Amplify your Wealth of Being vibration exponentially ...

"Diamond Wealth of Being", the ultimate gift of Diamond Christ Alignment, is a phenomenon that occurs when the Magic of the Sacred is infused throughout our lives and we experience wealth from the inside out ... with the richness of our inner world reflected in every arena of our outer life ... spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Last year, Jacqueline Joy's "10-10-10" Activation birthed a new vibrational infrastructure for Wealth of Being on our Planet ... Multidimensional Wealth created from the Joy and Empowerment of Diamond Consciousness.

This year, Jacqueline Joy and her Higher Diamond Team, invite you to anchor this new paradigm of wealth consciously in your life and for our world ... by receiving the "10-10-11" Activation and sending this vibration out across the worldwide Diamond Grid DAILY for the next 90 days.

We will amplify the frequency of "Diamond Wealth of Being" exponentially TOGETHER ... in the Unified Field of Diamond Consciousness!

10-10-11 Diamond Wealth of Being Activation

EXCERPT - 3 min. 35 sec.

"I believe the Joy and Magic of this Wealth of Being is within
all of us as an ever-expanding possibility." — Jacqueline Joy

We're offering 3 "Diamond Wealth of Being" Specials!
(All specials work synergistically together to amplify the
frequency of "Diamond Wealth of Being" in your life)
10/10/11 Wealth of Being Activation
MP3 Recording

Value: $88
Special Price: $44

In this Recording of Jacqueline Joy's LIVE "10-10-11 Diamond Wealth of Being" Activation, attended by thousands in the Diamond Community, Jacqueline fills your cells with the frequency of "Diamond Wealth of Being".

Listen to and receive this "Diamond Wealth of Being" Activation every day for the next 90 days. This high-frequency Activation will install a new vibrational infrastructure for wealth in your life ... establishing a new foundation for creating and enjoying Wealth at all levels: Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, materially and financially - from the empowerment and Joy of your Diamond Consciousness.

Each time you listen to and receive this Transmission, you will integrate this frequency more deeply into your physical cells and into your corner of the Earth.

This powerful and timely Wealth of Being Activation/Transmission is great for iPods and mobile devices.

Recorded Activations are just as powerful as "LIVE" Transmissions ... as all Activations occur at the multidimensional level, beyond time and space.

"Diamond Wealth of Being" Specialized Remote Diamond Clearing of Your Choice

Value: $111
Special Price: $55

To live full-out in true Diamond Wealth of Being, we need to free ourselves of limiting patterns and ignite our inner Joy & desire for a fuller life.

Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings free you from what has been limiting and/or suppressing the true expression and embodiment of your Diamond Consciousness and Its ability to create true Wealth of Being in your life. The highly-refined Diamond Technology makes this "release process" graceful, easeful and efficient.

Receiving the multi-dimensional Remote Clearing of that which is not in alignment with your True Being, creates the space to receive the pristine high-frequency Diamond vibrations from Jacqueline Joy's "Diamond Wealth of Being" Activation. This empowers you to embody your Diamond "I AM" Presence and live in the Freedom, Joy and Wealth of Diamond Consciousness and Joy.

Learn how Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings work


  • Shame of wanting more than what you have
  • Shame of having more than others and dimming your Light/Wealth
  • Belief that you are not deserving of more
  • Inherited lineage patterns of "lack consciousness"
  • Doubt that wealth in all arenas of life can happen for you
  • Emotional drama that zaps your ability to create more
  • Fear of the responsibility of wealth/expansion
  • Judgment/envy of those who "have it all"
  • Constant comparison of self with others
  • Difficulty in receiving
  • Not fully present in your body/the Earth

Once you have purchased your Specialized Remote Diamond Clearing, you will have the opportunity to submit your choice of Clearing AND a brief statement of what you'd like to clear. This action will connect you to the Diamond Energy Grid. The only thing you need to do after this is open to receive.

Note: Please feel free to purchase as many Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings as you feel guided to - to accelerate the creation of "Diamond Wealth" in your life. All Clearings work synergistically and cumulatively with your "Diamond Wealth of Being" Activation recording.

