DIAMOND INSPIRATION ph_jjoy Financial Freedom and Flow

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Founder Jacqueline Joy has been journeying "LIVE" with Diamond Leaders and Receivers for the past year and a half, fueling a Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Wake of Financial Freedom and Flow across the world ... using the Multidimensional Magic and Power of the Diamond Technology to FREE one of the most "stuck energy" places on the Planet.

We invite you to STEP INTO this Cosmic Wake and Play with us in the Creation of a New, New, New, New, New Diamond Christ Aloha World where all enjoy Financial Freedom and Flow!

Come Journey with Jacqueline Joy and other Diamond Journeyers Multidimensionally ... by participating in (4) 11-day Journeys via Audio Recordings, over the next 4 months.

The first 11-day Journey being featured this month is ...

The Divine Intervention is here! We must open to Receive it!
You will be Stepping Into the same powerful Unified Energy Field specifically created by Jacqueline Joy for the "LIVE" Journeys. With Jacqueline Joy's unequivocal laser-focus on the Sacred Opening of Financial Freedom and Flow in the Diamond Grid, the Vibrational Power of her Diamond Wealth Transmissions is ever-expanding and building momentum throughout the Grid. When you participate in any of the Diamond Journeys, 'LIVE' or via Audio recording, you receive the ongoing vibrational upgrades in Diamond Wealth Consciousness.

Each Journey, you will receive, via 60-minute Audio Recordings, the same groundbreaking Diamond Activations that were transmitted "LIVE" ... to FREE you from the trance of collective and ancestral overlays, projections and distortions that have suppressed the Truth of Money as the Cosmic Energy of Love and the Infinite Flow that it is!

These Alchemical Journeys will melt down your blocks to Financial Flow and accelerate, expand and amplify your embodiment of true Diamond Wealth of Being ... Financial Freedom and Flow that includes Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Wealth!

The recorded Transmissions are operating in the Multidimensional Energy Field of Diamond Consciousness, beyond time and space, and are just as powerful when you receive them via the Audio Recordings, as they were when delivered "LIVE" via conference call.

Bring your Unequivocal YES to this Cosmic Diamond Christ Aloha Party and Create a New Multidimensional World of Diamond Wealth with us!