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Diamond Audio Downloads
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Tele-Class #1
Expanding your capacity to receive
the Diamond's Magic & Miracles

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Our fast-paced demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously connect and align with our Inner Power and Wisdom, leaving us stressed and often overwhelmed by the density of the world. Not being aligned with the Divine in ourselves, our Diamond within can diminish or literally pinch off our ability to receive the abundant flow of good from Source. In this class, I activate your ability to receive and show you how to use Diamond Christ Alignment, both on and offline, to open and expand your receiving channel to the flow of Magic, Miracles and Gifts that your Diamond Consciousness has for you.

Tele-Class #2
Experiencing the Power of
Diamond Joy in the Body

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Staying charged with the high vibration of Joy has the ability to alchemically transform lower vibration feelings, such as stress, confusion, doubt, depression, anxiety, fear and worry into Diamond qualities, such as Inner Joy, Peace, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom, Grace, Ease and Wealth of Being. In the body, the frequency of Joy is experienced as a very refined energy current running through you, which shows up as gracefulness, fluidity and radiance. In this class, I activate your innate power of Joy and show you how to use Diamond Christ Alignment, both on and offline, to transmute old limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have been held in the body. Being able to feel the Joy of your true Self and the flow of your true vibration is what I call "Joy in the Body".

Tele-Class #3
Using Advanced Diamond Technologies
to Clear your Energy Field

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We live in a world that is pure energy and as such, we are susceptible to the invisible thoughts, feelings and energies that are circulating around us. It is important to awaken to this phenomenon that has gone largely unnoticed because it is INVISIBLE. Just as we consider it good hygiene at the physical level to bathe and brush our teeth every day, it is extremely important that we establish excellent habits at the non-physical level by clearing our Energy field daily to feel good and to stay in our own vibration. In this class, I activate the clearing of your Energy Field and show you how to use Diamond Christ Alignment and other advanced technologies to "detox" or clear your cells and keep your energy high and positive throughout the day. Diamond Christ Alignment Activations

In these audio transmissions, the sound and vibration of Jacqueline Joy's voice and words bring the listener into the high-frequency Diamond Energy field, powerfully and effortlessly. These Diamond Energy Transmissions are about receiving Information and Energy from a Higher Plane with your whole Being: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Activation #1
Expanding to Receive
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Activation #2
Joy in the Body
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Activation #3
Energy Field Clearing
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