Learn how Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings work

"LIVE" Diamond Mastery Clearing & Activation Transmissions with Jacqueline Joy

OCTOBER 24th and OCTOBER 26th

  • LIVE "Diamond Mastery Clearing"
    Value: $175
  • MP3 Recording of Diamond Mastery Clearing
    Value: $111
  • LIVE "Diamond Mastery Activation"
    Value: $175
  • MP3 Recording of Diamond Mastery Activation
    Value: $111
Value: $572
Special Price: $127


Join Jacqueline Joy LIVE in the most advanced Diamond Mastery Clearing & Activation Transmissions to date in the Diamond Technology ... Activate a breakthrough in your "Wealth of Being" and experience the Freedom, Empowerment and Joy of your Higher Diamond Consciousness in the "stuck" arena of your life that is suppressing your ability to create and enjoy full Diamond Wealth of Being!

Your Diamond Mastery Transmission Package includes:

  • One hour or more LIVE Group Diamond Mastery Clearing.
    Transmission by Jacqueline Joy via Teleconference Call on
    Monday October 24th, 3:00-4:00 PM (California Time Zone)

  • PLUS one MP3 Audio Recording of the "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Clearing Transmission

  • One hour or more LIVE Group Diamond Mastery Discourse/Activation Transmission by Jacqueline Joy via Teleconference Call on
    Wednesday October 26th, 3:00-4:00 PM (California Time Zone)

  • PLUS one MP3 Audio Recording of the "Live" Diamond Mastery Activation Transmission

You must be a "Premium Diamond Connection" Subscriber.

All Diamond Mastery Clearing and Activation Transmissions work synergistically with the daily 6-minute Diamond Activations online and the vibrational support services included in the "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription: Golden Energy Field Clearing before the online Activation, daily Remote Clearings transmitted by Jacqueline Joy - 30 minutes each day, a continuous flow of Diamond Energy, 24/7, delivered by your Premium Connection with the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid. SEE THE FULL DESCRIPTION.

These daily Transmissions from Jacqueline Joy both prepare your body/mind to receive the high-frequency Diamond Mastery Transmissions BEFORE the Transmissions occur and assure the gentle, ease-full integration of Jacqueline Joy's accelerated Mastery Transmissions in your body/mind AFTER the Transmissions occur.

If you are not yet a "Premium Diamond" Subscriber ... you may SIGN UP HERE.


  • Focus specifically on an issue that you would like to have cleared and activated ... OR

  • Leave it to your Diamond Consciousness to decide what is necessary to clear and activate for the next step in your Soul's evolution ... OR

  • Receive a general clearing of the accumulated buildup of density/toxicity/low-vibration frequencies overlaying your natural Diamond Presence and Emanation

For highest results, each Diamond Mastery Clearing and Activation Transmission is targeted with a laser-focus on the choice you make. We are offering many opportunities in 2011 to receive the Mastery Transmissions, so that you can clear and activate at many levels and in many arenas of your life. The effect of multiple clearings and activations is cumulative and empowers you to create true Diamond Wealth of Being ... wealth enjoyed physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.


The Diamond Energy Clearing by Jacqueline Joy works at the multi-dimensional level of Diamond Consciousness in response to your choice to receive it, and vibrationally clears that which is not in alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential. As your Consciousness receives the Clearing vibration, your cells will then release the congealed energies - long-held thought-forms, beliefs, patterns, programming, imprinting, conditioning, and false images of yourself that have limited the full authentic expression of your Diamond Self.

This Cutting-edge Mastery Clearing Transmission clears the lower frequencies in the:

  • Mental body (old thought forms, images of oneself, limited beliefs, conditioning, patterning, programming, imprinting that are not vibrationally aligned with your Divine Blueprint)
  • Emotional body (traumatic emotions from past experiences)
  • Etheric body (trauma, disturbances, interferences which have compromised the integrity and cohesiveness of one's Divine Blueprint)
  • Physical body (coagulated energy stored in the body and manifesting as pain, tension, dis-ease) resulting from past experiences

And Releases ...

