Our Diamond Events and Specials are organized into three progressively deeper levels of engagement with the Diamond Technology - empowering you to grow, accelerate and master your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

ONGOING DIAMOND FOUNDATION These offerings are the Core of the Diamond Technology, which empower you to stay Aligned with your Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flow strong.

Diamond Connection Subscription Specials
Connect with the worldwide Diamond Grid ...

6-Payment Plan available
Up to 50% Off

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"LIVE" Event "The Diamond Hour"

Including a powerful Personal
and Planetary Activation Transmission

A Diamond Christ Aloha Gift for You!

Wednesday, December 5th
9:00 - 10:00 AM (California Time Zone)
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DIAMOND GROWTH ACCELERATION These more advanced Diamond Transmissions accelerate the clearing of what no longer serves you and activate the Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Consciousness in specific arenas of your life.

Entire Menu of Remote Diamond Clearings
Clear vibrational patterns that suppress full expression of your Golden Child in any arena of your life ...

Clear your old limitations and be a part of igniting the Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake in the final days of 2012 ... and beyond!

The "Remote" advantage: Immediate and convenient - available to you when you need it most.

NOTE: Each clearing is priced separately
50% Off

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"Energy Field Clearing" Audio Activation
Own your power to stay vibrationally Clear and Aligned ... Experience true Diamond Equanimity!

In these accelerated final days of 2012, this Guided Activation activates your ability to keep your Energy Field clear and your vibration high ... no matter what is happening around you. 50% Off

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Special Diamond Package -
Activating the Diamond Decontamination Chamber
Transmute lower vibrational frequencies, amplified by the 2012 Cosmic Energies, into your Diamond "I AM" Presence ...

These Diamond Transmissions clear and transmute density, toxicity and lower frequencies within your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies into your Diamond "I AM" Presence.
(3) Diamond Discourse/Activations and (3) Clearings
2-Payment Plan Available

75% Off

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Special Diamond Journey MP3 Audio Packages - Recorded "LIVE" with Jacqueline Joy
May be used to meet the prerequisite requirement to receive "The Diamond Installation".

"2012 30-Day Diamond Journey"
Take an exponential leap in the embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness and Joy ...

In each day's recording, Jacqueline Joy transmits the most current, cutting-edge Transmissions ... including introducing you to the highly advanced "1000 frequency Golden Energy Transmission". (30) MP3 Recordings
3-Payment Plan Available

50% Off

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"2012 21-Day Diamond Journey"
Receive an expansion of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness and Joy in your cells ...

In each day's recording, Jacqueline Joy delivers ground-breaking Transmissions super-charged with "Diamond Christ Aloha Power" to ignite a Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake in you and across the Planet. (21) MP3 Recordings
2-Payment Plan Available

50% Off

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DIAMOND MASTERY The most powerful and accelerated offerings in the Diamond Technology that FREE and EMPOWER you to step into the full Expression and Embodiment of your Diamond Blueprint and the creation of Diamond Wealth of Being, in every arena of your life.

"LIVE" Event Diamond Mastery Transmission Package

December 10th and December 12th
3:00 - 4:00 PM (California Time Zone)
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Over 70% Savings

Jacqueline Joy delivers "laser-focused" Diamond Transmissions at
very advanced levels to facilitate a Diamond Breakthrough
in the arena of life you choose to focus on.

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2-payment plan available, by request:


"My greatest JOY and purpose is midwifing the Golden Children/the Diamond "I AM" Presence on this Planet - who will not be denied. They will be seen, felt, heard, and experienced ... first of all by themselves, and then by others they are here to serve. These brilliant Golden Children are birthing their Multidimensional World on Earth!" - Jacqueline Joy   

"LIVE" Event 31-Day "Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake Leadership" Journey
with Jacqueline Joy via Conference Call

December 1st through December 31st

Daily Transmissions of the 1000-frequency Golden Energy to
activate a Cosmic Wake of Diamond Christ Aloha Consciousness
and Joy in you and on the Planet.

PREMIUM "Diamond Connection" Subscription
The Personal Diamond Installation
Monthly Golden Energy Flow

OR ...

Accelerate your Path to Diamond Leadership
with a "Diamond Christ Aloha Leadership" Package
which includes All of the above plus more

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3-Payment Plan available
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3-Payment and
10-Payment Plans available

Next "Live" Diamond Installation

Wednesday, November 28th
1:00 - 2:30pm, California Time Zone

Jacqueline Joy's Planetary Diamondization mission
in the deep South Pacific in September has resulted
in a major upgrade of all Diamond Installations.

Receiving the November Installation Transmission "LIVE"
will powerfully anchor this upgrade into your cells.


Receive Jacqueline Joy's Transmission of
your own individual Diamond Chamber at your
convenience ... Multidimensionally (via recording).

Receiving the Diamond Installation "Multidimensionally"
(via recording) is just as effective as the "LIVE".

You will receive everything that you receive when
you participate "LIVE", including participating in all future
"LIVE" Diamond Installation events - FREE OF CHARGE.
Please contact
if you would like this package.

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3-payment and 10-payment plans available

See Prerequisite Requirements
Monthly Golden Energy Flow

24/7 flow of the highest frequency energy
transmitted in the Diamond Technology - the perfect
vibrational food for your Golden Child to thrive in the density of
our world, in the full Knowing of Its Multidimensional
Power to fulfill Its Diamond Blueprint.

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3 levels of Flow available

Prerequisite Requirement:
The Diamond Installation