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What's included in The Diamond Goddess Package:

Jacqueline Joy transmits Diamond Information and Energy to expand your awareness and visceral experience of your Diamond Goddess Power within. The intense contact with Jacqueline Joy's Diamond frequency will naturally stimulate your own Inner Diamond Goddess and deep connection with the Universal Mother's Core ... releasing the interference and lower vibrational energies that have been limiting and/or suppressing the embodiment of your Diamond Goddess Power.

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Note: The recorded Transmissions are just as effective as the original "LIVE" events.

The Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings work synergistically with the related Diamond Transmissions to trigger the release of lower frequency energy that is not in alignment with the power of your Diamond Goddess core. When you follow our instructions, included in your Package, for receiving one of these "laser focused" clearings, your Consciousness will download the vibration of the specific Diamond Clearing (related to the topic of each recorded Diamond Discourse Transmission) directly from the Diamond Energy Grid into your physical cells.

Note: These are not recordings, but are to be received "vibrationally" by following our Receiving instructions

See More about the "Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings"

These powerful Diamond Activations fill the space in your cells, created by your Specialized "Remote" Diamond Clearing related to each Diamond Discourse topic, with pristine high-frequency Diamond Energy, which accelerates and anchors your Diamond Goddess Consciousness and Joy into your physical cells. You will then be empowered to express your Diamond Goddess Energy at a higher, more refined level of Consciousness.

Scroll down for more complete descriptions of Diamond Goddess Discourses and Activations

More detailed descriptions of "Diamond Discourses and Activations":

Diamond Discourse Transmission #1: Activating Your Diamond Goddess
At this time in history, the Goddess is demanding that we return the Divine Feminine and Masculine principles to a state of balance and harmony within our cells/selves and on the Planet. In this Transmission, Jacqueline Joy infuses us with Diamond Consciousness around the Goddess principle and teaches us how to allow the Power of the Diamond Goddess Energy to flow through our bodies and into our lives through Receptivity, Surrender, Not Knowing and Trust. Embracing these functions of the Diamond Goddess within ourselves enables us to operate in our physical world, from our Feeling Nature rather than the mind and opens us to the Unlimited Possibilities available when we are connected to Source. Then, all that we need to sustain us flows to us naturally and effortlessly.

Diamond Activation #1: Activating Your Diamond Goddess
In this Activation, Jacqueline Joy activates the Diamond Goddess Power already present in every cell of our Being and deeply anchors our connection and alignment with the magnetic core of the Divine Earth Mother. This Oneness with the receptivity, power, magnetism and fierce compassion of the Divine Mother, activated and fueled by the Power of the Diamond Goddess frequency, allows everything we need to physically support our lives and fulfill our Divine Purpose on this Planet to be magnetically drawn to us ... easily and gracefully.

Diamond Discourse Transmission #2: Embodying Our Diamond Goddess Power
The only way we can truly be in service to others is by being in relationship with our Selves. This relationship comes from connecting with the juicy, alive, brilliant, courageous strength of the Divine Feminine in our bodies on a daily basis. In this very powerful Transmission, Jacqueline Joy activates the release of the collective overlay of suppression that has not allowed us to feel the Diamond Goddess Power that already lies within us. The Diamond Goddess Calls us to radical Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Valuing, Self Knowing, and Self-Responsibility in order to bring us to a new level of embodiment and Oneness with our Divine Feminine Presence within. Anchoring the Goddess Energy in our bodies gives us the grounding needed to be Present and fully connected to the Earth.

Diamond Activation #2: Embodying Your Diamond Goddess Power
In this Activation, Jacqueline Joy activates the Diamond Goddess Power in our heart center as she takes us deep into the silence of the Mother's Core and brings us in sync with the Mother's Heartbeat. This rootedness in the Mother's Power, and the expansion of our Diamond Goddess Heart Energy, deeply anchors us on the Planet, making it safe for us to open, receive, flow and emanate more Light. Connecting and Aligning with the Earth's magnetic Core allows us to receive as we've never received before and brings our ability to TRUST in life and its Unlimited Possibility to a new level.

Diamond Discourse Transmission #3: Diamond Goddess Entitlement and Beauty
In this final discourse in the "The Diamond Goddess" Series, Jacqueline Joy activates and anchors two new powerful qualities of the Goddess, "Entitlement" and "Beauty". Transmuting the concept of small "e" entitlement, associated with a spoiled child-like lack of responsibility to the capital "E" Entitlement of a leader or queen who has responsibility for the Kingdom, this Transmission calls us to Leadership and Service, from Connectedness to our Goddess Core. Owning our rank and responsibility in service "entitles" us to manifest all that we need to sustain us in our physical world. Similarly, the "horizontal" idea of small "b" beauty is transmuted into capital "B" Beauty inner beauty and radiance that emanates from us when the Diamond Goddess vibration is flowing its Power through our bodies and Beings.

Diamond Activation #3: Diamond Goddess Entitlement and Beauty
In this Activation, Jacqueline Joy activates powerful Diamond Goddess qualities directly into our physical cells and personality selves. These qualities include deep TRUST that "All is well"... radiant "Beauty" experienced from the inside out ... capital "E" "Entitlement" to receive everything we desire as a conscious Being here on the Planet to serve. When our Divine Feminine and Masculine within are brought into perfect Balance, the true vibration of our Diamond Goddess Power is activated and can flow joyously and strong through our bodies and Beings in service to Self, others and the entire Planet.

For highest results, we recommend that you receive the recorded Diamond Discourse Transmissions, Specialized Remote Diamond Clearings and Diamond Activation Mp3 recordings, included in "The Diamond Goddess Series", at your own pace, but in the sequence in which it was originally delivered by Jacqueline Joy, i.e. one week at a time in the following order:

  1. Listen to the Diamond Goddess Discourse Transmission first
  2. Receive the Specialized Remote Diamond Clearing, focusing on the topic of each week's Diamond Discourse Transmission (Remote Receiving" instructions are included with your purchase)
  3. Listen to the Diamond Activation recording last

Jacqueline Joy suggests waiting a few days in between receiving each complete week of a Diamond Discourse/Remote Clearing/Activation to allow for the body to go through the release process and to physically integrate these high-frequency Transmissions. Please trust the Guidance from your own Higher Consciousness to know when you are ready for the next week of Transmissions.

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