  • Interference
  • Energy blocks/coagulated energy
  • Low frequencies of the "trance" (individual and collective)
  • Tension, tiredness and toxicity

Consistently receiving these powerful energy clearings and transmissions accelerates your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, and empowers you to experience more:

  • Joy in your body
  • Clarity in your mind
  • Freedom in your Spirit
  • Harmony in your world
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Fulfillment of your purpose

There will be 2 days between the Clearing Transmission and the Diamond Activation Transmission to allow for your body to go through the release process and to integrate the clearing physically. Doing the 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activations twice a day and receiving the benefits of the Diamond Energy flow and Diamond Energy Transmissions by Jacqueline Joy in the "Premium Diamond Connection" subscription keep you in the high-frequency Diamond Energy and facilitate your release/integration process.

Don't worry if you cannot be on the "LIVE" call. You can receive the Clearing Transmission remotely during Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" call, or later if you are not available at the exact hour, by following our "receiving" instructions included in your Diamond package.

The MP3 recordings of the Clearing Transmission will be available for download a few hours after the "LIVE" Clearing. You may also use our "receiving" instructions, included in your Diamond package, to receive the Mastery Clearing from the recorded "LIVE" event.

The recorded Transmissions of the "LIVE" events are just as effective as "LIVE" events.



In this Diamond Mastery Activation, Jacqueline Joy will transport you into the exquisite Diamond Energy field to bask in the benevolent power of the high-frequency Diamond Energy. The Diamond Mastery Activation will fill the space that has been created from the Diamond Mastery Clearing Transmission received 2 days before with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy. The Diamond vibration accelerates and anchors your Diamond Consciousness and Joy in your physical cells, so that you are empowered to experience well-being and aliveness in your physical body and live your life at a higher, more refined level of consciousness.

In the Diamond Mastery Activation, Jacqueline Joy transmits the high frequencies of the Diamond Technology to you.

Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Clearings work synergistically with her Diamond Mastery Activations and daily Online Activations to accelerate and amplify your ability to:

  • Free yourself from the limiting "grip" of your lower human ego
  • Feel the power and ecstasy of embodying your Diamond "I AM" Presence
  • Function at a higher "Diamond" level with your lower human ego serving your Diamond "I AM" Presence
  • Fulfill your Diamond Blueprint
  • Experience excitement for your life and purpose
  • Create and enjoy Diamond Wealth of Being in all areas of life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially (the integration of Spiritual Wealth and Material Abundance)

Don't worry if you cannot be on the "LIVE" call. You can receive the Activation Transmission remotely during Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" call, or later if you are not available at the exact hour, by following our "receiving" instructions included in your Diamond package.

The MP3 recordings of the Activation Transmission will be available for download a few hours after the "LIVE" Activation. You may also use our "receiving" instructions, included in your Diamond package, to receive the Mastery Clearing from the recorded "LIVE" event.

The recorded Transmissions of the "LIVE" events are just as effective as "LIVE" events.


"Jacqueline, after you mentioned the powerful results one of the Diamond Mastery class participants had from the Remote Clearings on the Diamond website, I decided to receive the Diamond Clearing for stress and pain in the body. What happened FAR EXCEEDED what I could have imagined! Immediately after I emailed my payment---I lay down and the Diamond Beings went right to work on my bodies---physical, etheric, emotional and mental. I was in a Diamond Energy Spa, deliciously soothing and energizing! Not only did aches and pains melt away---I had a major repair and reconstruction of my solar plexas chakra from past life woundings that I've been trying to clear for the past 30 years. I felt so revitalized that one person asked me what had happened because I looked 10 years younger!

That we have all been graced with the Diamond's extraordinary gifts still boggles my mind." "I did the Remote Clearing for Depression several months ago, and I have experienced NO DEPRESSION since then. I have experienced very brief grieving and releasing, but they are moving energies which the depression was not. I remember the depression imprint while I was still in my mother's womb, and I am in a long lineage of depressed women and angry men. When I think of all those years of Prozac, I am so grateful that I have found the Diamond Medicine which heals and restores EVERYTHING!" "My husband and I had been arguing quite a bit, and I was worried about how things might go as I was picking him up at the airport. I had no internet access and no way to order the Remote Diamond clearing when it occurred to me that I could communicate directly with the Diamond! I asked the Diamond to start helping us to release our difficult pattern NOW with my intention to pay for this assistance as soon as I could get online again. It worked like a charm. Our roughest edges started to smooth out immediately and the Diamond has continued to work with us. Now the love current is flowing again freely, and that is miraculous!

