PRINT ONGOING DIAMOND ALOHA FOUNDATION These offerings are the Core of the Diamond Technology, which amplify your Alignment with your Diamond Consciousness, keep your energy field clear, your vibration high and your energy flow strong.
Diamond Christ Aloha Mondays with Jacqueline Joy "LIVE" Series

Diamond Charge your week on "LIVE" conference calls with Jacqueline Joy and our Diamond Community across the world, every Monday in June, and RECEIVE:

In case your schedule or time zone doesn't allow you to participate "LIVE", MP3 recordings of each "LIVE" call will be available for you to download within 3 hours after the "LIVE" event.

Four Mondays in June ($44)
11:00 - 11:44 AM, California Time Zone

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Fill your cells with Diamond Christ Aloha ... FREE of the horizontal trance and empowered to create Diamond Wealth of Being

Diamond Christ Aloha Tools are always here for you ... anytime, anywhere!!!

You are always connected to the Worldwide Diamond Grid and the Diamond Community.

Premium Diamond Connection Subscription
Plug into the Worldwide Diamond Grid ... (see Diamond Grid)

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The 6-minute Diamond Transmission Audio Activation
Stay clear and aligned OFFLINE ...

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Diamond Christ Alignment Essence Aura Spray
Activate high-frequency Diamond Energy in any environment

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Diamond Christ Alignment Essence Aura Spray
Activate your Diamond Christ Aloha Flow anywhere

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