• Installs the NEW high-frequency Diamond Infrastructure of Financial Freedom & Flow in your cells and energy field
  • HOLDS your Connection and Alignment with the Infinite Flow of the Universal Power of Heaven & Earth ... IN YOUR CELLS
  • Pierces the illusion that money is separate from the Infinite Flow from Divine Source
  • Establishes the "Jesus Gateway" that FREES you from the mental trance of looking for financial flow from the 3-D matrix, and holds the Knowing that you are "IN this world" ... not "OF this world"
  • Ignites "Expectancy" in your cells: Openness to Receive without the expectation of "HOW it looks"
  • Serves as a "Multidimensional Shield" of Protection that emanates the NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW Diamond Paradigm of Financial Freedom based in "Diamond Christ Consciousness"
  • Closes low-vibrational "doorways" in your auric field that previously allowed vibrational interference in the creation/generation of financial flow
  • Releases the old vibrational infrastructure of the 3-D financial trance from your cells
  • Amplifies the vibration of Acknowledgement, Gratitude & Appreciation in your cells, which opens you to RECEIVE more
  • Roots the Multidimensional Presence of Jesus as a Physical Reality in your world and the "backbone" of your Financial Freedom & Flow Installation
  • Ignites Golden Child Magic, JOY and Passion for business/creation/fulfillment of your Blueprint
  • Installs the vibration of "HAVING IT ALL!" in your cells
  • Infuses the Diamond Perspective of SEEING and RELATING to MONEY as the Cosmic Energy of LOVE
  • Infuses Diamond Flow, Light, Expansion, Spaciousness and Peace around the subject of Money
  • "Charges" the area and people around you with high-frequency Diamond Energy, from the emanation of your new Installation of Financial Freedom & Flow
  • Activates the Multidimensional Receptors in your cells to receive more

  • Serves as a "Magnetic Attractor Force" of Diamond Christ Aloha Wealth of Being and Joy

  • FREES you from the mental trance limitation of looking for financial flow from the 3-D matrix
  • Opens your Receptivity to Divine Intervention in your financial life
  • Grows your ability to be comfortable in the UNKNOWN, VOID, ZERO POINT of Infinite Possibility, regarding business and Financial Flow
  • Opens you to Unconditionally Receive Infinite Possibility from the Divine Creator
  • Gives you a strong "trance free" energy field within you to build/create in
  • Empowers you to operate in your own Diamond Unified Field no matter what the world is believing around you
  • Opens you to RECEIVE MORE from your amplified vibration of Acknowledgement, Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Releases the entrenched trance belief of "Not being able to have it all"
  • Strengthens your NEUTRALITY: Ability to stay centered, grounded when things/people in your business/financial world go up and down (wildly)
  • Supports your Golden Child's Knowing of how to Receive unconditionally from the Divine and be financially supported by the Divine in the 3D world
  • Empowers you to be successful and financially free on this Earth, without having to compromise your Soul, health, relationships
  • Ignites your ability to SEE with Diamond Eyes that Jesus/Diamond has shown up Physically NOW to retrieve the SOUL of Money: to restore "m" money to Gold-Backed/God-Backed "M" MONEY
  • Clears confusion, fatigue, overwhelm, fogginess in relation to creating financial flow
  • Supports Fun and Balance in your work
  • Allows you to experience greater Diamond Graciousness and Ease
  • Enhances your peace and well being as you work
  • Supports your Diamond Leadership in Owning your Rank and Taking Responsibility for your Financial Freedom and Flow vibration

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