LOVE these remote clearings because I can initiate them immediately as my being urges me to." "I will be 54 years old this June and your Mastery Program Is the 1st Spiritual Program that has afforded me to feel any spiritual continuity that I am consciously certain Is palpable and REAL and I feel such amazing blessings and gratitude when I hear your Voice and I am in the Presence of the Diamond Chamber and our kindred Diamond Light Workers!!"

Becca Szymoniak "Wow. As I re-listen to the mastery clearings and activations from May and April and to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignments 2X a day - alot continues to clear. Freeing the grips that my lower human ego has on me is an adventurous courageous journey. I'm feeling ready to go deeper with more Diamond Mastery Transmissions! When are you doing more?"

Marie West "Jacqueline this has been a thrilling event (Diamond Christ Alignment Mastery) for me. Those sessions with you are so powerful and wow can I feel the energy and movement. I just keep changing all day long. Because I do energy and healing work, it is amazing to me the movement inside and outside of me. I literally just shed energy - feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc. and just change - just like that!!!! Thank you Thank you, Thank you."

Sharon Stallman "I feel soooooooooo blessed by Diamond Christ Alignment! This Activation is beyond what I expected and I am extremely Grateful for this enormous step you are facilitating to the world, through us."

Maite Hernandez "During this week's Mastery Clearing and Diamond Christ Alignment Activation(s) (July 18 & 20th, 2011) I was really able to let go, I cried and released a lot, the best part was that I didn't need to know what it was, I let go of needing to know and that was incredibly freeing for me. I feel so fresh and new inside and it's an amazing feeling. Thank you Jacqueline, thank you Diamond Christ Alignment."

Phoeby Sheldan, Ontario, Canada "I have now participated in the last three clearings and activations. This last Mastery Clearing was the most profound thus far. I could see myself totally connected to the angelic realm. I also saw my golden child receiving many gifts from Jesus and my angels it was very magnificent. I can definitely tell it is moving me gracefully into my higher diamond alignment.

The Activation was also very profound. I could feel all my cells moving and circulating around. I could see the golden light swirling in and around me opening up my cells to receive my expanded self with so much love and light. It was very graceful and peaceful. I defiantly feel my energy holding a much higher vibration and notice the positive response from others as well."

Joanie Van Eyll, Minnesota "I have been a premium subscriber for about 3 months now. Just wanted to give you feedback that my life is changing so fast and so profoundly that I cannot believe it. I feel like a totally different person. My problems that I have been carrying with me from over 30 years are disappearing. I send you great thanks and love."

Cristian Scarpa, Italy "Everything has changed! And this comes from someone who tends be cynical and reluctant to trust! Last night I slept for 11 hours and I haven't slept for more than 4 hours at a time in more years than I can remember. I feel happy! And yes, full of equanimity. I have been doing this twice a day for about a month now. Thank you."

Ruth Hughes Pratt "Thank you, Jacqueline, for the opportunity to receive this rare gift. I'm more aware now than ever of what is going on in and around my world and as I pass through these turbulent times I give much thanks and appreciation that I have the privilege to rely on Diamond Christ Alignment keeping me balanced, aligned, with clarity to focus on the changes that are in front of me. I embrace that when ever I feel I'm picking up on negative energies I come back to Diamond Christ Alignment. It's like a dear best friend I can rely unconditionally." "Thank you so much! I feel a profound sense of gratitude for this. It feels as if all parts of me are gently and lovingly moved into alignment with my greater purpose and with the Divine Plan. I love the feeling in my body - tingling cells, aliveness, joyful, grateful feelings, spine straighter and walking taller." "I feel so much better knowing that activating the diamond when experiencing toxic energy will help to clear my field and keep me in Diamond Christ Alignment. I can't say it enough how much I appreciate and honor this magnificent energy." "I can hardly believe how much I've changed in such a short time. Now when I look for the things I worry about, I find them, but it doesn't have the emotional load it had before. Over all, I think this program has been the best I have ever done so far, and I tried a lot of things before to change things in my life. I am amazed!" "I felt the shift today ... a magnificent breakthrough - out of sadness, confusion and fear and into peace, empowerment and 'positive cash flow'! I made several unexpected sales today!"
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