of the effects of lower frequency energy that you may be picking up from situations, people, places or things around you. These influences can compromise your Diamond Clarity and relaxation. To maintain your newfound Diamond Clarity, it is important to clear any influences that may be clouding your energy field.

Because everyone who enters the Diamond Energy field receives this clearing, you are assured that you are entering a pristine energy field and are able to open and allow yourself to receive more.

Note: The Golden Energy Blast occurs for a few seconds after you sign in using your Username/Password and click the "ENTER" button. Right after the blast, you will see on your screen: "Your Energy Field has now been cleared". You do not have to do anything to receive it, but it is helpful to be aware of its effect in your body.

Q. Why is it so important in the Diamond Technology to clear your energy field?

A. While on this Earth, we are Divine Energy Beings in physical bodies. As Energy Beings, we live in a world that is pure energy and as such, we are susceptible to the invisible thoughts, feelings and energies that are circulating around us. It is important to awaken to this phenomenon that has gone largely unnoticed because it is INVISIBLE. Consciously clearing our energy field daily of all that is not in alignment with our True Being is extremely important for us to be clear and to feel good. Just as we consider it good hygiene at the physical level to bathe and brush our teeth every day, it is extremely important that we establish excellent habits at the non-physical level by clearing our Energy field with focused attention in the Diamond at least twice a day, at the start and end of our day.

Q. How do I know if my energy field needs to be cleared?

A. Whenever you do not feel good or feel "off", there is a good chance you are being affected by energy around you that is NOT you, and is usually a sign that you need to clear your energy field. The "Premium Diamond Connection" gives you a powerful ONLINE tool with the Golden Energy Field Clearing (accessible 24/7) to clear your energy field at all levels. There is an OFFLINE Diamond Energy field Clearing and Activation, included in the "Premium Diamond Connection", for those times when you're not by your computer.

Consistency in doing the 6 minute online Diamond Activation and the additional vibrational supports, included in your "Premium Diamond Connection", heightens your awareness of experiencing your energy field when it is clear and when it is NOT ... this awareness will enable you to more quickly use your Diamond OFFLINE tools and feel better faster.

Q. How do the Remote Clearings included in the Premium Subscription work?

A. The Daily Remote Clearing work being done on your behalf for 30 minutes each day by Jacqueline Joy is not a recording, or a conference call, but is a transmission that you receive vibrationally.

Since these Clearings are being transmitted by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level through the Diamond Energy Grid, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" to receive the daily Clearings. The Clearings are taking place at the multidimensional level. If you wish to become more conscious of receiving the Clearings, please see the following PDF for our "Remote Receiving" instructions:

Q. I leave for work very early in the morning and it's hard to find 30 minutes to receive the Remote Clearing then. Is it ok if I receive it at another time?

A. Although once a day (preferably in the morning) for 30 minutes is our recommendation for receiving the Remote Clearing from Jacqueline Joy, you can receive the Clearing any time that is convenient for you. In fact, you actually receive the Clearing whether or not you set aside time and still receive the benefit of it whether you focus on it or not.

The reason we recommend that you consciously receive the Clearing Transmission daily (at your convenience) is so that you can become more consciously aware of the Clearing Process being done for you and what you are receiving, making it even more potent.

Q. Why would I want to be part of the Diamond Energy Grid?

A. Being plugged into the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid allows you to receive the flow of Diamond Energy to support your life 24 hours a day. Being part of this high-frequency Unified Diamond Energy Field empowers you to manifest more powerfully and function at a higher level.

The primary purpose of the Diamond Christ Alignment Technology is to enhance your Connection and Alignment with your own Higher Consciousness, and as such, it is a very personal experience. However, as you and other individuals across the globe raise your vibration and bring more Light and Alignment into your lives, your individual Light energetically joins the Light of others who are connected to the worldwide Diamond Grid of Planetary Lightworkers ... and amplifies the emanation of the whole.

Diamond Christ Alignment is most comparable to the worldwide web in the sense that individual use of the technology by millions collectively, causes the entire world to evolve and experience what has never been possible before in history.

As you receive the Diamond Energy daily, you are receiving and anchoring the Divine Intervention of the Diamond Technology for Planetary issues.

The Diamond Grid is NOT anything to join and will not interfere with any other Spiritual Practice or Energy work. It will simply amplify your emanation.

Q. Can the Diamond Energy transmitted by the Premium Connection Diamond Activation be used by healers/energy/lightworkers to clear healing spaces?

