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Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings are part of the vast multi-dimensional Diamond Christ Alignment infrastructure, or Diamond Energy Grid, that Jacqueline Joy has developed and refined over the last 20 years, with her higher Team.


When you follow our instructions for receiving one of these "laser focused" clearings, your Consciousness will download the vibration of the specific Diamond Clearing directly from the Diamond Energy Grid. Your cells will then release the congealed energies - long-held thought-forms, beliefs, patterns, programming, imprinting, conditioning, and false images of yourself that have limited the full authentic expression of your Diamond Self - in the specific area of your life addressed in the Diamond Package that you have purchased.

Since these "Remote" Clearings have already been established by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level in the Diamond Energy Grid, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" to receive the Clearing. What IS important is that you set aside time to fully receive the Clearing. At this time, the Diamond will connect with your Higher Self to fully clear and download what you have requested.

The Diamond Energy is not bound by linear time and space. It works at the multi-dimensional level of Diamond Consciousness, in response to your choice to receive it ... and vibrationally clears that which is not in alignment with your Highest Diamond Potential in the specific area of life you have chosen.

Receiving a Remote Diamond Clearing is similar to downloading a computer program (like an anti-virus software program). The Diamond Clearing (software) has already been created, tested and refined so that it works for all who wish to purchase it, and can be downloaded anytime after purchase.


"Remote Clearings" vibrationally clear the lower frequencies in the:

  • Mental body (old thought forms, images of oneself, limited beliefs, conditioning, patterning, programming, imprinting)
  • Emotional body (traumatic emotions from past experiences)
  • Etheric body (trauma, disturbances, interferences which have compromised the integrity and cohesiveness of one's original Divine Blueprint)
  • Physical body (coagulated energy stored in the body and manifesting as pain, tension, dis-ease) resulting from past experiences that are in resistance to the topic of the chosen clearing

For example, for "Joy in the Body", that which currently prevents/limits you from experiencing Joy in the Body will be cleared.


  1. Listen to your Diamond Transmission MP3 audio recording first. (If you have purchased one.)
  2. Set aside 60 minutes (either directly after listening to the recording if possible, or at your convenience) to receive the Clearing. Do the Clearings one topic at a time.
  3. Jacqueline Joy advises waiting a few days in between each paired Transmission recording/Clearing to allow for the body to go through the release process and to integrate the increased vibration and clearing physically.
  4. Since everyone is so individual in terms of how much they have to clear and the time needed for integration, we recommend that you trust your Guidance from your own Higher Consciousness to determine when you are ready to listen to the next Transmission recording and receive the related Specialized Remote Clearing.


Pick a time that is convenient for you to be quiet, and receive the clearing for 60 minutes by doing the following (first thing in the morning is a great time, if you are able, before getting up to start your day):

  1. Lie or sit down and get comfortable.
  2. Focus on your breath.
  3. Visualize the Diamond surrounding you.
  4. Declare: "I activate my highest potential to receive this Diamond Clearing."
  5. Be consciously aware of receiving the Clearings you desire on the topic.
  6. At the end of the 60 minutes declare:
    "I celebrate and give thanks for this Clearing. I know it is so."
  7. Drink water afterwards and throughout the day.
  8. Take a nice hot bath with 2 cups (1/2 liter) of Apple Cider Vinegar before bed, if possible.
  9. Continue to do your 6-minute ONLINE Diamond Activation (with the Golden Field Clearing that is included in the Premium Diamond Connection subscription) TWICE A DAY to bring more grace and ease in your clearing process.
  10. In the following days and weeks, give your mind the job of charting the positive results that are showing up in your life as a result of your Diamond Clearing. This Acknowledgment and Gratitude for even the smallest of shifts open you to see and receive more. You may create your own Diamond Journeal for this purpose by copying and pasting the Reflections you are recording after your daily 6-minute Activations and save them in your computer.

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