The Diamond Goddess is Calling ...

In all of the "Diamond Goddess" Transmissions, Clearings and Activations, included in our February Diamond Specials, Diamond Christ Alignment's Spiritual Leader and Advisor, Jacqueline Joy, empowers you to use the Diamond Energy to embody and express your Inner Diamond Goddess Power, and powerfully activates your connection and alignment with the Energy of the "Universal Mother's" Magnetic Core.

This Alignment deeply anchors your Physical Presence on the Planet and increases your ability to manifest materially and financially in the physical world.


VALUE: $111

50% OFF
through Monday, February 20th

This month's selection of Remote "Diamond Goddess" Clearings will release and transmute patterns/programming and/or imprinting in the cells, that are suppressing your free expression of your Inner Diamond Goddess core power, freeing you to create - and expanding your ability to Receive - what your Heart desires to manifest in the physical world.

Please select ONE of the following Clearings per purchase, as Remote Clearings are most effective and accelerated when laser targeted:

  • Dissolve blocks to experiencing qualities of the Divine Feminine Principle: Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Valuing, Self-Knowing, and Self-Responsibility
  • Dissolve blocks to Expanding to Receive
  • Dissolve blocks to experiencing Joy/Divine Ecstasy in the Body
  • Clear the imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies within
  • Dissolve blocks to allowing your Goddess Beauty to be seen by others
  • Clear negative effects of sexual abuse

Learn how Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings work

Once you have purchased the Remote Diamond Clearing of your choice, you will have the opportunity to submit a brief statement of what you'd like to specifically clear to align with your inner Goddess Power. This action will connect you to the Diamond Energy Grid. The only thing you need to do after this is open to receive. This Clearing is not a recording, but is to be received vibrationally by following our "Remote Receiving" Instructions, included in your purchase.

Note: This Specialized Diamond Remote Clearing works synergistically and cumulatively with the Diamond Goddess Audio Activation Transmission recording below.

"Activating Your Diamond Goddess"
Guided Diamond Audio Activation
MP3 Recording (31:29 minutes)

VALUE: $88

50% OFF
through Monday, February 20th

This Diamond Goddess Audio Activation Transmission recording works synergistically with the above Remote Diamond Goddess Clearing of your choice. The Clearing will clear your cells of collective programming and patterns that suppress your Goddess Power and the Activation will activate your "allowing" the Power of your Diamond Goddess Energy to flow through your body and into your life.

Recorded Activations are just as powerful as "LIVE" Transmissions ... as all Activations occur at the multidimensional level, beyond time and space.

"The Complete Diamond Goddess Series"

65% OFF through Monday, February 20th

VALUE: $930

In this series, Jacqueline Joy's powerful Diamond Discourses and Activations ignite the Diamond Goddess Power already present in every cell of your Being and deeply anchor your connection and alignment with the magnetic core of the Divine Earth Mother. This Oneness with the receptivity, power, magnetism and fierce compassion of the Divine Feminine Energy, fuels and amplifies the Diamond Goddess Power in you , allowing everything you need to physically support your life and fulfill your Divine Purpose on this Planet to be magnetically drawn to you ... naturally, elegantly and easefully.


From the moment I bought the Goddess Series, even before listening to it, I could feel it working on me. I have never felt so connected so continuously for such a long period of time. I had the feeling that things are shifting permanently for me in my inner reality. I am so grateful ... much is coming up and is being cleared. I am in a deep alchemical process ...

My cells are opening up, my inner core is opening up, blossoming, expanding! My being is relaxing at its deep core. I am receiving more, I am radiating more, I am becoming more and more transparent, translucent. My Spirit is coming more and more into my body. I feel centered, balanced, grounded, and my cells are vibrating at a higher level. My ego/mind is surrendering more and more to the mystery, to the unknown, to the wisdom of my Spirit. I trust more! I surrender more easily. I have much more energy. I am full of life, vibrantly alive and joyful. Spirit is dancing in my cells, there is no greater joy ... all things I have been praying for, yearning for! I am eternally grateful for Diamond Christ Alignment! Thank you!

The "Complete Diamond Goddess Series" includes:

  • 3 Diamond Goddess Discourse Transmission MP3 Recordings
    Jacqueline Joy transmits Diamond Information and Energy to expand your awareness and visceral experience of your Diamond Goddess Power within.

  • 3 Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings
    The Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings work synergistically with the related Diamond Transmissions to trigger the release of lower frequency energy that is not in alignment with the power of your Diamond Goddess core.

  • 3 Diamond Goddess Activation MP3 Recordings
    Jacqueline Joy empowers you to use the Diamond Energy to embody and express your Inner Diamond Goddess Power, and powerfully activates your connection and alignment with the Energy of the "Universal Mother's" Magnetic Core.
I feel a new flow, a new tingling, aliveness and gentle power in my belly from the Goddess series activation #3. At the same time my heart is opening more and more and I feel the Void in my heart so big, so deep, so powerful! I am peeling more and more layers, armoring that was keeping my heart closed and my wings crippled. I feel alive, joyful, soft, flexible, fluid, etheric and so grounded at the same time. I feel powerful. I feel champagne bubbles in my cells, in my body, in my being. I feel a huge smile on the face of each cell and the Keepers of the Legacy, my physical consciousness, is so happy and grateful, so eager to let more and more Spirit in! I feel like the whole universe is lovingly pushing me from behind, supporting me. I feel the Goddess within in each and every cell dancing. I feel like any moment a wonderful thing will happen, I feel excitement in my being in anticipation of something magical!
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