A. Yes ...consistently activating your own Diamond Christ Alignment twice a day, calling the Diamond around you and your space during healing sessions and putting your clear intentions for the highest possibility into the Diamond Energy field before your client arrives, will amplify your healing sessions with your clients. Being in the high-frequency Diamond Energy field and feeling the Diamond Energy emanating from your growing embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, allows the client to open and experience tremendous healing.

Many healers invite their clients to do the 6-minute Diamond Activation in their office before the healing session...which opens the clients to receive even more of the positive effects of their healing. Many also have their clients do Diamond Christ Alignment at home to keep their frequency high and their energy fields clear between sessions ... which allows them to take their clients to much higher levels of healing.

To date, Jacqueline Joy has seen no limit to what the Diamond Technology is able to clear. Toxicity, interference and dense energies occur at many different levels - on many planes. The effectiveness of the Diamond Clearings is directly connected to the level of skill one has attained in using the Diamond Technology. As with all skills, the skill level is determined by one's commitment and consistency in using the Technology and advancing your skill through more in-depth trainings in the Technology.

Q. Can the Activations and Clearings done by Jacqueline Joy (in teleseminars, broadcasts and available for purchase in the Diamond Store) replace the online 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation and Premium Connection Subscription?

A. No. Receiving the Diamond Energy Transmission, delivered by the 6-minute Diamond Activation ONLINE (twice a day - or more - is optimum) is your "live" connection to the worldwide Diamond Grid, keeps your vibration high AND allows you to receive the remote clearings and activations that Jacqueline Joy is doing on your behalf 30 minutes a day when you are a "Premium Diamond Connection" subscriber. If you are not yet a subscriber please visit www.DiamondAlignment.com/store/subscription.html

Q. Why is being a Premium Subscriber a prerequisite for many of your Advanced Programs?

A. Your "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription, which includes the 6-minute online Diamond Activation and an expansive range of vibrational support services, is the premier offering in the Diamond Technology. This advanced level of engagement with Diamond Christ Alignment helps you to maintain your connection with your Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flow strong ... no matter what is happening around you.

Your "Premium Connection" establishes a strong energetic foundation in the Diamond Technology and vibrationally prepares your "physical vessel", your cells, to receive and integrate the very high-frequency multidimensional Energy Transmissions offered in the Advanced programs... safely, gracefully and comfortably.

Every day that you do the 6-minute Diamond Activation (twice a day is optimum) as a subscriber, the Diamond is at work, clearing limitations and activating Diamond Consciousness in your life, which opens your receptive channels and prepares your body/mind for the more accelerated Diamond Mastery Transmissions.

Q. Since becoming a Premium Subscriber, I have been having amazing energy experiences and synchronicities in my life. Is this also happening to others?

A. There is no end to the Magic and Miracles that can occur when your life is infused with the Diamond Energy that comes from consistent daily Diamond Christ Alignment Activations. Diamond Christ Alignment's ability to align body, mind and Spirit and to stimulate the release of old, limiting thoughts and feelings opens your energetic channel to receive the gifts that your Diamond Consciousness has for you.

Please check out our Premium Subscriber Testimonial page at: www.DiamondAlignment.com/store/premium-connection-testimonials.html Hearing about others' experiences will increase your awareness of the Infinite Possibilities that come from being a Diamond Christ Alignment subscriber.

If you haven't already, be sure to join the Diamond Christ Alignment page on Facebook where Jacqueline Joy and Diamond Fans are interacting and sharing their experiences in a growing worldwide Diamond community: www.Facebook.com/DiamondAlignment

Q. As a Premium Subscriber, is there a way to clear my energy field and activate Diamond Christ Alignment OFFLINE when I am away from my computer?

A. Yes, you can augment your DAILY 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activations with our Sacred Tools for OFFLINE use that are included in your "Premium Diamond" subscription. Our Energy Field Clearing Invocation and 6-step Diamond Christ Alignment Activation OFFLINE are tremendously powerful to keep the Integrity of your own high vibration and the clarity of your Unified Field. These Tools take only two minutes, and will serve you greatly when you're "on the go". Jacqueline Joy recommends that you print many copies of the PDF, included in your Premium subscription, which contains them both.

Keep a copy in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, briefcase, office, car, purse, etc. so you'll have them available whenever you need them. In time, with committed daily use of these tools (which will keep you feeling great no matter what is going on around you!), you'll have them imprinted in your consciousness - ready to invoke Diamond Power wherever you are.

Remember ... Your consistent DAILY use of the ONLINE and OFFLINE Diamond Tools will grow your Diamond Mastery and empower you to create Diamond Wealth of Being in your life - wealth enjoyed at all levels ... spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.